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Title: To gather the scientific arguments on Mind-Body Control

Introduction: Hello, I am a new member, a targeted individual (TI) who met a French group member at Paris Nuit Debout and then found this site.

My Objective: To gather the scientific arguments on Mind-Body Control.

1st Effort for Objective, "Microwave auditory effect":

I started by reading the second pink square of and found the term V2K which means voice-to-skull. This morning I had air currents in different head cavities which were transformed to sound e.g. voices. If I held my breath, I wouldn’t hear the sounds. By internet search on V2K, I found the first scientific paper describing the physiological phenomenon of electromagnetic radiation inducing auditory perception.

Generally, we hear because sound waves make air molecules vibrate and hit our ear drum. In the above phenomenon, electromagnetic radiation is received in a head structure that resonates with it and creates auditory stimulus. It was discovered due to personnel operating RADARs that would hear clicks etc.

The paper is here:

It requires subscription. I will post my notes from the paper on another day. Also it is the first report and I have to find out what followed it.

The phenomenon is called: “Microwave auditory effect”

I would appreciate any help in finding scientific information and formulating small comprehensible phrases, like an enumeration of items for instance. Thanks.

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On the Scientific Facts on Mind Control. The Microwave Auditory Effect

Welcome to PP

You will find heaps of info on v2k on tue net....the task is to sort truth from fiction

It was mentioned recently that a deaf person was able to hear v2k. Im not sure how true this is but if it is it would suggest that the auditory cortex is bypassed.

so far in my experience.  many things cam dampen or stop there effect.  certain materials, medication, pschological replies, and muscle/imagination pushing/pulling.  there seems to be an aspect that goes in and out to read externals and intertnals simultaneously.

try using your brain to apply pressure in your brain at small points to mute out the sounds and interupt them.

to brian bovo

Thanks. What you suggest makes sense in the following way: the microwaves create pressure waves in head (similar to heating liquid in the microwave); theoretically you should find a way to block the pressure or counteract it. This could be done with the head muscles e.g. exercising the muscle under the hair. My doctor said that we have lots of muscle on the head. Actually, when I told the doctor that basically the surface of my head vibrates like crazy and I think it would be a good idea to do an EEG just to check, the answer was that what I describe is a muscle issue. In practice I see that the sounds stop when I hold my breath. The explanation could be that the pressure waves make the air molecule in head cavities vibrate and the generated sound is conducted to the ear. If I limit air current sounds get down. I tried your suggestion, I think I got it a bit but it is hard because it is like confronting an opponent who changes his behavior upon your reaction. Thanks.

brian bovo Also I liked the concept "muscle/imagination pushing/pulling". From all the stuff I experience I think there is a strong link between head muscle function and neurological function including how we are imagining and how we are thinking. I have found out that Descartes had used the concept of threads/fibers to describe brain function. It is hard to do a search on these mechanical-neurological connections.

To Sue Thanks for your response and for adding the patent after the scientific papers ! To reply about the deaf people: Pressure waves induced in head by microwaves are said to reach the cohlea. If a deaf person has an intact cohlea the pressure waves will make it vibrate.

Quick description for ear:
1.Outer canal
2.tympanic membrane (ear drum)
3.3 ossicles (hammer etc)
4.cohlea (snail) with plane runway (basilar membrane) where sound wavess land and induce vibration
5.Hair cells attached (when their hair move they push on channels which open and conduct ions/electicity)
6.Auditory (cohlear) nerve


I have now updated my site page at this Link

Scientific facts on Mind Control: Microwave Auditory Effect
Why RADAR operators hear electromagnetic radiation as clicks
Mechanism: Upon absorption by soft tissues microwaves induce a thermoelastic pressure wave which travels by bone conduction to the inner ear-cohlea

Comment by Igor Goychuk, Institute of Physics, University of Augsburg, Germany link

"TIs can count on me as an expert in any court. Hearing voices without a visible reason cannot be considered anymore as a symptom of schizophrenia since they can be produced by a V2K device or another classified weapon."

Igor Goychuk facebook page


Wow! I wish l could bring lgor with me to all those docs and psychs who insisted l have schizophrenia. We need more professionals like this man who know and will stand up for the truth. The medical industry is refusing to acknowledge that they can no longer accurately diagnose mental illness.

I am studying the mechanism of the microwave auditory effect (V2K)

When I will have more info I will update my webpage

Wow, information-book, this is top notch information, really glad to know about Igor - thanks!!

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