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Title: To gather the scientific arguments on Mind-Body Control

Introduction: Hello, I am a new member, a targeted individual (TI) who met a French group member at Paris Nuit Debout and then found this site.

My Objective: To gather the scientific arguments on Mind-Body Control.

1st Effort for Objective, "Microwave auditory effect":

I started by reading the second pink square of and found the term V2K which means voice-to-skull. This morning I had air currents in different head cavities which were transformed to sound e.g. voices. If I held my breath, I wouldn’t hear the sounds. By internet search on V2K, I found the first scientific paper describing the physiological phenomenon of electromagnetic radiation inducing auditory perception.

Generally, we hear because sound waves make air molecules vibrate and hit our ear drum. In the above phenomenon, electromagnetic radiation is received in a head structure that resonates with it and creates auditory stimulus. It was discovered due to personnel operating RADARs that would hear clicks etc.

The paper is here:

It requires subscription. I will post my notes from the paper on another day. Also it is the first report and I have to find out what followed it.

The phenomenon is called: “Microwave auditory effect”

I would appreciate any help in finding scientific information and formulating small comprehensible phrases, like an enumeration of items for instance. Thanks.

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"it is like confronting an opponent who changes his behavior upon your reaction.": right, it's very vicious!

Understanding microwaves: I have created this post at my website: "How do we use the 2450MHz radiofrequency of microwave ovens"
[Getting to know the radiofrequencies of electromagnetic radiation around us: France Info 105.5MHz, SFR mobile 3G 900MHz and 2100 MHz, all microwave ovens 2450MHz]

Why RADAR operators hear electromagnetic/microwave radiation as clicks or chirps

Quoted tweet

Interesting book provided by a post by Ricardo: "Microwave Noncontact Motion Sensing and Analysis"

Microwave auditory effect - tweet‏@infobookcom

We hear microwaves as clicks as head “boiling wave”, thermoelastic wave vibrates ear cochlea

Allan Frey apparently discovered the microwave hearing effect in the 1980s.

That was nearly 40 years ago. I am sure a lot of development using it has followed.

Hearing microwaves as clicks: Measuring the "boiling wave" in our head that travels to our ear's photo.

How to beam information e.g. audio/imagery etc in the nervous system using “beats” or interference patterns of two electromagnetic waves with slightly different frequencies

Consider an electromagnetic wave of a frequency of 10532 MHz and another with a frequency of 10531 MHz. What will be the result of the interference of these? A wave with a frequency of 1 MHz.

The two waves will beat against each other and they will produce a beat of 1MHz.

Watch the measurements at this 1min50s video:

Martin Bott tells us that German scientist, Erich Graichen, had used this principle in the 1920s to beam audio and imagery into the brain of humans.

Here is a German video with E. Graichen’s book by Martin Bott

Excerpts from a document by Martin Bott :

(p.4) “To one of these microwave or laser radiations the desired low frequency signal, for example recorded nerve pulses or voice is added in a way that leads to an addition of the high frequency and the low frequency signal. The resulting beats between the two high frequency signals consist of a low frequency electromagnetic field which has the characteristics of the added nerve pulses or voice.”

For instance let us consider a recorded nerve pulse of 100Hz from contracting muscles.

(p.3) “If an electromagnetic field of 1 GHz and another of 1 GHz plus 100 Hertz are interacting, the resulting beats have a frequency of 100 Hertz. These electromagnetic beats cause a current with a frequency of 100 Hertz which then contracts muscles. If the frequency of the beats is in the audible range, one would hear a sound or voice depending on the signal being used for modulation.”

This principle can also be used for nerve tapping as mentioned in page 6. More:

All excerpts from document by Martin Bott :

Thanks for the info

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