Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

One of the best ways to help yourself while on a "sub-vocal" type of torture system, which uses the larynx and brainwaves to create the returned sound after thinking, is to use this setup.

First you need Blowfly in order to create random sound wave that go fro low frequency to high frequency with a "mirror" in the middle. This creates the possibility of a high frequency wave returning to the listener or victim before the low frequency wave finishes or even starts.

Then you will be amplifying the low and high shelves, which is a must ue to the difference in hearing while asleep and awake. When asleep these shelves go a step further than the silent state they are in during the awake period. When using this the often abused silent shelves cannot be used as much by the attackers that use the silent waves to create their torture. The program SAQ will amplify the very low frequency waves as well as the high frequency side.

Then you will use "Garbel Marvel" in order to create human like sound that is recognized as your possible voice, which has been straddled by the attackers and when you think and use sub-vocals, they have already inputted in your voice and have stolen your voice identity, like the one you have while on the phone. This involves "vocoder" type programs and is a major part fo the systems they use. Vocders are the identity of the victims to most machines that are used for torture.

Then also use BIT synth with a "Bandstop" under the top or high frequency side. This means using a red section about 10% of the way down from the top that is about a quarter inch wide.  Using this separates the shelves and allows for a bouncing effect from one shelf to the other simulating a reflected sound wave.

Before you start, turn on "Listen to microphone" in your setting tab for sound and mic, then choose the 44100 sound quality, because it is the fastest and you will want the high frequency waves to return back before the low frequency has left the area or before they have finished being delivered by the system.

Also turn on Chaos saurus and Vector Phase.

Turn the sound down low and try to mix it into your sub-vocal output. This works most of the time for me and will allow for the computerized helpers to help you and fix the exploits used by the attackers who are also not real and are made by a computer system that can make human like computers that pass as humans in cyberspace.

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Also use quadklanger during the process, it is for sure one of the important must haves.


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