Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


Please note the perpetrators like using trauma based mind control techniques.  Trauma based mind control is created drive the victim into severe fear. They use visual images of shadow people, demons, holographic appearance of people (Yes this can be done),  to make the victim feel extreme fear. They also give the victim frequencies of fear. They do this to cause the victim to go into an induced schizophrenia state. The victim then starts to yell, tell family members, police, etcs that their life is in danger. (Like I said before if you do feel your life is in danger tell your family and the police!). The person is then diagnosed with schizophrenia. It is developed to drive the person to insanity. The person can end up in a mental home when trauma based mind control is used. They come up with the most weired, strangest dramas to drive fear into the victim. The dramas these people come up with are designed to get you to react. They are PROFESSIONALS at creating dramas to get you to react or ALSO CAUSE CONFUSION WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU. You need to understand the people doing this to you are not stupid. THEY ARE TRAINED PROFESSIONALS THAT STUDY HOW TO DO THIS TO PEOPLE AND CREATE THESE MANUFACTURED DRAMAS.


THE AI Computer and Monkeys can be left alone with the victim to monitor them 24x7 days of the week. NO HUMAN WOULD MONITOR ANOTHER PERSON 24x7 days of the week. That is why they use monkeys and computers neuro mapped to you.

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Psychotronic and Psychophysical torture. Technology similar to smart house technology

GreetingsI suffer from paychotronic and psychophysical torture. If you chech out a website called STOPEG you will see a list of the kinds of torture ways that are possible through this technology similar to smart house technology. Also see an interview with Dr Robert Duncan and tyrone Dew on you tube. Much of what i go through has been mentioned on those sites. MC mailteam are a support group. Years ago I used to hear external screaming and it has re entered my life. I am very concerened about…See More
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