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United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers

My comment:

Interesting article. I'd say: UN of Paranoia. It's fascinating to me just how many people around the World is calling themselves "TI" these days when the fact is that only maybe a 50 people I estimate are actually a real deal and most of them are not aware of what's going on, many are in Institutions under supervision. I say either you are a person with "psychiatrist" right and you have your rights, meaning no-one can harass you with gs or any kind of DEW and similar BS and you SHOULD NOT BE CONTRIBUTING TO PARANOIA and get another hobby or you are among those few with batteries in your body, involuntary brain interface, eye implants, genital implants - victim of a witch-hunt modern day, in almost all cases with paranoid schizophrenia diagnose.

So I agree with NY Times Article.

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Common TI's I'm sure you have something interesting to say about this NY Times article ;)

I've read that article when I first started researching the internet which was after confirming I was indeed mind controlled and not mentally ill. My confirmation was finding implants and scars. I've said more than once now and this article backs me up. It shows the problem we have in getting the average folk to believe us which is no proof. I honestly think focusing on DEWs isn't getting us anywhere because it's invisible and can't be proved. People want solid evidence. I have proof yet no one seems interested or believe me. If we don't show proof it will continue be be dismissed as mental illness by the people we need to believe us.

Hi freebird, I don't know about you but very most of the people know about what I'm saying just they are not allowed to say me anything. You know when somebody has a brain interface and cameras in his eyes as I do, everybody I get in contact with is being told about me. Can't get an x-ray while being followed... Luckily I'm armed with patience and waiting for my turn.
Good things come to those who wait. We can only hope sooner rather than later. To the writer of the NY Times article. Once either he or she has walked a mile in my or your shoes; then they're worth listening to. In the meantime what they write is bologna.

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update: Electro-neuro 2" Beam for monitoring victims



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