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December 15

I feel, today, like some super-ultimate Nazi hunter, someone who maybe should not exist, or be able to think in a linear fashion, whose cognitive abilities have grown rather than been impaired.

Yesterday in watching news I noted that Deutsche Telekom and covert internationalist  ‘Bolshevik’ actors were big winners in the ‘net neutrality’ scandal.

Falsified signatures to urge the neutrality vote forward...and Deutsche Telekom capitalizing immediately on the big move towards “fifth generation” cyberware…

More than a mere coincidence.   I see evidence of spooky, conspiracy/covert activity.


How did I even get this file- a letter by “name redacted” about Green Beret training being undermined from “within” in a way that was so suspect to Officers that a mass letter was not “leaked” but ‘here ya go,” GIVEN to National Public Radio?

Oh, yeah, I was bumming because the lyricist of The Smithereens was reported dead.   That was two days ago, too, but it was fresh to me this afternoon.  I’ll mourn Dinizio forever.  Obviously totally influential to me...I hear ‘Blood and Roses’ and I SEE Serena’s lovely face in her honey-hair halo in my 120 Minutes memories.

Connection?   Vast, complete.  On one side, smirking neo-nazi, crypto-fascist “nothing to see’re insane,” denial.  On the other side?  Rock is dead, sort of, and “they” wanted it that way. No inspiration, nothing to get people fired up, no cool notions waking people up, like a nazi punk I knew in the 20th century who hated lyrics in rock music because he saw them as the way…

Not only was he a stage-hog and a lick-stealing egotistical wank of a guitar player but he was a Satanist, a Nihilist, a Communist.  Of course such bullschitt pretension-addicts don’t want any GOOD ideas in rock music, or anywhere at all.  I learned a whole lot about psychic vampires and satanists and government moles in youth scenes, infiltrating, posing and bossing things.   They have short attention span for any but their own opinion.

That is what defines a fascist.  No attention span for anything but their own opinions.

They sit on the top of pyramids made of centuries, perhaps aeons of lying, bullshitting, bullying and deception...of COURSE any point of view that contradicts them is deprecated as mere ‘rant’ and nothing more.   

Nazi Punks Fuck Off - wow, it was a long, long time ago.  I was pretty young and didn’t know as much about scenes or music as I do now.  But I know it, now, and so what?  Punk is supposed to be dead, resistance is supposed to be useless...  

I don’t welcome Nazi opinion. I celebrate Nazi mental weakness...the crippling stupidity, the stunted inability to embrace different ways of seeing that exposes the Nazi for what he is…

From some fag Satanist in the Philly punk scene of the 1990s, to Donald John Trump...the Nazi Luciferian tactics are revealed to be the same, and also not at all omnipotent or all-powerful, not even close.   

I have seen this from fights.  I have seen this from protracted battles, and heard a whole lot of deception attempts from individuals who were sure that they were much more skilled at lying than they actually were.

(What do you do about it?)   Well: i’m not an egotist or a narcissist as the nazi and fascist MUST There are many, many different individual minds who want to see the end of fascist, nazi, Luciferian tyrants for ever.  

Many different individuals are working towards the same goal.

I visualise the Nazi ideology in a corner, backing more and more into that corner.  But the floor is made of paper!  ...and that paper is burning, burning and soon there will be no place to stand.

Change the future?   That’s the paradoxical nature of the way we percieve “time” - there’s no future.   There is an ongoing Now, that is continually creating new Past.  But The Future is always the Maybe, the reason there are always different directions one may go.

And I definitely see the tactic of covert hypnosis backfiring, as some people ‘snap out of it” and others continue to behave “robotically” as if hypnotized.  Which is what it amounts to.

As sure as there are people in Germany in 2017 who feel (rightly in their Nazi minds) that the German cause should have won that Hitler conflict and who have not given up on the dream of ruling the world under Hitler’s Nazi flag.

I see cool things in my dreams, lately...This letter comes from…

SF are key fighters, elites who are meant to infiltrate, take charge on the battlefield and be an unbeatable weapon of the United States’ military.

For an ongoing Operation Overcast/Project Paperclip, weakening and undermining such would be a key goal, obviously.  And the letter I downloaded from the perverts at NPR make it obvious that this Nazi ideological infiltration has been going on for enough time that it has eroded that standards of the Green Berets as a defensive organization, like stripping a carpenter’s drillbits on purpose.

Charges are detailed and specific

In the anonymous letter, the "concerned Green Beret" takes on physical fitness workouts — where he claims that instructors are punished for making them too hard — and says there are instances of favoritism and cheating.

The author's examples of below-standard students and maligned trainers are complete with names, rank, units and dates.

As far as training, the anonymous letter says students can no longer wash out for failing to pass physical tests, ranging from a 5-mile run to a 12-mile march with a heavy pack to dozens of pushups and situps. Instead, these tests became "diagnostic" to determine the student's level of achievement.

The only way out of Green Beret training is voluntarily withdrawal or injury.

"To say that standards have not been eliminated would be laughable, were it not so tragic," the anonymous letter states.

For an ongoing Operation Overcast/Project Paperclip, weakening and undermining such would be a key goal, obviously.  And the letter I downloaded from the perverts at NPR make it obvious that this Nazi ideological infiltration has been going on for enough time that it has eroded that standards of the Green Berets as a defensive organization, like stripping a carpenter’s drillbits on purpose.

This whole Nazi conspiracy involves lies.   What they call “mind control” is human will ever truly have that ability.  But spreading the illusion spreads the idea of Nazi inevitavbility (and the uselessness of resistance.)  Telling lies repeatedly still leaves them as Lies...Lenin lied about that, Lies cannot become Truth.   But: if enough people BELIEVE that Lies become Truth, a massively shared psychological aberration manifests, like generations insisting that “no one wants to be politically correct.” Of COURSE that attitude assists political liars, and explains the rise to power of George W. Bush on one hand, and Donald J. Trump on the other.   LIES are a tool of dividing and conquering, of weakening targetted victims...

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