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JT _ reading your Post. Change your Terms. File Complaints.

When they see words as in "Civil action", Criminal Fraud, etc, they will be 

threatened. Any of that " health/ drugging xxxx" is cause for a lawsuit. 

You can file it yourself. List damages etc ( billings) calling for Civil/ punitive redress.

They tried that crap on me. I wouldn't submit to it.

Just say you will file a Civil suit against them.

They tried to threaten me with a court order for drugging. Didn't work.

Know your Rights. ( I am not an Attorney) Everyone has Rights under the law

(See Constitution)

Hi Robert and thank you for your testimony. It is very helpfull.
I am also a victim of gang stalking. Since when I do not know but I suppose since ever. My research on the web followed my geolocation in real time which I realised now 1 year and a half. It was a shock to see all this people showing me that I was followed on foot, by car.

I can not leave home without meeting someone (I live in a dead end of a small French town), same thing when I go home at any time of day or night. The behavior on the road towards me is disrespectful: refusal to give me priority, slowdown, dangerous maneuvering, high frequency of planes, helicopters, police, rescue, disabled ... The pedestrians I meet are on the phone , a dog on a leash or not, aggressive or not, urinate, cough or photography. Often, they say hello, organize scenes of theater mimicking my life, repeat phrases or words that I have pronounced and above all, causes arguments or on the contrary shows empathy (smile). They enter my home and my car. This surveillance is constant but of different intensity to make me crazy and involves a large number of people. In fact, they test my moods and intensity. It was after filing a raised hand with the police because my dog was attacked free of charge by a stranger that I was shown that I was spied. So I stopped calling the police and tried in vain to talk about it.

First to the media, then to associations helping victims of harassment and finally to the president of the republic! I explained that I was spun and infiltrated since always, me and my family, because of my father, an ex Franco. Of course, I was not far from the truth because this must be the argument given by the state services to the stalking gang.Faced with the lack of response from the state, I understood that it was the state itself that was at the initiative of this monitoring. So I made the connection with my professional disappointments in the national education, but also in my family and I understood that my meetings were never the result of chance. I was mocked, abused, harassed all my life, at school, at university, internships, at work. In my private life, I was infiltrated so that my choices were dictated to me by relatives. The goal will hurt me, destroy me. I escaped at least two assassination attempts: cycling and paragliding. I tried to kill myself in 1998 because neither my private life nor my professional life succeeded me. I changed twice trades, shepherd then canine educator. Each time, same procedure: muscular recruitment, correct start then the problems begin with the bosses or the colleagues: lies, manipulations, sabotages.

Today, I no longer work and live on my savings. I resigned from the national education. Everything has become complicated, going out, going shopping, walking my dog, shopping on the internet, phoning an administration, etc. I am sure that my family, my parents and at least one of my brothers (now disabled) are also victims. I'm starting to feel bad effects on my health: fatigue, hot flash, dizziness and sounds as an alarm. The attacks I am the target of increase in intensity and redoubled in perversity. I do not know if I am the target of directed energy weapons but surely I may have been implanted at least one chip rdfi and surely my dog. So I made arrangements and prepared my will. However, I was hoping to find a network of people who, like me, were harassed. THANK YOU THANK for allowing the information to circulate, to deliver the word. Can you help me and can I help?

First of all we need to get rid of the chips but of course we need to be operated by a non gang stalking surgeon. Does that exist ? Where and who ?

2) Can you give me more details about the car combination lock (label, price and picture). Thank you.

Béatrice MUNOZ
Tél : 06 65 73 70 06

Soleilmavis said:

Feb 2010 (updated Sept 2010)

To Whom It May Concern.... 

My name is Robert Wood and this is my true life story regarding being an ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO target/victim in the United States of America. This is only a partial account as I could write a large book about my experiences, but do not have the time or resources at the present time to do so. 
First let me state...,  I am not a criminal, I am not a terrorist. I have not been charged with a crime, nor am I connected to anyone who is, to my knowledge. 
There are covert crimes being committed against innocent and virtually defenseless American citizens and citizens of other countries as well. I am one of these persons. 
These crimes all follow a similar pattern and are advanced technology based. The foundation for these crimes is COVERT SURVEILLANCE. Once the TARGET/VICTIM has been CHOSEN, they are put under covert surveillance. This includes, their residence, vehicle, place of employment or anywhere else. As much information as possible is gained through that surveillance or in any other manner, i.e.... illegally going through target/victims journals, personal papers, possessions, interrogation of friends, relatives, employers or anyone else connected to the target/victim. After a period of time what can only be described as "a campaign of terror and assaults" begins. These crimes run the gamut from what is called "ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO" operations to "DIRECTED-ENERGY-WEAPONS-ASSAULTS". The end result of these CRIMES can range from virtually ruining someones life, institutionalization, to death. Considering the severity of these crimes, it's a wonder anyone survives at all. There is almost complete secrecy surrounding this horrendous situation. 
There is much information about these crimes on the Internet and elsewhere. Simply research ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/
COINTELPRO - DIRECTED-ENERGY-WEAPONS. Also, many of the tactics used are documented in government records i.e....  sans-serif" class="yiv1020177943Apple-style-span"">COINTELPRO, MK ULTRA and many other programs. There is ample documentation regarding ALL the advanced technology referred to in this statement/report, including "DIRECTED-ENERGY-WEAPONS" or DEW. Patents exist and can be found. These weapons are a standard part of the military arsenal and are advancing all the time. 
The tactics and technology used on targets have been pulled out of these various government programs, COINTELPRO, MK ULTRA etc, and the military, and are being used across the board on anyone put on the LIST. 

In essence these are covert-government/military-counterinsurgency-operations being run on/against private citizens. The recipe or formula for each target is different which adds to the confusion. 

                                                       MY STORY

My story starts about ten years ago. Though at the time I had NO idea what was happening or what I was in for. 
I started noticing that someone had been entering my truck at various times. I would come back to my truck and SOMETHING would be left inside the cab that had not been there before, the truck had been locked at the time. This is the first thing I remember and goes back about ten years. Obviously the perpetrators wanted me to know they had payed me a visit...things progressed from there. 
I remember feeling angry, violated and fear, but at the time didn't think too much more of it. 
I then started noticing OBJECTS  being left  in and around my truck or anywhere I went. They were usually the same objects..., so it seemed obvious they were left there for me. This increased until there were objects left everywhere I went. Also, around the residence where I lived. There was no place I could go where this did not happen, things were escalating. 
I was becoming alarmed, something was definitely going on. 
About nine years ago [12/01] the stalking activity increased dramatically. That's when the residence I live in was electronically bugged or I was put under audio and visual surveillance inside the so-called home I live in. [how depends on the technology] And apparently, when the perpetrators gained access to my home.[the perpetrators have keys to my car and residence]
At this time I started noticing strange things happening INSIDE the residence I was living in,  my HOME. Personal things started showing signs of having been gone through by someone. My books, personal papers, journals etc..., had pages folded, were marked in various places or in some cases were actually missing. Other items began to disappear..., keys, things from my wallet, etc... , also various items were moved around. Now I was really starting to become concerned. I talked to the people I was living with at the time, family, no one knew anything about it. 
Anything I did inside my residence was subject to feedback when I left or at a later date or time. 
Things continued to progress...
All these things were happening multiple times a day. It was negatively impacting me mentally, emotionally, psychically, spiritually and physically. I was getting physically sick at times. No one I talked to knew anything about it or could offer an explanation or help. 
I can not at this time go into all the tactics of ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING /COINTELPRO operations, there are too many. A quick Internet search will reveal a great deal of them, again, research ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO. I have been tortured with almost all of the classic tactics plus a few. For the sake of brevity I will quickly list some of what I have been assaulted with. 
Twenty-four-hour-seven-day-a-week surveillance, including the so called home I live in. I live in an ELECTRONIC-CONCENTRATION-CAMP.
Feedback from that surveillance. 
GPS or "Global-Positioning-System" on vehicle, for tracking. 
Followed, watched, harassed and/or assaulted everywhere I go, including nine states. 
Residence and car illegally entered and items moved, marked, broken or stolen. [The perpetrators have keys to both the residence I live in and the vehicle I drive]. I now have a sophisticated surveillance and alarm system in the residence and use combination padlocks for the car. 
Land-based phone at residence tapped. 

Cell-Phone hacked into.
Outgoing and incoming mail tampered with. 
Email and Internet interference.
Harassing phone calls. 
Vehicle-Tampering: Water removed from the radiator, gas removed from the gas tank, bulbs removed, tires slashed, scratches and various other things. [I now have a locking gas cap and lock the car with combination pad-locks]
Feedback: This constitutes a wide variety of ways of letting me know I am being watched. Anything I do anywhere including the residence I live in is subject to feedback. 

Directed-Conversation: [a type of feedback] This is where people talk about your personal business [knowledge gained through covert criminal surveillance] out loud in public places around you, like grocery stores, gas stations or anywhere else.  
License-Plates: License plates have been and are used as weapons and tools for harassment. I have found at least six other target/victims that license plates have been used on. My tormentors have made these one of their favorite tools. 

Street-Theater: This has been used extensively by my stalkers. Street Theater is a fairly common ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO tactic. It involves setting up or staging various situations[skits].... including, but not limited to, vehicle accidents or potential accidents. This can involve all sorts of possible scenarios , here are a FEW I have encountered... vehicles coming at me the wrong way on a one way street [many times], vehicles trying to run me off the road [many times], various staged potential accidents where I had to take quick-action to avoid contact/crash [many times] . And lots of other incidents..., too numerous to mention here, I can't even remember them all. At times this happened on an almost daily basis... very stressful. 
Psyops-Tactics [Psychological-Warfare-Operations-Tactics]: This includes a variety of psychological tactics including but not limited to sensitization to various stimuli. If necessary I can go into detail.

Friends, acquaintances, neighbors and family members have all been coerced/recruited into going along with the plan. This is common in ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operations. 

There is no place I can go and nothing I can do where I am not followed, watched, harassed and/or assaulted.
Again..., this is not a complete list as this is not a complete report/statement. If necessary I can go into or list in detail anything not complete in this report/statement.
I have gone to the Police and they have been no help what-so-ever... OF-COURSE. Since ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operations are perpetrated and condoned by the government, the police are involved. They may not perform all the deeds/tactics but they are at least partly responsible. And they get many others to cooperate... that is how these operations function. The police will do everything in their power to try to discredit the target/victim and try to provide evidence that the
 target/victim is mentally ill.

The government does not recognize ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operations and related technologies because THEY PERPETRATE IT AND PROTECT OTHERS THAT PERPETRATE IT.
The effects of this type of treatment obviously are devastating: 
One is harmed mentally. 
One is harmed emotionally. 
One is harmed psychically. 
One is harmed psychologically. 
One is harmed spiritually. 
One is harmed physically. 
Ones nervous system is harmed. [tremendous stress] 
One loses TRUST in people.
I am afraid to put certain items down or leave them for fear they will disappear. [as has happened numerous times before]. I keep an extra set of keys around my neck, and lock my car with combination pad-locks, this seems to have helped. [ I now have a sophisticated surveillance/alarm system in the residence]
There was at least a two year period where I got little or no sleep, sleeping is still a major problem. 
I left a job I had because at the time I didn't know what was going on. It is only the last four years that I found some of the websites that expose these atrocities and am now in touch with other target/victims. I dealt with this situation alone, not knowing what was going on, for almost six years, damage was done.     
The ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operation has cost me and my family at least tens of thousands of dollars. 

I have had various physical ailments [sickness] as a result of being an ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO target. 

As stated above, if necessary, I can go into detail about anything not complete or clear in this statement/report.
I am treated like an animal or insect in a science experiment..., NOT HUMAN! 
I have not had a day off in over eight years. 


For a long time I did not know what was going on and damage was done. Recently, thanks to the Internet and contacts with other target/victims I have been able to put some of the pieces of this nightmarish puzzle together and put a face on this otherwise faceless monster. 

As stated earlier in this statement/report many target/victims are being hit harder than I am. Many are being assaulted with Directed-Energy-Weapons [DEW]. Right now I don't believe I am, but it is possible I'm being hit with some form of microwave or RFR [Radio-Frequency-Radiation] waves. All part of the ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM WHICH HAS BEEN WEAPONIZED. 
All this cowardly, deceit based criminality is being done covertly/remotely. It is all done behind the target/victims back, when they are not there or from a distance. The target/victim is basically helpless and defenseless. If the target/victim complains to the appropriate authorities they are likely to be labeled "mentally-ill", or worse, thus giving the target/victim no recourse [credibility], and making the situation that much worse. This is all part of the master plan, of course, it is an almost perfect trap. This is not an accident, it is all done by design, the formula is basically the same for ALL target/victims. 
The target/victim can be harassed, abused, assaulted, and even killed in ways that are only limited by the imagination and technology... and there is virtually nothing the target/victim can do about it. 
If these same tactics were used on a foreign citizen they would be considered an "act-of-war" as it is... it is treason. It is one or the other. 
All this is nothing short of what went on in Nazi Germany before and during World War Two. Or Stalin's Soviet Union or other authoritarian or totalitarian regimes. Only in the year 2010 it can be done much more effectively because of advancements in technology. 
This is an outrage to say the least, something has to be done about it, people need to be informed about what is going on and it must be stopped. Innocent Americans are being tortured to death in their own homes and country. I believe the vast majority of Americans do not know this is happening. It can and will be done to you or a loved one if something is not done to stop it now. 
Robert Wood

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