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V2k is originally for this. So actors/actresses/singers dont forget their lines, so the president has an emergency escape route so he knows where to be detected without the enemy knowing. The problem is they have sold it to criminal organizations. Another thing its for dealers to communicate where to ship drugs. If you become obsessed with celebrities like I did looked at all their pictures, and they dont like you or dont find you attractive, they use it on you.

Well, I have been a fan of some artist and actors but never fanatic. And now I think only bad things about them. This is so rude!!!! I have done nothing wrong anyway! They all can fuck their V2k!!!! Also the president!

Richard H Lovelace Sr. said:

A Simple Cure For Over One Hundred Different Diseases and very Inexpensive
           Another Reason that i was implanted, chiped and being tortured- over eight implants detected by Jesse Beltran
Ozone therapy this is a step above Oxygen O3 see Ed McCabe he is called Mr. Oxygen this man was suppressed in the USA many years ago by US Government.Mr. McCabe traveled the world curing many diseases even Cancer. The Ozone machine is very cheap and people can do this therapy at home, Mix the oxygen with the blood, Ozone therapy will do the same thing as EDTA and Peroxide therapy will do. Ozone therapy will clean all arteries out and up the oxygen level in the body.(Nothing Can Live In Oxygen)
The Mycoplasma is responsible for many different diseases over many decades and the Ozone or EDTA and Peroxide therapy will cure these diseases and both therapies can be done in your own home.EDTA you can drip this in the blood using a fly needle it take’s a hour and a half.(Cleans’ out All Arteries) The Peroxide takes three and a half hours to drip in the blood with fly needle. The EDTA and Peroxide cannot be used in the same day.EDTA one day and peroxide the next day, do this for six days and rest the 7th day just like when God created the Heaven and Earth.Alternive Doctors use this method for many year’s but they were suppressed in the USA.They were five European countries using the EDTA and Peroxide therapies many years ago, they were called the( BOARD) Europe was president and Germany was vice president and so on. The Board was curing the Mycoplasmas and all diseases that it caused, it was over a hundred different diseases. All
these documents and many more were taken by my doctors office in 2010.Germany had ten thousand technicians using the EDTA and Peroxide therapies and Ozone.
All that is required is have a doctor to do lab work these therapies puts strain on your Liver just like the Aids cure, this also put strain on the liver.
The (Caring Medical & Rehabilitation ) in Chicago Illinois this doctor went to Germany and studied the therapies many years ago and came home and open this clinic. I had documents with a pitcher on the front showing this clinic using Peroxide and EDTA therapy through IV.These documents were stole. With a special diet you only have to do these therapies for four months.
The Mycoplasma causes the red blood cells to swell up like a donut and this cuts off blood to the major organs and Brain and makes the small blood veins collapse all over the body, this is why people is in so much sever pain that got CFIDS and Fibromyligia,other countries call this (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).This is what happens to the Brain also, after many years of having a sever case of the Mycoplasma people’s frontal lobes will turn to mush and they will have scare tissue. Doctors mistake this for Huntington’s disease or others. This is what happens when the blood flow is cut off from the Brain, organs and body. The Mycoplasma causes many different diseases over a long period of time!
I was referred to Dr. Paul Cheney a government researcher for CFIDS in 1990 and I could not see him because the first visit cost 2,500.oo dollars and I was disabled in 1987.I lost my home, family and everything that I had work for, from 1987 until 1990 with out insurance or job it coast me my life savings seeing many doctors. It was this that made me start looking for answers for my disease. This is a small part of what I know about this but as you know I can not write to well. If anyone wants to know the Truth about this they can call me and I can show and explain everything. I have no story all I have is the truth and(The Truth will set you Free From Diseases)
I will say this, Medicare could be cut out in America and the people could have good health again but Pharmicials,Doctors and Hospitals would not like this. This is God’s plan to save his people and set all his people Free.(you don’t create a disease unless you have the cure for it)
Please know that the Mind and Body control issue is very important for I hold much knowledge and understanding about this,I will write about this last and send documents also.
All I ask is for someone to take all my knowledge and documents and witnesses’ can’t write good but I will try to explain the next issue the (Lab Rat Medicine issue from 2007-2010) I will send my documents also,the medicine issue is more widespread than anyone knows about.I just survived this attack on my life and lived to tell about it and have evidence of this.You would have to know what it feels like to have good health again after thirty five years and look around and see so many people so sick and on many medications, this could be changed around the world.The documents that I had from Europe stated that these five European country’s had over a 90% cure rate using this very inexpensive therapy but this has been suppressed in the USA and other parts of the World.My documents that were taken I found in the 1990s but they were from the 1970s and 1980s.(I can’t look these up because I was put under a Federal Program in 1999 in the USA and I have been implanted with more than eight chips and implants and they are Killing me using these and I can’t stay on the computer very long because they can hit my implants even worse).(Do not try these therapies at home unless you have a Alternative Medicine Doctor advice). Over five million treatments that was done in the five Europe countries and the side effects were only .0007 % and these side effects were not life threaten at all,this is how safe this therapy is.Now why would (We The People) want the US Government to Run our Health Care System.Let me Guess because of all the (Profit) the Doctors-Pharmaceuticals and Hospitals can make, and these can leave millions of Americans very sick, disabled,fill the nursing homes up, and leave many other people where they can’t sleep at night.You would have to do some homework on Ed McCabe site he is called Mr. Oxygen.I believe he sells a Ozone Generator with a oxygen tank this makes 03 oxygen and sells for $2,500.00.Hospitals have this but they would rather use their Hyperbaric Chamber this is nothing but oxygen and you have to ask for this Chamber they will not tell you about Oxygen Therapy, and it is very expensive because the Doctor has to push the Button on the Chamber! This is for (Knowledge)(Understanding)(Wisdom)
 See and do some Homework!

...I was going to post the documents that where people could cure their diseases but my someone in my doctors office STOLE these documents in 2010.DISEASES,FREQUENCY'S AND MEDICINES GO HAND AND HAND....THANKS And GOD Bless...

Richard H Lovelace Sr. said:


I have Microchips and I have been Hot Wired by my Government to be harm-controlled-and to take my life.On April 7 2012 they upped their attack on my body and caused sever pain and suffering hitting my implants,while trying to take me down they attacked my Wife also.My wife was in bed all day on April 7 and Easter Sunday because of the signals coming into my home from a distance and around my neighbor hood.My wife was so sick that I was devastated and she did not get out of bed but a few times on Easter Sunday.My wife left Wednesday April 11 2012 to see her mother in Virginia with my Granddaughter and when I talked to her on the phone she was happy and feeling wife will return on April 14 to the (Torture Chamber) our home.Federal Government made my neighbors very sick over a decade ago and these lost their homes,they have moved in around my neighborhood.My neighbors on the right is a Police Officer he moved in 2000 Another one move in and painted his home with black Carbon paint to deter the signals and this man does work for the Government.My Daughter and her husband built a home across the water from my wife and I in 1995 and they were attacked and gang stalked and they lost their home in 2010.Seven family’s have lost their homes around my home and I over heard some neighbor say that I was going to lose mine also and they were saying that they would like to have my home.In the last few days I have talked to my senators office (Richard Burr) in NC in the USA and they said that they needed the video from where I was scanned at the Northeast meeting on march 17 2012.I talked to my congressman (Patrick McHenry) office again in Hickory NC and they refused to help.In the last few days I have been alone and my neighbors called in some guys to harass me,they was coming on my property at the water, sorry but I cannot get any help from anyone so I will start my own War with these people,I will not stand by and let anyone harras my family and I any more.A man has got to protect his property and family at all cost.These neighbors are the same ones that Gang stalked my Daughter and her family .I ran them off from my property without a conflict but the next time they will be no talking I have had Enough.I have no weapon and I need no weapon to take care of these.All my family members brothers and sister fear for my safety and say that I should not pursue this but they don’t understand when me and my family is being harmed by them and can't get any help then it is time to fight. When my neighbors put their children up to harassing me last year while swimming then its time for me to fight. When people teach their children to do such things then these people are the worst kind and they need to be beat in the worst way and I will do this.The only way that this abuse is going to stop is for the people to fight because no one will get any help from their elected officials or any one else. I know many people around my home town that has participated in my attack and I will attack them but this will be done in a little different way,it will not be from a distance!.I posted a long time ago that I was going to jail and the time has come.I know many people that has participated in attacking my family and I, and some of these are friends but these will answer to me also.




Internal Problem can only be solved by Internal People. It is CIA employees’ job to kill their bosses who do not allow the whole world know Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control.


At least 30 or 50 years later after the nature death of current Rockefellers, humankind will make the whole world know Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control. Humankind would dig out what really happened today. It would be harder to hide secrets with development of technologies. Bad people bad behaviors like yours’ will be discouraged. That is how humankind survive.


After the whole world know Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control, no one dare to do bad things and no one even dare to think about doing bad things because they can’t hide anymore. How many good things would happen when everyone have to do good things and think about doing good things only? Only Rockefeller family and their helpers do not want the whole world know Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control because they killed 2 presidents: President Kennedy, President Johnson, and nearly 1000 Americans in Jonestown in 1978.


After the whole world know Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control, no one worry about job, no one worry about money because humankind could afford free education, free medicine, free accommodation long time ago. There would be no death penalty and even no prison, because humankind could prevent bad things from happening using technologies long time ago. Only Rockefeller family and their helpers do not want the whole world know Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control because they killed 2 presidents: President Kennedy, President Johnson, and nearly 1000 Americans in Jonestown in 1978.


Rockefellers want to kill every CIA who know secrets about mind control. Rockefeller family long history of killing everyone who know secrets after using them. Over 180 CIAs were killed after helping to kill President Kennedy. President Johnson was also killed after helping to hide secrets, although he helped Rockefellers earn lots of money in Vietnam War.


Rockefeller family had been repeating same killing process for over 35 years: killing in name of education; Killing in name of waking up the public. Nearly 1000 Americans in Jonestown were killed by Rockefeller family using excuses of Sacrificing 1000 and Waking up a Whole Nation  in 1978, 35 years ago. Rockefeller family had been repeating the same killing process for over 35 years.


Eileen Rockefeller, born in 1952, the youngest daughter of David Rockefeller, 62 year old in 2014 had over 30 years’ experience of killing with mind control. She is like the queen described in Movie <Dangerous Liaison> , who is good at manipulating CIAs to kill each other and making male CIA kill females. She admitted the Lesbian and Gay were created because they had to make the CIAs busy at night. Rockefeller family members had died thousands of times by killing targeted individuals and other innocent people in name of killing themselves. They had killed thousands of clothes of themselves.


After the whole world know Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control, no one dare to do bad things and no one even dare to think about doing bad things because they can’t hide anymore. How many good things would happen when everyone have to do good things and think about doing good things only? Only Rockefeller family and their helpers do not want the whole world know Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control because they killed 2 presidents: President Kennedy, President Johnson, and nearly 1000 Americans in Jonestown in 1978.


Please tell the whole world to remember the victims outside and inside CIA mind control FIRM for 30 years, in case the two secret technologies can not be exposed successfully in time. Please help us who might have been killed physically or turned into sleep walker like robot when the CIA electromagnetic remote surgery and remote mind control secrets being exposed, to do 3 things:

 [1] Ask for doing the same surgeries on those who enabled electromagnetic remote surgeries on innocent people, especially on those who made decisions. Death penalty is not necessary anymore. Without enough punishment, remote surgery abuses could not possibly be prohibited.

[2] Build memorial buildings in every country to memorize the heroes killed or disabled due to exposing the CIA secrets. Engrave stories of heroes on walls to encourage youngsters to do the right things.

[3] Delete the names of those who did bad things to humankind. Use numbers to replace bad peoples names (e.g. use Evil 123 in the 2nd World War to replace Hitler. Use Evil 001 in CIA mind control and EM weapon anti-humankind crisis to replace Rockefeller in every history record if Rockefeller family is really the controller of CIA mind control FIRM) to discourage people from doing bad things to leave names in history.


When CIA asked me “What do you want?” I said “I want over 80% population of the world knowing the secret REMOTE

SURGERY and REMOTE MIND CONTROL two technologies .” Knowing means understand the principles and what the 2 technologies can be used to do, including creating diseases (Cancer, heart attack, inflamation etc.), create aircraft accidents, create earthquakes, control weather, make people sleep walk, mind control people to do bad things to create terrorists etc .



I have working with the Senate office of one U.S. Senator about electronic harassment.  I have been taken very seriously because I came across as a reliable victim of it.  I am surprised that someone else had already developed the same idea or model I presented to the U.S. Congress: an invisible modern concentration camp.  No doubt the federal government has the same capability, but we need not to be afraid of it.  The problem is foreign powers being able to do the same, as it was done to me.  It used to be the case that, when Soviet dissidents came to the United States and Canada, KGB strong-arm thugs would hunt them down.  It is no longer necessary; now any Third World nation with access to modified microwave noncontact motion sensing espionage technology can come after us invisibly, as it has happened to me.  As I revealed it to the Congress, foreign powers are not above planting a "mole," even within the Justice Department, so that the federal government may not come to rescue one: exactly my case.  No "conspiracy" within the government; but just a bunch of useless bureaucrats who do not bother seeking the truth and rule out one's complaints without reviewing their merits.  According to Accuracy in Media, in its article, "President Obama's war on journalists," there is such thing as "White House equities" preventing federal agencies from releasing any FOIA information for one to sue for one's rights.  As an attorney told me, with the right information one might be able to sue for a Mandatory Injunction against the federal government; as the government has the right technology to deal with the problem.  But, he told me, it is a positive injunction because one is asking the Court to compel the government to prevent one's electronic harassers from thus doing, precisely by asking the government to take action about it.  Any positive injunction, the same attorney, an expert in constitutional issues told me, requires a preponderance of evidence, or else the Court will dismiss one's suit.  But how can one get a preponderance of evidence when the White House has "equities" so that no FOIA information one would use to protect oneself, against electronic harassment, can ever be released?  The government, the same attorney told me, can claim that there is no constitutional guarantees against third-party violence.  So, owing to over classification, not necessarily bad will on the part of government officials, or most of them anyhow, one ends up defenseless against electronic harassment.  I will further reveal the ordeal I have gone through, and how my health has been damaged by vicious electronic harassment.

I suffer badly from artificial telepathy and psychotronic torture. PLEASE any HELP to make this stop. E-mail
They hurt me and effect my mental well being. They control me and make me feel sick. It is 24/7. That is what they do in short. If you can help by reccomending an organization that can help, it would be a life saver. Blessings.

try flashing black squares over your body from thumbs to hips

CM, firstly it is difficult to persuade others than psychotronic synthetic telepathy harassment is as real as sunrise; but it is real, a technology that dozens of world governments use, most for legal reasons, such as assisting intelligence officers in danger or soldiers in the battlefield.  But a few world governments use the same technology for evil.  The only resource I can think of is for you to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, for instance before the FBI; arguing that you are a victim and need information about it so that you can sue.  Sue, for a mandatory injunction asking a federal court to compel the government to protect you against the same kind of electronic harassment.  It is called a "positive" injunction, an attorney told me, as it requires a "preponderance of evidence" of wrongdoing.  But a court will initially take your claims as believable; just that you cannot go empty-handed and expect a judge to compel the government to do what it refuses to do.

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