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I have been targeted for about three years now...ever since I wrote a letter of complaint to the President Obama. What I'd like to know is what files the government has on us and who determines who gang stalkers go after?

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Hello Kathleen,

I documented what they do to victims and reasons why. Please read. You watch videos from Dr Robert Ducan, Dr John Hall and Magnus Ollson. You will understand what is happening.

When a victims finds out he is been experimented on, there is no experiment anymore. What they are doing now to you is making you looks mentally ill when you are not and others are not. They do this to discredit people. Why? It's because there are most likely (In majority of the cases) implants on your skull and body. They are hard to find because they are nano and designed to look like part of your body. When a victim is discredited, no one will believe what they are saying.

The people at the top of this crime are the worst FAILED HUMANS to walk the earth behind hitler. Even Dr Robert Duncan mentioned this is the worst crime since hitler.

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"When body brain spying i they implant butt and feet"
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"Every reply to my thread is being deleted before I can read them. This is bullshit, direct targeting. I HAVE got to either find a way out of this mess or Ill never survive."
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