Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

This is an attempt to define the Who & Why of GS.  I see five possible "who & why" components:

1. -

WHY:  jealousy/envy/avarice - covet something you possess (ie: land)

WHO:  local person/entity interest in community

2. -

WHY:  revenge - whistle blowing, personal insult/affront, activist activity

WHO:  someone local in community, or external entity tracked back to a specific event

3. -

WHY:  discrimination - target is in some way different and deemed a threat to local social structure

WHO:  local in community

4. -

WHY:  sport - a weak vulnerable easy target to play with

WHO:  local in community

5. -

WHY:  research/experimentation

WHO:  government

Did I miss anything?

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1) it can be simple people group/organisation. 

Imagine, you can watch in your laptop/smartphone or tablet what see the targeted person right now, you know his thoughts, you can watch downloaded memories, his dreams, visualizations. you can build to him any fake dreams, visualisations and memories. You can speak with him in his head. 

You wear right now 3D glasses and........wooooooow fantastic, I am in other city, country, body...

yes, for some people your body are very interesting object, entertainment object.


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The truth about gangstalking

Hi guysThis is for those of you who feel you are being gangstalked by others especially your family. I've been guilty of thinking and saying that my family is involved in my targeting. Ive realised it couldn't be further from the truth. I actually come from a really  loving and caring family who gave me a great life and every opportunity and would never willingly do something to hurt me. I'm sure your families are much the same.I hate to say that all people are capable of being mind controlled…See More
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Silicea 30c homeopathic remedy stops the voices in your heas

I managed to get the implants out of my body which stopped the voices using a powerful homeopathic remedy called Silicea 30C by Boiron sold at ABC Homeopathy website. It only costs 10 dollars plus postage. I took the remedy 3 pillules once a week for the past 3 years. After about 18 months enough implants had come to the surface of my skin and the V2K stopped. That was the greatest day of my life!  Now I am free of them and their torment. It's a natural remedy but it works. If you want to end…See More
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Creating public awareness into the horrendous crimes of covert Electronic assault and associated tactics.  I also run a skype networking/support call for New Zealand & Australian victims of these crimes. New Zealand time 6.30 pm Wednesday nights. Please contact me if you wish to join the call.  Other countries welcome.Organised Crime of Covert Electronic Assault, Stalking &…See More
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