Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Youtube, Facebook Canada...hack, delete and filter my post below. What can I do?

Part 1

UN Human Rights
UN Human Rights Council
International Bar Association
Human Rights Watch
Amnesty International
Amnesty International Canada
International Criminal Court
Canadian Government

Toronto Police,The Scarborough Hospital, Canadian torturers, Ontario Government...who are living as my neighbors ; who are gathering around and in my workplace, are torturing, harassing, threatening, poisoning,  terrorizing  and attemptedly murdering me by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons regardless of UN, International Criminal Court, International Human Rights Community, Attorney General of Canada and Ontario Ombudsman.

With all possible Non-Lethal Weapons?  They are classified as weapons of mass destruction by UN; they are viewed as weapons of incapacitating targets by UN. UN Human Rights and International Rehabilitation Council for Torture have everything I provided.

1. EMF Weapons

Watch "Opposition to 5G at Michigan Statehouse Testimony" on YouTube

WHO's literature and conclusion regarding EMF's serious bioeffects.

I provided them to UN Human Rights because UN Human Rights promised to keep them a few  years ago.

2. Microwave Weapons

WHO, Department of The Army of USA  on " Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons "

I provided them to UN Human Rights  too.They both state microwave can be used as weapons to cause tinnitus.

3. RF  Jammers and RF Weapons

International Archchivs of Alergy and Immunology and Federal Communications Commission

"In Which Legal Situations are RF Jammers Used?

Originally developed for law enforcement and military, RF jammers have been mainly used to disrupt the communications of criminals and terrorists. One of the most useful applications has been to use RF jammers to prevent the use of cell-phone activated bombs in subways, airports, and the routes of presidential motorcades. Furthermore, in hostage situations, police can use RF jammers to place controls on when and where the criminal can make a call. In drug raids, jammers can be used to prevent outside communication. Finally, corporations have also been known to use RF jammers to prevent corporate espionage by blocking voice and image transmissions from camera-enabled phones."

Rays Weapons

Part 2

With Rays Weapons, Toronto Police,The Scarborough Hospital, Canadian torturers, Ontario Government...who are living as my neighbors ; who are gathering around and in my workplace, madly attacking my head. I can't  sleep and work normally.

One special "investigator" came to my house. EMF, Radio Frequency  signals drop back to normal ranges. After he left,  EMF, Radio Frequency  signals rise back to their dangerous levels. The same with my tinnitus.

RCMP investigated the same case in Cuba.

By every possible means?

They are poisoning me by McDonald' s Filipino cashier when she  pours the coffee for me recently.

By floor vibration lights I find they were wearing " Invisibility cloak" to poison me and forcibly inject me . The next morning I could hardly move because of the injection. Regarding invisibility cloak, all Canadian media reported it a few years ago.

They are driving aircrafts to attack me everyday when I am driving to work and home.
Photos and video have been posted and forwarded.

From some reliable sources, I know the reason why they are torturing...and attemptedly murdering me. I requested Canadian government to investigate the disinformation they are sharing with Toronto Police,  The Scarborough Hospital,  Canadian torturers backed by Ontario Government...However, what I am receiving are mad torture and reprisals. Meanwhile, they are hacking UN, International Human Rights Community, International Criminal Court and everything I am using and  everything you can imagine regardless of international law and order.

10 years ago, Canadian lawyer said to me: " You have nowhere to go if want to file complaints against Canadian police and doctors."

Recently,  Facebook, Twitter Canada at once deleted my posts on International Human Rights lawyers and Prime Minister of Canada.

Fight for my life and fight against torture, I am not alone and I need your help.

Robin Yan

Canadian victim of torture


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