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energyweaponsatme posted a discussion

Parts 6 - 8: Reporting hacking and strengthened DEW attacks from going to TI websites

In response to comments in part 4, members are encouraged to provide evidence by reporting hacking and strengthened DEW attacks in parts 6 - 8.Long, redundant, threadjacking and bullying comments which include the entire comment that is being replied to has forced me to close discussion in Peacepink./r/gangstalking has written rules in the side bar prohibiting threadjacking and bullying. Membership is not required to read reddit. Membership is required to post. Membership does not require…See More
36 minutes ago
deca posted videos
37 minutes ago
LaBrat replied to energyweaponsatme's discussion Peacepink is censoring, hacking my devices & internet and having me attacked by stronger DEWs
"'nrg', others have also asked what makes you so determined to believe that this site is 'hacking itself' after you yourself have introduced anthony forwood's and cliff huylebroeck's and (presumably) your own…"
10 hours ago
ben peoples replied to Soleilmavis's discussion Peacepink volunteers for support in your area
"i am in the woodlands,texas. it is bad here. i feel like i'm the only human in a town full of robotoids.. if anyone is near and wants to team up i'm game. contact me at"
10 hours ago
zaratrusta is now friends with Cesar Eduardo and Mental Interference
13 hours ago
ben peoples replied to ben peoples's discussion animal noises
"thank you for the suggestions.  "
14 hours ago
thenewmind replied to ben peoples's discussion animal noises
"never tried, i suggest like whats worked for me to a good degree is breaking up the bio communications outside my body using copper wire, silver wire wound around placed on facets.  block refridgerator communication with bowled shaped aluminum…"
15 hours ago
ben peoples replied to ben peoples's discussion animal noises
"does orgonite actually help?"
15 hours ago



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