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Hello Australians who are victims too of satellite surveillance and electro neuro mind control harassment!

Hello Suzy, what is your email address?  I am a victim of satellite surveillance and electro neuro-mind control/thoughts reading harassment.

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H i   N i c k   y o u   d o n t   h a v e   2  w o r r y   a b o u t   k e e p i n g   t h i n g s   2  y r s e l f    b e c a u s e   t h e   p e r p s      r e a d   a l l   y o u r   t h o u g h t s .  T h e r e s   n o t h i n g   y o u   c a n   c o n c e a l   f r o m   t h e m , t h e y   c a n   s e e   w h a t   y o u   w r i t e ,  h e a r   w h a t   y o u  t h i n k ,  k n o w   y o u r   e n t i r e   h i s t o r y ,  n o   n e e d   2  t r y   2  h i d e f r o m   t h e m .

Sue, the program does not know "your entire history", only since you've been targeted and even then, it's focused on your sub-vocal thoughts and EEG, not events, not your life. Also, it does not have access to your brain's higher functions: non verbal thoughts.

T h a t   h a s n t   b e e n  m y  e x p e r i e n c e   C h a n a t h ,  i   b e l i e v e   y o u r e   w r o n g  a b o u t  t h a t ,  t h e y  h a v a c c e s s   t o  a l l   y o u r   b r a i n   f u n c t i o n s   i n c l u d i n g  m e m o r y   f i l e s  a n d   n o n v e r b a l  t h o u g h t s. A n d   i t s   n o t   j u s t   a   p r o g r a m ,  t h e r e   a r e  p e o p l e  i n v o l v e d .

Hi are you all going....actually I think you are right Sue...I am monitoring things happening as soon as I talk to people about anything relevant of our cases it get DEWs hit hard on my body with unusual symptons....Sorry Sue they stopped us Chatting it jammed they do this all the time when we try and chat





Sue, your are right.  When we have been targeted since the beginning, they use mind control/thoughts reading device that access to our subconscious and conscious mind.  They have access to our verbal and non-verbal thoughts, that is including visions or pictures we see in our minds that occurred in our past lives or that we are planning to do to happen in future such as any activities we are planning to do. Even when we are asleep, they could access to our subconscious mind before we react consciously to something when we are awake.  So they already know in advance what we are going to do.   Even if you don't think verbal thoughts, just any visions or pictures in your mind, they can see and transmit it to other people or public or media what's in your mind. They share your mind/thoughts to others not only them.  Even the organs inside your body, they could see, such as the beating of your hearts, the movement and functioning of kidney, liver, intestine, reproductive organs, etc.  They could induce diseases or conditions in your internal organs.  They could induce pain and diarrhea.  I had diarrhea on and off last year when it was at its height.  Even documents, they could delete and insert words.  They could change the spelling of words or punctuation marks in the documents even used in legal  proceedings.  I always check the documents I type before printing them over and over again.  Once they were printed, the wordings in the documents had been changed including the dates, punctuation marks and spelling. It is also  in John Finch's evidence.  If you read by Paul Baird, it tells and explains everything about these issues, how they do it.  It is vague of pages but very interesting to read.

Heh, Nick how are things with you?  Haven't heard from you for awhile ?We are all going though a tuff time seems to be since Snowden released a lot of info on all this spying  on Russia and Germany they are not happy? apparently one of Ti in china mentioned this supposedly Russia could be heading for a cold war against US have you heard anything lately?..... how about yourself what has been happenig?   

I have found the more you stay undercover they still attack you   so I  summize that the more info that is revealed and gets out to the public the is all about numbers  that is where our strength lyies and supporting one another as we have found perps are out there to discredit us so we need to stay dilegent and form a would you be prepared to catch up and meet for a coffee? that is  all of us?  Great if we all could  prepare to meet  sometime?
Nick Fo said:

Lyn what gives the impression im lucky or not experiencing anything, and I mentioned on page two im a TI. Just havent written more about it here or other threads cause theres alot to write and reasons to keep most off public forums for now, but been mentioning a couple thing with a few peacepink members, so not holding back exactly, and glad to stay with the community while working things out. If you wanto chat privately id be glad to mention the basics

And just generally think all TI's have good reason for caution openly discussing the nature of ongoing case details here or elsewhere, in the principle of observation changing the nature of whats observed, announcing... of whats announced, believing... of whats believed etc. And as for announcing, that theres also degrees of doing it, each bringing different level of changes. People are welcome to disregard this notion, as its only offered for contemplation, and not meant as any kindof public disclosure deterant in the practical sense.

Hey Harry, idont really know what anyone anywhere can really do about EH and GS, the whole systems designed on plausable deniability and punishing the victim.Too many situations like that in society already, and what we have now is just a more organized surgical hands off approach

Some TI's here and elsewhere consider the highest priority tis o present their case legally to international bodies, which requires first documenting a full or sufficient explanation of whats been done, how long, and other particulars like who you thought were envolved etc, but seems none of the international bodies are empowered to do much or anything about it. Or perhaps their waiting for a critical mass of case submissions theyve yet to reach. The person to talk to about this is John Finch

Other people are busy experimenting with shielding materials and setups, which require research, and possibly abit of money, ive not looked much into that either. Need to search around for guides on TI support sites. You might wanto start with Ti whites countermeasure for an idea of things to try/rule out

Theres also people organizing pickets to try raising public and political awareness, if you wanted to get into something like that should get in touch with bernd an aussie in qld organizing a rally to cambera in nov iirc

Generally try to keep an even keel, not freak out or overdose on bad news with whats online, and consider if you wanto write your story down, but dont dwell on it to the point of finding yourself explaining your life story in triplicate to your "imagination" which may not be your own imagination after all

And look into beefing up your internet security, it wont stop all their spying but should improve your attitude to be more proactive

What kindof situation are you in now?


Hi Lyn still feel that they have blocked the contacts spoke to Anna an after 10mins she would disappear off the chat room then reappear again....however when chating to  Harry at that  same time and said he was talking tp  her at that point of time seems they are isolating me completely I don't even see you or lyn on line apart from a message left every now and again....hope you get this and that you and Sue are good to hear from you if there has been any  thing significant happening.....or hopefully you get this it would be reassuring toknow if you or Lyn respond? take care 

Hi, you might wanto reconsider your innitial assessment of those ex-friends complicity. Targeting comes with alotof sophisticated deceptions, and the story most TIs adopt explaining who/when/what we think triggered the targeting is just as likely to be a red herring, for further manipulation. to help build lies on lies.

About your family also being targeted, that situation can be tricky to understand, you could have family members fully targeted like yourself or partially targeted to make your presense unwelcome, or they could be fully or partially/unconsciously co-opted. As i understand, its probably how important they are to the target that decides which of the methods are used on other family members and friends.

Its also surprising your being targeted with electronic weapons after only 8 months. Iiuc the electronic harrasment (synthetic telepathy/v2k/vibration torture etc) doesnt really start for mabye 3-5 years after the overt harrasment begins. (ive been overtly tarteted 12 or 13 years now).  A good overview of non EH elements, see chapter 3, pg27 of 'Bridging the Gap' by GmB Bailey (well everything mentioned except v2k) see the ebooks section here

Also why do you use the word neurophone? did someone refer you to that name as the technology youd be targeted with? I dont like "happy coincidences" like researching something obscure, then getting someone talking to me about it without much logic: being a 40 year old design thats never been weaponized or classified, and ive never heard it discussed by other TIs as relevant kindof tech

And what kindof media and govt coverage did you try to get?


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