Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Buddhists fight against Mind Control


Buddhists fight against Mind Control

One of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights is the proliferation of mind control technologies and their accompanying abuse and torture.

Despite of disagreements of religions, I indeed believe that everyone should fight against the torture and abuse of mind control technologies and directed energy weapons.

No matter what religions you believe, I wish that you can stand up for justice. To expose such horrible torture and abuse of mind control technologies to public; to urge government to investigate such horrible crime; to help victims.

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Target Chat Available Now

Started by Vicki Burnett Jul 19, 2014. 0 Replies

Targeted Individuals, families, friends and others. There is now a One Voice chat room for us all. It is a great place for support, advice, friendship, crisis, meet-ups. The intent is to have a…Continue


Started by Gary Munroe Jul 16, 2013. 0 Replies

Spy Chip Human Implant ture information you will see with the attachmentsContinue

Measurement of harassment

Started by Randolf Weinand. Last reply by tanstaafl productions Mar 12, 2013. 1 Reply

Hello does anybody have a zapchecker in asia and is willing to do the testing for implants on me. A zapchecker is a device which can track implants. If nobody has one or any other device with similar…Continue

what does "myo ho renge kyo" really mean?

Started by tanstaafl productions. Last reply by tanstaafl productions Feb 27, 2013. 1 Reply

this is one interpretation.there are others..THE 16TH CHAPTER. (JURYO) VERSE FORM (JIGAGE)> > >> > > Myo ho renge kyo - The Sutra of the Lotus of the Wonderful Law ->…Continue

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Comment by Ioan on May 6, 2015 at 9:00pm

Putting into practice what the Buddha preached could be very useful in fighting mind control. Think about it.

If you start acknowledging that you have no self, what could they control and torture?

If you stop clinging to the past and craving for pleasure, and embrace the concept of impermanence, then they're actions won't have such dramatic effects on you.

Comment by SUBRA on April 18, 2014 at 11:48am

Garry Munroe, I just check the detail on Human Spt Chip Locater. How this product work, I went through the details of it, what is the total cost ?                it give some details, do we have to buy the entire or just part of it ? I need something for my campaign and testing. below are the sample of the detail price I got it from you website.

  • Sound Card Oscilloscope (listed price US$24.95), 
  • Sound Card Spectrum Analyzer (listed price US$39.95),
  • Sound Card Signal Generator (listed price US$24.95),
  • Multi-Instrument Lite (listed price US$49.95),
  • Multi-Instrument Standard (listed price US$99.95), Multi-Instrument Pro (US$199.95).
  • The five add-on modules/functions are:
    • Spectrum 3D Plot (listed price US$99.95),
    • Data Logger (listed price US$99.95), LCR Meter (listed price US$99.95),
    • Device Test Plan (US$99.95),
    • Vibrometer (US$99.95).                                                       
  • The above prices are not detail , so Mr.Garry please explain.
Comment by Vicki Burnett on April 18, 2014 at 11:08am

All of our Mind Control Protection Black Contact Lens are on the approved FDA list and come in an 8.6/14.0 sizing (which is the most common). They are Non-Prescription.

In Mind Control, victims are often equipped with Eye Implants and EEG Receivers. After the victim falls asleep the brain is placed into an altered state of consciousness. The person can be led to open their own front door with little to no awareness of letting a perpetrator in.

Victims should cover the eyes and install complicated bedroom locks to help prevent perpetrator access.

Actual optic surgery documentation:

Click Here for Purchase:

Comment by Gary Munroe on September 21, 2013 at 5:30am

Charges filed agenst the Embassys of Unted States of America,Canada ,UK for the international use of the Human spy chip implant . documents can be seen at in Spanish and english


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Ioan commented on Ioan's blog post Latest experiences
"Apparently I was wrong, I can hear (and understand) everything even with both my ears covered, albeit it doesn't produce a desirable acoustic effect."
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Ioan commented on Ioan's blog post Latest experiences
"I will try that out Sandy. Today I'm going to see what method works best to decrease the effects these sounds have on me."
3 hours ago
Ioan commented on Ioan's blog post Latest experiences
"Same here, Indie. That's why I stick my earplug in the ear I here better with (the left one). Their impulses are much weaker when I do so. I would stick earplugs in both my ears but the thing is that I can't understand what people are…"
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Sandy Lomax commented on Ioan's blog post Latest experiences
"Ioan, about pressing on ears from the outside - here`s a diagram see the "tragus" - that`s the bit I press on with my index fingers to block sound. When I do that, they sometimes increase the air…"
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Indie Target commented on Ioan's blog post Latest experiences
""I have noticed not long ago that my right ear canal is much wider" Me too, and my right ear hearing is significantly worse than the left. I've also had a constant hiss in my ears for years and it's even worse now, probably…"
4 hours ago
Lez replied to bertin's discussion Affiches et tracts in the group Victimes Francophone De "Mind Control".
"Bonjour,  Pour ceux qui veulent faire connaître leur situation ou problème, il y a toujours la possibilité de le faire en marge d'une manifestation existante , c'est à dire à la…"
6 hours ago
Ioan commented on Ioan's blog post Latest experiences
"And not to mention my annoyingly loud inner voice. All these things don't trigger only an emotional reaction, but also audio/visual (sometimes in the form of short video clips) reactions in my brain."
9 hours ago
Ioan commented on Ioan's blog post Latest experiences
"I've been sensitized to have a certain reaction to: sounds (prolongued sounds are hypnotizing while short ones interrupt my active cognitive processes), certain words, gestures, facial traits (they always make me analyze other people's…"
10 hours ago



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