Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

The City of Toronto is the power behind of gang stalking preps, they involved directly along with the list of corporate allies. Please kindly see the online blog:

Please see the City of Toronto giving fund to the Community Organization around the City of Toronto to run the Community Safety Program. In the City of Toronto open data available up to 2013 allocations. 
The goals of the gang stalking are; make the target behavior imbalances, isolated him from family friends, make target crazy. As a result, it is easy to put the target in the prison or commits suicide. Please kindly see the YouTube video that perfectly described about the techniques and goal of  gang stalking : 
Please kindly see the YouTube video, how targeted individual losing their privacy by the gang stalker:
Please see how the Secret Break Away Civilization that You're Not Supposed To Know About:   

Please see how targeted individuals surveillance electronically :
Please see the YouTube video, how washing your brain under the mind control program:
A Star investigation shows that police allegations that were never proven or even tested in court still have power to ruin lives.
Please see my blog: Gang Stalking Toronto

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I think a loot of this is contracted to the a contractor because a loot of these scums they want to wash their hands from this program and they don't want to get caught...just like NSA 40.000 Contractor s all over the world...CIA same thing...the hire scums. Junkies pedofiles gays lesbians and all kinds just to keep these program.....just Stupid scums.....I mean really scums....I would never hire a person especially the one I have...really dumb as F****-
Either he is a meth junkie or no education at all.brainless....Primitive.scum...just like a cow only thing he knows to work the TI....pain...or when I get up in the morning first thing he does.. doesn't want me to open my eyes...I can't see I have a 20/20 vision he makes sure he adds a layes so I can't see properly


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