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Canadians Against Torture and Technology Abuse

A group for Canadians taking action against torture and technology abuses. Electronic weapons are too dangerous near construction sites, and our people are being sexually violated and critically injured! We demand government and law enforcement action. Please join, and share.

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Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

Started by Ahasan Chowdhury. Last reply by superhello Oct 8. 3 Replies

I am a tenant of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation and victim in the gang stalking, microwave and electronic harassment for the mind control and human experimentation. I bought aTrifield…Continue

International Criminal Court recently stated: " Mutilation and Torture are war crimes and crimes against humanity." You forward it by faxing them ? Not only for me.

Started by Robin Yan Jul 2. 0 Replies

International Criminal Court recently stated: " Mutilation and Torture are war crimes and crimes against humanity."You forward it by faxing them ? Not only for me.UNUN Human RightsUN Human Rights…Continue

Know about the secret barriers to the targeted indivisual in access to justice in Canada.

Started by Ahasan Chowdhury Jul 2. 0 Replies

Combine investigation Act s. 32(1) gang stalking-experimentation-torture- unreasonable search- evidence hides- Canada Evidence Act. s. 38, which carrying out by the Community agencies/ Secret…Continue

Gang stalking, mind control and human experimentation, Toronto:

Started by Ahasan Chowdhury. Last reply by Mark Shafirovitch Jan 9, 2016. 1 Reply

 Please read this blog otherwise you will miss a real and pathetic story.…Continue

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Comment by Maria Harmath on October 11, 2019 at 1:39pm
Comment by Maria Harmath on September 30, 2019 at 11:05am

I was accepted to Toronto Police Service Community Police Academy Fall 2019
Sep 28 - Nov 30 · Toronto Police College · Toronto, Ontario. I'm very happy I will learn a lot's of thinks in the above Toronto Police Service Community Police Academy Fall 2019. Thank to every body who are selected me to be in the nine-weeks course. God Bless you all today and always! Maria

Comment by CLS on September 24, 2019 at 9:54pm
Great job!!! God bless!!
Comment by Maria Harmath on September 22, 2019 at 8:11am

Today I was at the "Free-Them- Freedom walk" in Toronto we raised $83,130.97, 83% a goal of $100,000.00. It was a great walk I enjoyed it very much.

Comment by Maria Harmath on September 19, 2019 at 10:57am

Maria Harmath
13 hrs ·…/permali…/1559522017522816/Shraoui Kheir Eddine shared a link.
Visual Storyteller · September 16 at 11:49 PM
Brainwave technology of twoday this is the reality no Science-Fiction there are thousands of Brainwave killer Satteliyte systems in existence, which are used by governments around the world who are capable of mind control over the people on Earth and manipulate and kill a human unnoticed! Controlled from below with the latest Brainwave technology computer systems thoughts can be manipulated and deleted or implied Computer generated! With the help of microwaves or magnetic waves as carrier waves, Brainwave's can be stacked up and transported and controlled by a computer-controlled directional beam. from a satellite persons can be targeted and controlled monitored from below by heat image or X-ray camera function of the satellite. a mammator with Brainwave headset can implie thoughts in the goal or computer generated and Controled ! Also with the help of neural implants which are very small by Nano technology with transmitter and receiver which can be used unnoticed in the human body Thoughts are implied and recorded! Brainwave computer systems with satellites are capable of probing and analyzing people's human nerv systems and individual brainwaves so that the sugerator can gain complete control ofer a human being unnoticed, and implicate him computer generated thoughts and control him! this is the reality and not science fiction and is already practiced twoday by diligent governments ... goal is the computer Controled human Race First analog digital Brainwave MINDCONTROL (MK Ultra) computer systems, with oscilloscope, for displaying the brain waves and analogue tape devices called Streamer, for recording and retrieving Brainwave sequences could be accessed by punched tape, from a computer, were developed in Germany in the 20's 40's and further developed by Control Data incorperated USA.. to expand twoday's Brainwave Computer Technology mindcontrol Systems! At that time it was already possible to store and retrieve complete memory sequences so-called "brainwave tapes" in which complete persons were stored or certain thoughts, memory or movement sequences of the person connected to the computer via the Brainwave headset memory sequences, (Brainwave Tapes) could be stored and retrieved on the computer with the help of key thoughts or pictures from the life of the person who is connected via the headset. To do so, one has to be able to unwind his memories of the whole life, the Keywords or pictures of them Help ! So it is possible to save complete people and exchange others after a brainwash completely by reprogramming them! Movement patterns (motion sequences) of people with headsets can also be stored or retrieved by computer, converted to the Brainwave's other, allowing a person to drive a other completely computer-controlled! With the help of neural implants with transmitter and GPS, or with Brainwave technology (satellite systems) equipped with microwaves or magnetic waves as carrier waves for Brainwave's, and thermal imaging or X-ray function, computer-controlled Humans are already possible twoday ! In addition, twoday's MINDCONTROL computer systems via satellite also have the ability to intentionally imply or delete thoughts.. that goes so far as to kill people through Brainwave's (stroke - coma - epilepsy)! The governments of the world currently have not only mindcontrol computers with Brainwave Satteliyte systems in space but also the HAARP systems and neural implants to control humanity via brainwave's! The goal is the computer-controlled human and the total control of the governments Mindcontrol .

Comment by Maria Harmath on September 19, 2019 at 10:53am
Comment by Maria Harmath on September 15, 2019 at 8:47am
Comment by Maria Harmath on September 13, 2019 at 1:02pm

I had a Uterus cancer (Hysterectomy) surgery on Dec. 21, 2018 at the Mount Sinai Hospital and I still have pain. However, the Mind Controlers don't live me alone. Yesterday, a pharmacy called me how come 31 pills I'm early to get my blood pressure pills why? I told them that sometimes my blood pressure gets 160-180 and I feel very dizzy and sweat, feel like I'm going to pass out. I already passed out, I felt dizzy and I passed out I found myself on the floor on my back. I turned 180 degree, it was so quit even my hart beet I didn't heard. Today, was firs  time at the new doctors office and tomorrow, I must go for blood test. He want to know how thinks are after a surgery, since I started with him as a new patient. Good people don't harm innocent people, why a person or persons wants me to die? Below is a picture the way my Uterus cancer looked like. Can any one can help me how to get rid off the person or people to wants me to die? I came from the communist country and there everybody got along, wasn't any haters. I didn't do nothing wrong and he or they hate me for nothing? Should be a capital punishment just like the U.S. for the criminals in Canada. Then they won't harm people for no reasons at all. Here we have Humans right, and they don't obey it. I hope with the Election next month they should change the laws, make them tougher. Mind control, guns laws, human traffic, rape, digital vagina penetration, verbal assault and physical violence. God gave us free. God never control Human Beings' minds. Only Satan and his supporters wanted to control human beings' thoughts were the most important weapons that Satan, Beast and their followers owned and they were also used to torture and abuse innocent civilians. I'm going to school very soon to deal with this situation and I also I'm a member of the FBI and CIA. Crossed my fingers that I will solve this problem with my Peacepink group. Bog Bless everyone each and everyday! Best of luck to all of us! Maria  

Comment by Maria Harmath on September 13, 2019 at 12:00pm

Comment by Maria Harmath on September 10, 2019 at 10:32am

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May 24, 2019 at 3pm to December 31, 2019 at 7pm
Mr. Paolo Fiora and some others organize a regular Wednesday Rally in London near Parliament House.Raise awareness of the situation of secret mind control abuse and torture.More details see Mr. Paolo Fiora:07709926942 paolo_bf@hotmail.comSee More
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"Catch and release?? Catch implant and release! How? What if the old boys club has access to the Philadelphia experiement?"
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"Fake seconding coming of Jesus? They control animals and weather. Catch and release! Like the Bible said they can even fool the most devoted"
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"Old boys club. Free Harvard degree with b2b and v2k. Get all exam answers remotely. They been cheating for years."
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"Old boys club. You go online and troll the club lines and you get a bonus. Hidden coruption. Worst they have access to this tech."
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"Mass voter fraud. Point shoot change your opionion remotely with DEWS.""
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