Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Video der deutschen Opfer auf YouTube

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Thats what my Perps/Torturers/Swiss Government/Town of Zuerich Professional Terrorists have done with me....from 2007 to 2012 they TORTURED me so badly that i am today a Cripple/Krueppel........  Daily/Nightly during my 24/7/365  nonstop bestialic Torture they induced " Suicide-commands"/LUST to Murder my self into my Brain...but i have resisted.....they FRIED/COOKT ME ALIVE OVER AND OVER with Microwave close to dead  for years...they organised 13 or more active Murder attempts against my live...they let me fall from a 3 meter Wall and i have broken my ankle and ligerments and synchron with it they rise the Bodypain untill i fade out/unconcessnes/Blackout........They wanted to force me to be a Manchurian Candidate and follow there PERVERT/HOMOSEXUAL FANTASYS......They destroyed my LIVE/livelyhood......they TORTURED me to a cripple...but they was unabel to destroy my Personality/my Will........they still try...and they try...but i am keep Walking...under bestialic electronic Torture...ignoreing as good as i can the V2k,Microwavetorture,Mindcontrolcommand..........

I have collected over the years enough EVIDENCE against the Swiss Government/Town of Zuerich to bring them to the ICC International Criminal Court and the European Court for Human Rights....undenieble Evidence........Read my Web: and my Blogs/comments on: and www.USA Microwave Weapon System Murder and Brain Abuse  and www.MindTechSweden  and www.Targeted Individuals Europe  and www.Targeted Individuals Canada.............


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Initially, when a targeted individual first begins to be brain mapped, they can not be seen inside their own homes by the neuro weapons operatives who are doing the brain mapping. The targeted individual can only be heard by these neuro weapons operatives. However, when the targeted individual is partially brain mapped they can then finally be seen by the neuro weapons operatives. Their clothing can not be seen. The targeted individual can only be seen in a totally nake...d state. The outside…See More
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A True EMF Target Since sept 2013

Some time I wonder where life is .Iam a real EMF bomb about to designate help .The cries the torturing isn't being heard. Were is freedom .as I seat here about tho cry as I write this I get lost of words.Can anyone tell me about being a robotic slave to the system ,can anyone tell me about a mother cries as a native for here children elder mother to be free. I never thought the WORD we don't like YOU!! could cause the Peoplethat say I love YOu  are you were raise with will be apart…See More
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Richy Peel replied to Robin Yan's discussion What shall I/we do? I don't know how to deal with them. Please forward this.
"Ffs.. already told you guys how it' done and that cos is one of them. Check out my stuff! "
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Alels replied to Robin Yan's discussion What shall I/we do? I don't know how to deal with them. Please forward this.
"Without implants they cant control your mind?"
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"People are adding confusion here. The main point is what i am trying to say is we are all implanted with nano wire. You need to look extremely closely at your X-rays if you have one. Forgot about the rest. How do we remove the nano wire and expose…"
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