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eye tracking

Started by Lez. Last reply by Sandy Lomax on Sunday. 3 Replies

Il s'agit d'une (relativement ) nouvelle technologie , et en passe d'être installée sur les derniers smartphones et tablettes.Le début de la  définition de wikipédia  est comme suit : L’eye-tracking vient enrichir les méthodes d’observations outillées en permettant d’objectiver ce que regarde une personne au cours d’une activité aussi bien dans le monde professionnel que dans l’interaction des clients avec les écrans d’internet. Ces observations via l’eye-tracking, si elles n’expliquent pas le…Continue

Tags: tracking, eye

Plainte contre X

Started by Lez. Last reply by Lez on Sunday. 2 Replies

Bonjour, En préalable, il serait intéressant , soit par email soit au cours d'une rencontre entre ICs , de faire la liste des plaintes de chacun , puis de voir   à quels articles de loi du code pénal elles correspondent,  pour ensuite regrouper  un peu les ICs en fonction de ces particularités.Cela s'explique par une optique à plus long terme qui amènerait suite à une non-réponse du proc ou à une réponse négative, à  une plainte commune  ( à travers une association dont l'objet social le…Continue

Tags: association, loi, défense, des, victimes

Lettre de Babacek à la Commission Européenne traduite en français par Rudy Andria.

Started by hassanmcv on Saturday. 0 Replies


Lettre Ouverte au Parlement Européen contre le harcèlement électromagnétique par une organisation tchèque et signée par huit autres organisations européennes de défense de victimes.

Started by hassanmcv Sep 29. 0 Replies

Traduction du post d'Elisabeth Smithie: de la Lettre Ouverte au Parlement Européen contre le harcèlement électromagnétique par une organisation tchèque et signée par huit autres organisations européennes de défense de victimes.La lettre a été publiée dans "Parlement Press" dans la section «…Continue

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Comment by Berenice on October 20, 2016 at 8:59pm

Ci dessous l’interview traduite en français sur bienvenu à sottnet le monde pour les gens qui pensent

interview de Barrie Trower pour ICAACT 2012 interviewé par Lars Drudgaard

Comment by Lez on October 19, 2016 at 3:41am


Une vidéo de Barrie Trower peut-être déjà mise ici  ( alors un rappel)

8'20 ----> implants

10'40 -----> suivi par satellite

11'03----> fabrication de maladies

11'21 ----> V2K

18'36----> la violence provoquée


Bonne soirée

Comment by Lez on October 12, 2016 at 8:52pm


Merci à Information-book d'avoir mis le lien vers PACTS INTL.

Je n'avais pas vu que l'article était tronqué. 

Il s'agit donc d'une personne présumée TI qui se trouve actuellement en prison pour un meurtre qu'elle ne se souvient pas avoir commis.

Bonne journée

Comment by TorturedMed on October 12, 2016 at 5:18pm

Targeted individual from Morocco
Monitored, surveilled, tortured, manipulated, threatened, humiliated, weakened with directed energy weapons placed on satellites, Voice to Skull, Remote NeuroMonitoring, i am a targeted individual from Morocco who is suffering 24/24 7/7 in silence since 2008 in France, MY RELATIVES TORTURED AND ACCIDENTS ALREADY HAPPENED TO THEM, KILLERS/PERPS ARE INVOLVED IN THE ASSASSINATION OF MY NEIGHBOURS AND FAMILY MEMBERS, with no help, no support but misjudgement and misunderstanding and manipulation, FEEL ALONE, need help and assistance to stop this crime, sent many letters and places reclamations to the police, but it become even worse, GOD do know how much i suffer.

Comment by TorturedMed on October 12, 2016 at 5:16pm

Death and Torture :

I wish from that those responsible for these murders and accidents will be punished by the laws in force and I ask vengeance on behalf of the creator also for my personal suffering throughout the long years of torture.

Date: December 2015: Death of my Grandmother Fatna Sadik Great Mother of my father following a health complication, where blood glucose levels had become very low because of an insulin delivery error, it was hospitalized in a private clinic but his unstable health condition does not allow him to recover, may God have mercy on her she died a Thursday night.

Date: May 2016: Death of a girl of the family, who had a problem with the heart, because of a medical error during his hospitalization at the Ibn Rushd Hospital in Casablanca, where he was the doctor in charge administered a large dose of drug, which has been fatal.

 These deaths are followed and are caused by medical errors, weak and fragile people with no defense, and more repetitive voice that I get in my head into these two deaths informing me that the people who tortured me are also responsible for these deaths may be caused by brain manipulation.

Date: September 2016: Death of the cousin of the girl, who had a problem with her heart, in a car accident when he was riding his motorcycle city, in the collision with a car.

 The young man was buried next to his cousin by chance, God accepts their souls.

Date: September 2016: Crash of one of my colleagues on the highway with which I have to know to work, I always find that kind of coincidences in accidents, accidents that exceeds the imagination in terms of horror and in my mind are neither more nor less than coincidences.

Date: October 2016: Death of the grandmother of my cousins on the side of their mother who was fragile, natural death but equally suspicious death as the voice insinuate and continue to suggest that they're the murderers.

Comment by Lez on October 11, 2016 at 7:45pm

Réalisé par La Proscrite.

A disposition, si besoin.

Bonne journée

Comment by information-book com on October 11, 2016 at 4:07am
Webinaire des appareils de détection de radiofréquences à 03h00 du matin
par PACTS International
Radiofrequency Detection Device Webinar by PACTS International
Monday, October 10, 9PM ET
Comment by Lez on October 10, 2016 at 7:24pm


Extrait de la news letter de Derrick Robinson de l'association Pactsintl... pour ceux qui ne la reçoivent pas :

Galina Kurdina and her Toronto TI Group Visits Rohinie Bisesar in Prison!
Kudos to Galina and her TI activists in Toronto who finally succeeded in reaching Rohinie Bisesar in prison!  For several months they have been attempting to pass information to her via her lawyer and visit Rohinie in prison.  They had encountered many obstacles.  
Rohinie has no recollection of having committed the murder she is accused of and according to media reports has been exhibiting signs of being a TI and was apparently mind-controlled to commit the atrocity.  Finally, Galina and her group were able to pass through the many roadblocks and obstacles to reach Rohinie in prison.  After receiving some informational materials from Galina, Rohinie wrote her the following letter (above and copied below). 

Dear Galina,

Thank you for your information on Psychotronic Organization. I think I have what you wrote about. Can you visit me at Vanier Center for Women and tell me how you can help me - how you can test me for what you talking about? Can you find a lawyer who will take on my case and use your help to prove my innocence?

Please speak with me directly. I am finding quite a few people are lying around me. Visits preferred. Mail is read. Calls are listened to. I did try to call you a few times.

Thank you,
Rohinie Bisesar
Last week, Galina received a letter from Rohinie asking for her help. It talked about how she was being denied access to the outside world and wanted a lawyer who has prepared to take on her case appropriately. Today, Galina has been able to visit Rohinie at the correctional facility. 
They discussed what she was going through. Like many of us, Rohinie feels that people are seeing through her eyes and hearing through her ears. She claims that her limbs are being moved by someone else ( through the use of the implanted device ). She does not feel her lawyer is doing anything for her and wants us to find a new one. She has promised to mail Galina names of family and acquaintances so that we can better help her. 
We know that she is being allowed visits from her brother. We have promised to try and contact lawyers so that she can start freely making phone calls and receiving all her mail. Hopefully, we can also resolve why getting in to see her has been a months long ordeal.
Une personne accusée de ce dont elle ne se souvient pas et qui végète actuellement en prison.
Bonne journée

Comment by information-book com on October 8, 2016 at 9:52pm


Pour info, ce poste.

Comment by information-book com on October 8, 2016 at 9:47pm


M. Babazek a réussi à publier la lettre concernant la pétition au Parlement Européen à deux autres médias alternatifs. 

Il demande si on a réussi à publier en France.

Bonne journée


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Wayne Morin Jr posted a discussion

Here are some website you must keep for (evedince to non-TI Community)

Brothers/SistersI must share these websites with you so you can place them in a folder as our gangstalking crimes can and to exist, how many times have you heard where is the proof? or someone say "oh" your having a tough day? or if those DEVICES where available then then why haven't I heard of them using them on so many other people before? These are common answers  when your a persecuted hated amongst the very most vile low lifes in the communities many time real megans law predators have it…See More
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"How ironic.  I used to think the outdoor fresh air was wonderful for me.  This lady makes a lot of sense.  How can the world population stop breathing to protect themselves?  "
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