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Hardcore gang stalking Victims support


Hardcore gang stalking Victims support

For those who are gang stalked daily and amongst variouse communnities around the city they live in. a place to release the pressure and pain, and look for comfort and suppot, as well as looking for proof privding so as to bring the terro to an end.

Website: http://peacepink.ninghardcore .com/group/Hardcore gang stalking Victims support
Location: Seattle
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Started by silvia miras sanchez Feb 11, 2016. 0 Replies

Basically: Barcelona suffers invasion of "sissies" mannered subjects .... they feel they are "WITCHES CRAZY" ... in their virtual brooms.…Continue

Ingravity eroticism

Started by silvia miras sanchez May 4, 2015. 0 Replies

It has sacred eroticism .... rather than experience it! The monkey mind-controlled psychically violated has an electromagnetic bonnet is the familiar veil of maya or magic.…Continue

Target Chat Available Now

Started by Vicki Burnett Jul 19, 2014. 0 Replies

Targeted Individuals, families, friends and others. There is now a One Voice chat room for us all. It is a great place for support, advice, friendship, crisis, meet-ups. The intent is to have a…Continue

Mind Control Protection Contact Lens

Started by Vicki Burnett Apr 18, 2014. 0 Replies

All of our Mind Control Protection Black Contact Lens are on the approved FDA list and come in an 8.6/14.0 sizing (which is the most common). They are Non-Prescription.In Mind Control, victims are…Continue

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Comment by Mark Iannicelli on March 13, 2015 at 6:50am

FU#K D.A.R.P.A.. That should be our war cry!

Comment by Mark Iannicelli on March 9, 2015 at 6:17am

I actually saw the lowlife that injected me with a radioactive substance at Rose Medical Hospital in Denver Colorado and reported it to the Colorado Dept of Regulatory Agencies to have Dr. Stephanie Alexander Miller's license pulled for giving my confidential information away and allowing a redneck ....tard to set up his table of evil probes. DORA found Dr. Miller innocent and the matter is now swept away. FArom now on I am not setting foot in another hospital in the United States and I despise the state of Colorado for being corrupt.

Comment by Mark Iannicelli on March 9, 2015 at 6:11am

I think we should all go to the middle east and fight United States with ISIS because the only difference getting killed with direct energy weapons and drones is that the drones are more humane. Better to stand up and fight than to lie around and die like a sick dog.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on October 18, 2014 at 9:54am*6o63X-MdzEbi20S7E7XUhpvcdNgSZn4bU0eZpXB1HIBoNighHokHEmxJSLhY5w3p4kR83hlf1bGdJqbwyA/image.jpg?width=139&height=104

Comment by Organized Stalking Chennai City on September 19, 2014 at 3:40pm

Nancy, sorry to hear about your harassment. Hit them back, Expose them, Start a blog, create a website(free ones available), write stories about what is happening in your city. Believe me EXPOSURE hurts them more than EH hurts you.

Comment by stephan on January 20, 2013 at 4:21pm
Comment by Nancy Arsenault on October 4, 2012 at 1:01am

Hi! I haven't posted anything in awhile. The gangstalking has progressed to daily EH- sometimes they burn me or use some kind of weapon which leaves small round circles as it heals from below the surface. I have these circles all over my arms and forehead- some are even on the soles of my feet. Have identified where the perps are living and unfortunately there are several in adjacent apt. buildings (one upstairs) and several renting a house nearby. Can deal with the beeps, the screaming, the being followed, the rudeness, perps listening in on the phone etc. However the EH got so bad for awhile that I ended up in the hospital. I thought I was going to get help for physical symptoms but instead (many) thought I had delusions. I did have a Psychiatrist tell me she has dealt with cases similar to mine and to contact the FBI. Thank you for listening. It has been pretty rough and my companion is a bit older than I am and he is also suffering the effects but refuses to accept it could be EH.  Wishing everyone the best.

Comment by ELISEO PEREZ on June 29, 2012 at 1:10am



I am glad we do care about each other.









/ - - / - - / - - / -

 / - - / - - / - - /



                  WHILST OF NIGHT



 Whilst Caught In The Stern Solemnity Of Sleep;

 Whilst All Malevolence, Filled Fill The Air;

 Whilst The Evil's Of Nightfall, Time Did Reap;

 Did Tenebrosity In Laughter Stare.


 Whilst Quiet Incubus, Caught, Sought, Ought For Naught;

 Whilst With All Machinations, Screamed The Night;

 Whilst The Yearn For Little Peace Reckoned, Silence Did Wrought;

 Did Enmity Soon Eclipse Dim The Right.


 Whilst For A Time, Physiognomies Shuffled;

 Whilst With Eyes, Nonchalant The Octet Skies;

 Whilst Occult The Forlorn Ostentation Foed;

 Did The Night's Distortions, Conspire The Wise.


 Whilst, For The Angels Did Twinkle In The Night;

 Whilst Didst Elves A Fixed Dark Night Wrest A Fee;

 Whilst With The Obscurity Culprits Rid Light;

 Did The Writ Speak On With Philosophy.


 Whilst The Air Like a Seoul Swags, Swathes, Swoops, Or Swoons;

 Whilst All The Stygian Winds, Voids, And Oaks, Sing;

 Whilst The Nightmare, As A Black Widow Cocoons;

 Did With Spite The Abnormality Sings.


 Whilst Of The Aberrant Wit, Stills Enmity;

 Whilst With Their Rogue Senses, Anger Sought Might;

 Whilst Is Dark Woes The Injurous Equity;

 Did Of The Dark Sayings Awesome Hate Rise.


 Whilst From The Twighlight The Spirits Say For Souls;

 Whilst For The Inkness Of Night, The Ghouls Klutz;

 Whilst Will Cacophonies Prance With Pride Their Souls;

 Did The Nigh Deep Of The Seas Join Hands Clung.


 Whilst Of Night, Egyptian Spells Smell Of Secrets;

 Whilst Invisible Leviathans Loathe;

 Whilst In The Night, Melanism Chains With Fetters;

 Did Many Mephistopheleses Loathe.


 Whilst Of The Obscure Winds, Darkness Envisions;

 Whilst Of The Book, Whispers Loudly, Their Rhymes;

 Whilst Of The Dreams, The Night Mare, There're Sweet Inclusions;

 Did Of The Riddles, The Night Prowlers Say Rhymes.


 Whilst Of The Likes Of The Dawn Of The Dark Swung;

 Whilst Of The Likes Of The Dead Of The Night;

 Whilst Of The Likes Of The Eventide, They Sung;

 Did That Old Black Hour, Meet Nihilists Of Night.


 Whilst With The Clangor Of Horrors Of Clangs Still;

 Whilst Of The Chink Of Shackles, Sounds Clutch;

 Whilst For the Cklink Of Night, Irons Says Its Clings, Still;

 Did the Wiles' Nocturnals, Whilst Of Night, Much.


 Whilst With The Clamor Euphony Entails Night;

 Whilst Of The Clack Of The Silence So Rings;

 Whilst For The Clank Often Clangs The Dead Of Night;

 Did Tenebrosity With Laughter Sing.




By: Eliseo Perez

June 24, 2008

Poem I began since High School.

Dedicated to all victims of electronic harassments and surveillances.

Written during and about the surveillance interactions I encountered that encouraged me to finish my poem that was only 1 stanza (4 LINES) then.



Comment by Kori on April 15, 2012 at 1:02pm
I am not sure why this possibility came to me but I figured why not ask the question. Please keep in my mind I am new to all of this so people may have already asked this question or pondered this theory. Has anyone ever looked in to whether or not a significant percentage of us could be targeted for being the offspring of military veterans? I already know that I suffer some I'll side affects from my Dad's exposure to Agent Orange, could this be another side affect of his service?
Comment by Kori on April 15, 2012 at 12:42pm
I hadn't thought of that thanks I will look in to it for sure! I too have experienced the same plate being used on multiple vehicles at different times and on different days. I was only able to obtain license plate info the one time and only through a PI. If anyone out there knows of a way to get around the PI to get this information I would love to hear about it. I am in Oregon but a large percentage of my stalkers have WA plates so this site is perfect, thank you. I am happy to finally have a term for what is going on and you are correct I shall call it like it is, Gang Stalking!!!

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"Some whistleblowers want it out, some assaulting victims to keep it a secret. They cant control the whistleblowers."
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"Mind control and advance tech are all corrupted projects in US. All you need to know and same garbage behind both."
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"Same people assaulting us."
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"If you are brutally tortured, you are implanted. Read my site why"
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"Point and shoot to give someone thoughts. Read their thoughts requires implants"
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"To give someone thoughts no implants needed. To read thoughts requires implants"
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