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Hardcore gang stalking Victims support


Hardcore gang stalking Victims support

For those who are gang stalked daily and amongst variouse communnities around the city they live in. a place to release the pressure and pain, and look for comfort and suppot, as well as looking for proof privding so as to bring the terro to an end.

Website: http://peacepink.ninghardcore .com/group/Hardcore gang stalking Victims support
Location: Seattle
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Ingravity eroticism

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It has sacred eroticism .... rather than experience it! The monkey mind-controlled psychically violated has an electromagnetic bonnet is the familiar veil of maya or magic.…Continue


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Basically: Barcelona suffers invasion of "sissies" mannered subjects .... they feel they are "WITCHES CRAZY" ... in their virtual brooms.…Continue

Target Chat Available Now

Started by Vicki Burnett Jul 19, 2014. 0 Replies

Targeted Individuals, families, friends and others. There is now a One Voice chat room for us all. It is a great place for support, advice, friendship, crisis, meet-ups. The intent is to have a…Continue

Mind Control Protection Contact Lens

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All of our Mind Control Protection Black Contact Lens are on the approved FDA list and come in an 8.6/14.0 sizing (which is the most common). They are Non-Prescription.In Mind Control, victims are…Continue

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Comment by Stephen armijo on August 29, 2019 at 2:07am

Those disinformationists are following me around and convincing people that I'm total trash, and everyone should just avoid me. After ten years of being kept alone, in the middle of a crowd, It's no wonder I am like the homeless person on the corner ranting at nobody. 

Comment by Stephen armijo on August 29, 2019 at 2:02am

Its funny, I've never had a thumbnail turn upside down, in my whole life,  until I uploaded my photo to this site yesterday. Is it a coincidence that the topic is comuter hacking of my websites and communications! Why this is a huge coincidence!! Maybe someone should call ripley's. 

Comment by ghstdtnee on August 18, 2019 at 2:55am

Mark may have a point.

However i wouldnt fight with a groups as sorry s.o.b.,s that are germs on the planet as stated.

Comment by ghstdtnee on August 18, 2019 at 2:53am

Do NOT contact the "fbi".

They know about it.

You will be retaliated against by "police" {term used loosley}

Of which I have Documentation.

Comment by ghstdtnee on August 18, 2019 at 2:51am

Demand Justice!

Comment by ghstdtnee on July 27, 2019 at 1:15am

The name 'Hardcore: attracted my attention. An example of how terms are used.

Hows this for the Group?

Issue is Civil/ Constitutional/ Human rights violations; Telecommunications Fraud/ Cyber terrorism.

All of which will hold in Courts of law for redress.

People you have to know YOUR rights.If not they will be stripped away.

Those conducting Abuse of power/ tyranny do so at Public taxpayer expense. Your taxpayer money funds this crap. {Government Abuse of power/ Tyranny [aka Conspiracy to commit offense and to defraud the United States}  To those intercepting this- and jailed due to their Criminal Fraud- Im still here and will NOT stop until Justice is obtained. For all. {Hardcore?}. You know exactly what is stated about Payback.

History also shows Freedom must be fought for. The Court systems has to be used, people have to work together and get over crying "poor me".

If not stopped, and those Abusing power are not brought to Justice, there will be No Rights.

I want Accountability and will have it. I will also get Redress.

Seeking Publisher, if anyone knows of any for evidence.


Comment by Mark Iannicelli on March 13, 2015 at 6:50am

FU#K D.A.R.P.A.. That should be our war cry!

Comment by Mark Iannicelli on March 9, 2015 at 6:17am

I actually saw the lowlife that injected me with a radioactive substance at Rose Medical Hospital in Denver Colorado and reported it to the Colorado Dept of Regulatory Agencies to have Dr. Stephanie Alexander Miller's license pulled for giving my confidential information away and allowing a redneck ....tard to set up his table of evil probes. DORA found Dr. Miller innocent and the matter is now swept away. FArom now on I am not setting foot in another hospital in the United States and I despise the state of Colorado for being corrupt.

Comment by Mark Iannicelli on March 9, 2015 at 6:11am

I think we should all go to the middle east and fight United States with ISIS because the only difference getting killed with direct energy weapons and drones is that the drones are more humane. Better to stand up and fight than to lie around and die like a sick dog.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on October 18, 2014 at 9:54am*6o63X-MdzEbi20S7E7XUhpvcdNgSZn4bU0eZpXB1HIBoNighHokHEmxJSLhY5w3p4kR83hlf1bGdJqbwyA/image.jpg?width=139&height=104


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"Jouko, kiva ajatusleikki, ei muuta.  - Ilmastonmuutos hoitaa homman. Toivottavasti koko ihmiskunta tuhoutuu."
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"tutkitaan miten poliitikkoja  on stalkattu  ja  tehdään  yhteenveto  ja se  taas poliitikoille"
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"Minusta noita virallisia valituksia kannattaa jatkaa. Eli Eduskunnan oikeusasiamies, ja  sitten oikeuskansleri, Pistin sen käännetyn version eduskunnalle lähetetystä kirjeestä  Twitteriin, ja taisi tulla…"
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"Nykyäänhän poliisit ovat se taho, joka leimaa ihmisiä hulluiksi"
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