Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

is  a solution.. i am working on this in my state as we have no support at all... i am hoping to raise funding for resarch .. implant removal and equipmetn to trace and incarcerate the criminals....i am right now trying to gain  the assistance of our local government and was agreeed that he would help me... thyough another organization in another state i was made an advocte for my area and this is what i am starting.. it takes away the pain of the losses.. i am transmuting my suffering and pain into positive action.. i have nothing left to my life and i have nothing better to do with it than to go after these people and try to put a stop to it...there may bee many of them , but there are many of us...



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marq@tanstaaflprojections says:


why start something NEW?


there are just so many that are already involved...


i think that, what you do is up to you. but

it just seems like there are pros and cons.   the pro is:

people who use the terms 'ti' and 'perp' -- they are weirdly like a 'mob'.

i don't care if someone says that i am some sort of perp because

i refuse to use the terminology of political awareness movements that have FAILED and FAILED,

i know that their intentions are good.  but it doesn't work,

and a TI is actually any computer made in Texas by Good Old Texas Instruments...


I am sure that the Bush team, which includes DARPA wunderkind Donald Rumsfeld is LAUGHING at people who call themselves 'TI' and investing in, uh, Texas Instruments...


 instead of trying to organize anyone or anything

learning about what's happened in this whole area

studying, enhancing your knowledge and well, digging in for a long fight

might be better...this is already as organized, as well, what else could we need besides

existing social networks like this?


the pro side of what you say?  well...


like: right on the margin there's someone who has entitled a post "STOP TORTURE NOW!"

they LAUGH at that stuff, when people demand that they get what they want NOW.


they laugh at it and then they disregard it and people have known this for DECADES...this is what I learned from watching and being involved in street rally type protests where people had signs HELL NO, WE REFUSE, NO! was

the slogan rhetoric.  all it accomplished was that some people got arrested and some people got beaten by cops.


which should come as a surprise to WHO? who is surprised that cops are violent?  when you go and flagrantly break laws right there and even BAIT cops?  as stupid people did.



(later i saw a drawing someone did suggesting that at the Seattle WTO protests in 1999 -- the ones that led to the formation of -- that there were secret police there testing sonic weapons.  i have to find that drawing.  the sort of beam weapons that would rattle people's brains when they were aimed at them. so the conspiracy theory -- that could be fact -- was that the protest was turned into a riot BY COPS on PURPOSE to test mind-altering psycho-rays.  I don't know that that's TRUE, but I do know that Nixon was a crook.)

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