Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Muslims fight against mind control


Muslims fight against mind control

One of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights is the proliferation of mind control technologies and their accompanying abuse and torture.

Despite of disagreements of religions, I indeed believe that everyone should fight against the torture and abuse of mind control technologies and directed energy weapons.

No matter what religions you believe, I wish that you can stand up for justice. To expose such horrible torture and abuse of mind control technologies to public; to urge government to investigate such horrible crime; to help victims.

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The chosen

Started by silvia miras sanchez Sep 11. 0 Replies

I´m SILVIA MIRAS SANCHEZ of BARCELONA. Individual targeted, i don´t speak English,sorry.In Europe we will suffer another middle age.harassment groups are subsidized by communism.In this film we talk…Continue

Moroccan IT woman

Started by Ibra Sonya. Last reply by FreeSoul Feb 20. 23 Replies

This slavery is the Worst one from the beginning of the Mankind; because not only our body is under their power but our brain too, which is the most atrocious form of slavery. The "persons" who are…Continue

Morrocan Infected by nano chips from 2006

Started by Ali. Last reply by Ahmed Lamraoui Oct 21, 2015. 9 Replies

Subject: Investigations against a control of mind via satellite signal against Chinese individuals              Let me contact you to ask you for help, my case is a case unlike any other, and to open…Continue

Tags: nanoetchnology

Target Chat Up Now

Started by Vicki Burnett. Last reply by Zezustech , Inc Feb 1, 2015. 1 Reply

Come and chat with other targets. I'm there for supportTargeted Individuals, families, friends and others. There is now a One Voice chat room for us all. It is a great place for support, advice,…Continue

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Comment by Liberto on Saturday
Please don't give up, do not commit suicide and do not believe a word saying to you. Wa LA taktoulou infoussakoum."Don't kill yourself" Coran.
Comment by Liberto on Saturday
Communication is very important.
Comment by Liberto on Saturday
Nobody is posting in here and its sad.
Comment by Liberto on November 29, 2016 at 4:00am
Any good news in here? :)
Comment by Liberto on July 20, 2016 at 8:13pm
Salam alikoum,

Isolation again! This technology can harm us seriousely i should say. Try to find a solution before its too late, be smart as much as you can and never give hope
Comment by hassanmcv on July 9, 2016 at 6:07am

Aidk mobrok Liberto wa Aidokom mubarak jami3an.

Allah ita9al minna wa minkom.

Comment by Liberto on July 8, 2016 at 2:15am

Aid Mubarek to all of you

Comment by Liberto on June 6, 2016 at 4:28am
Ramadhan moubarek to all
Comment by Liberto on December 6, 2015 at 4:10am

I am really sorry for what is happening to you and surprised that they have done that at your place as i am experiecing the same harassement as yours, and believe me bro it's indeed the same methodes.

Please don't waste your time on reacting like they are trying to drive you in and the things about fights and death is just to make your life miserable, it's only Allah who knows when we will die, so please, don't waste your time to do street fighting when you know that you are mind controlled and people around you as well, the mean thing about fighting when we are a TI is to make you loose your money nd identification and humiliate you, it's not about to be brave because people who are behind this whole mind control are not brave to tareget an individual and rule his life nd leaving him alone against the rest of the city, those perps are just trying to play god in people's life (astaghfirou Allah)

The things about womans they are doing that to me as well, is done for a certain goal, it's also to humiliate us.

The whole thing is to make the society loosing their good behaviour, authenticity and loosing trust between its members to destroy it and to manipulate its members.

To be alone is their goal, the mean thing about the whole purpose is to isolate the target, the majority of TI's that i've known are experincing isolation.

We are unfortunate to be taregted, but in sha Allah we are not suffering for nothing, because what we are experiencing is a crime, it has no ethics and it's in opposite of the human dignity, and in sha Allah Jannah is waiting for every good Musilms.

you are not alone in sha Allah, you have my support and the support of all good human.

Comment by Kamran khan on March 29, 2015 at 2:47pm

I ask these pathetic demonic servants a simple question. Why did you target at 16 years as a student in Pakistan? What terrorist activity did i commit at that age that forced you "champion of human rights" to designate me as a target whose acdemic life will be destroyed, who will marry a snitch(monarch mind control agent) and whose beautiful son will be kidnapped so you can commit child abuse on my son and you can see me scream with pain? You demons must have been jealous when i scored over 87% in my 10 th grade and i was living in a big house with a good family? You demons must have enjoyed when every night my hands and legs moved themself so i can't sleep. You demons must have enjoyed make my feet burn at night. You demons must have enjoyed when you gave me so much torture that i would cry all night thinking you are literally "anitchrist".You demons must have enjoyed when i had a minor heart attack and i ended up in intensive care and you demons must have enjoyed when 17 years old student scored 40% score in 11 grade and next year again you failed him with confusion,mind clouding torture so i again failed 11 grade and ultimately i passed 12th grade with 51% marks? Then you took me to a certain western country... where i met your monarch mind control agent who drugged my food and you harassed me daily at work asking me about 911 and war on terrrrorrrr. What is my crime you servants of anti-christ?At end after you tortured me like no end.After you kidnapped my child and offered me "Work with us , you have psychic powers which help us" my reply was "Go to hell" and you kicked me out of that western using gang stalking. When i reached pakistan, you told local authority i am a threatl, You know demons you are so pathetic that i pray to God daily to put everyone of you who remotely even work with you in fire of hell with pain you can't imagine.Why are so upset now? Is it because Snowden took your file and my abuse history case is known to press? You still torture me daily,you still don't let me sleep at night. You hope i will commit a suicide and no one in power will ever investigate your secret monarch mind control where you work with voodoo demonic satanic wokers from Puerto Rico?

Remember demons you know when i asked you why you all target me? Your reply was "we target your angels, not you.You are a human but your friends sit in high place because of whom we can't sleep at night so thats why we tormented you all your life".

So i can't go to uni, work or even make friends because everyone you have to pay. How pathetic you all are. I can't do much to you but i just say one thing Fear God because you know well how last time God directly punished you for torturing me but do you demons want more from God?I remember asking God why He can't punish you on erath and my reply was given in a dream "I saw you all burning in fire of hell with God smiling and saying to me 'This is why i let them hurt you so i can justify tormenting them forever in fire of hell with pains they cant evn possibly imagine' ".


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Sue commented on Sue's blog post Our battle in proving targeting is real and not schizophrenia
"Thanks cat cat thats very kind of you but dont worry lve seen this side of Deca for years. Thanks citizenfriend....l agree it wld be good if they wld create ways to distinguish the illness from the targeting. "
2 hours ago
Sue commented on Sue's blog post Our battle in proving targeting is real and not schizophrenia
"Deca lve asked you 2 times and also in the past to share what you know about getting evidence. You always avoid answering so do you actually have any? If you read my post properly youd notice l was talking about psychiatry and the link had things on…"
2 hours ago
Sue commented on Sue's blog post Our battle in proving targeting is real and not schizophrenia
"Deca the link was in reference to psychiatry being a fraud. I wasnt refering to the illuminati part of it.  Ive been on these forums for years. Whats yr point? As Tls l think we all know what disinformation is. You spread it about gangstalking."
3 hours ago
Sue commented on Sue's blog post Our battle in proving targeting is real and not schizophrenia
"Yeh l know you were part of ICAACT. How does that help all the Tls who did not get tested by lCAACT. And where has anyone gotten who was tested by ICAACT?"
3 hours ago
Sue commented on Wayne Morin Jr's photo

What I looked like in San Francisco early 80s (He Hung Du)

"Suave young man! What does it mean "day before the rapture 1981"?"
3 hours ago
Sue commented on JasonMxxxx's blog post My friend Maria whose a target is Missing
"Oh dear...lm so shocked and sorry to hear that Jason. It makes me so sad that Tls are killed and forced to suicide like they dont matter. I hope youre coping. Keep the faith Jase....we'll get there! When youre feeling better if you dont mind…"
3 hours ago
JasonMxxxx commented on JasonMxxxx's blog post My friend Maria whose a target is Missing
"Maria is dead a fallen sister...Her body was found washed up on the beach in Kilcolgan Galway, Ireland. Maria Hennigar. She was a targeted individual like me, my best friend. Her suicide was induced I have no doubt about that, plenty evidence but I…"
7 hours ago
Wayne Morin Jr left a comment for Sean Davis
"welcome to PP  here you can find many TI's that canbe a help to your daily life of gangstalking and daily tortures on PP there is a 24hr a day and night chat there is always thousands on videos to watch, and many different blogs and…"
8 hours ago



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