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This group is for all TI´s and their families or friends , living in speaking German countries who wants to share experiences or whatever you like.

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Comment by Tero Parkkonen on September 16, 2016 at 5:41am

I'm a Targeted Individual from Finland and I've successfully recorded V2K since 13.9.2016. I used an AM radio to do that. My body is sending RF and I made interference with AM radio frequencies (mainly 1300-1600 KHz) though the scale was 500-1600 KHz. I have proof in my computer but it isn't in good quality and many won't hear it. I've tried a couple of programs that can alter the audible sound without good response. But i can hear it loudly with my speakers and my dad hears only one word out of it. I know some who did this to me. Now my electronic harassment has gone bad. What should I do?

Comment by Citizenfriend on October 27, 2015 at 4:05am

Thanks for sharing your story. I like your positive attitude. You are an inspiration. I have tried to find evidence so that I could sue them. The CIA scientist whom I met in person and his predecessor are trained liars with lots of influence and they threatened me several times. I live just 20 minutes from CIA headquarters, in an area that is full of CIA employees. I also studied the lawsuits of other victims and found that they were all dismissed. The CIA does not hesitate to threaten judges or bribe people. The intelligence community is full of corrupt people.

I am curious - have you ever tried to find out who got your medical record when you donated eggs? Do you remember the person who did the psychological evaluation? You do not need to post the information but you might consider going after it. Upon information and belief, the CIA does a good job in recruiting targets in European countries. You don't know whom you talked to. It looks to me as if someone most likely provided or sold your personal information and the psychological evaluation to a person related to the  Intelligence Community. They use this V2K technology to conduct psychological studies. The psychological impact of egg donation is not very well known. I just read an article about it.

I wish you all the best - I hope it will come to a positive end for you. They threatened to kill me several times. They said it will take a millisecond and there would be no forensic evidence. I do know that there would be forensic evidence but law enforcement does not always do an autopsy and they have to know about the radiation damage that occurs through radar technology. The radiation damage was documented in studies that were conducted from the 1970ties on. There are a lot of medical publications related to this topic. I am trying to put together a report which I want to submit to the Presidential Committee on Bioethics before the end of the year. Hopefully this report will have some impact on the misuse of V2K technology and the US Government will shut down the technology.

Comment by Susana Loureiro on October 26, 2015 at 10:30pm

Thanks for share your story, I´m portuguese living in Austria but my nightmare started in 2006 in spain after donor eggs.I will write down all my story one of those days,just in case to leave some report as menaces are increasing... I´m not afrais still working studing and going to gym, but we never knows where is the limit of these crazy people. I was in Berlin conference at beginning of this month, Only good things I know now, is about listen binaural beats, keep healthy taking a lot of antioxidants and increase your in yourself.... this is the first part they break down... our dignity and moralty... so face up and start being and thinking positive, try to reach goals step by step, I know looks as impossible but you have nothing to lose on trying.... my way about thinking positive makes me focus in good things in live, I don´t see perps everywhere longer, I just continue my goals no matter what. If you don´t know from where to start I could help you. change my vibration level is working on me, bad people stays away from me and good people appears on my way, for sure still listening 24 h voices, but I´m focus on better things.

All my best.

Comment by Citizenfriend on October 26, 2015 at 2:49am

Hi Susana,

I was already in my 50ties when the nightmare started. I was told by a U.S. Army Colonel that I was a perfect match for the CIA. He brought me in contact with his friend at the CIA - a high ranking scientist. I sent him my resume and interviewed by phone. Then in 2009, I had the feeling that a pulsating wave was going through my body. I started hearing these computerized voices. They identified themselves as neurologists and psychologists of the CIA. They told me they wanted to do a psychological evaluation and check for foreign influence. I had heard about this "remote mind interrogation technology" from the U.S Army colonel who had brought me in contact with the CIA. It took me some time until I realized I had ended up in an illegal experiment conducted by a US Intelligence Agency. Since then, they terrorized and tortured me, and last year they almost killed me. They destroyed my career as a physicist and engineer. They made sure that I could only work part time in a teaching position. I have read everything I could find about this technology and the way it is applied. The people who do this are evil hypocrites, government employees who have no moral or ethical values. They are criminals and I believe that all targets need to unite against them.

I am originally from Austria but I live in the United States. Cheers, Citizenfriend

Comment by Susana Loureiro on August 25, 2015 at 4:04am

Hi to everyone!! I´m new in this site and i´m very grateful that exists a place like this. I would like to share my experience with all of you.

I´m a portuguese woman living in Salzburg city but a lot of times I´m in Munich City too.

I really don´t know when the v2k  starts for me but at least since 2012. 

Just last two years I realise my "little problem" .Started because I was living in a WG full of students and started with garbage in front of the door and noises and banging on the wall... Does it sounds familiar to someone??

Salzburg is a University city and a huge nest of stalkers, but I realized also a place like Goethe Institut in Munich is a huge place for covered harrassement, they maintain conversations about MATRIX in front of me, laughing about it... Looks like this is the way that a lot of people are paying their studies in Munich.

I would love to hear with you have something in those countries similar like this.


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