Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

By David Hambling

The U.S. military bankrolled early development of a non-lethal microwave weapon that creates sound inside your head. But in the end, the gadget may be just as likely to wind up in shopping malls as on battlefields, as I report in New Scientist.

The project is known as MEDUSA – a contrived acronym for Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio. And it should not be confused with the Long Range Acoustic Device and similar gadgets which simply project sound. This one uses the so-called "microwave auditory effect": a beam of microwaves is turned into sound by the interaction with your head. Nobody else can hear it unless they are in the beam as well.

The effect has long been a laboratory curiosity, with no application. But, over the years, the military has been intrigued. The idea (dubbed "the telepathic ray gun") was mentioned in a 1998 US Army study, which turned up in a recent Freedom of Information Act document dump. Five years later, the Navy decided to put some R&D dollars into the project. Now, as I note on the New Scientist website, Dr. Lev Sadovnik of the Sierra Nevada Corporation has provided more details.

There are health risks, he notes. But the biggest issue from the microwave weapon is not the radiation. It’s the risk of brain damage from the high-intensity shockwave created by the microwave pulse.
Clearly, much more research is needed on this effect at the sort of power levels that Dr. Sadovnik is proposing. But if it does prove hazardous, that does not mean an end to weapons research in this area:
a device that delivered a lethal shockwave inside the target’s skull might make an effective death ray.

Dr. Sadovnik also makes the intriguing suggestion that, instead of being used at high power to create an intolerable noise, it might be used at low power to produce a whisper that was too quiet to perceive consciously but might be able to subconsciously influence someone. The directional beam could be used for targeted messages, such as in-store promotions. Sadovnik even suggests subliminal advertising, beaming information that is not consciously heard (a notion also spotted on the US Army’s voice-to-skull page).

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nice article! I do not think they are using microwave auditory hearing with me though. The article says: "This one uses the so-called "microwave auditory effect": a beam of microwaves is turned into sound by the interaction with your head. Nobody else can hear it unless they are in the beam as well."

If any TI was getting this microwave beam, then anyone inside that beam would hear the exact same thing. If one TI were to be surrounded by enough other people, someone would hear the same thing as the one in the middle. It would provide proof of Microwave auditory hearing.

I think that whatever they use to create sound in my head also creates visuals, and controls motor function. I do not think they use separate processes for each.

I do appreciate that you are exploring non-invasive v2k, and proving that v2k can exist without a micro-chip!

Thanks a lot! Yes, that is exactly the point.

For new victims not knowing what and how - this type of articles i think tremendously help believing that the torture is being done via some sorts of waves (it will be very difficult to find out exactly what due to the ultra classification) and not via implants, voodoo and other conspiracy theory nonsense.

And since this is done via satellite, lasers of some sort seems more plausible than microwaves - i am no expert on this subject - because according to what i read, microwaves do not travel that far. Like you said though, microwave auditory hearing exist and we know that satellites are being used - Now, if a DARPA engineer is in the room, please stand up!

Addendum: From the Federation of American Scientists (Thus extremely reliable), here is a list of lasers:

“Potential DEW systems covered by this instruction include, but are not limited to, high-energy lasers, weaponized microwave and millimeter wave beams, explosive-driven electromagnetic pulse devices, acoustic weapons, laser induced plasma channel systems, non-lethal directed energy devices, and atomic-scale and subatomic particle beam weapons.”

"Not limited" means there are more. Just "not listed"

Hyper-sonic sound is mentioned in the article. It too, uses waves in beam form(sound waves) It might be that the perps have gathered ELF waves into beams so that the effect is cast farther and is confined. I, too, am still learning much about the subject. I am starting a Science Fiction Novel and am doing research for that as well as my own plight. If I can represent the realities we face in an entertaining fashion, It may be a great opening for deeper, more meaningful conversation.

Promoting transhumanism for example? :)

WEll....I want to shed the light on reality as it is currently presented. That the masses are held WITHOUT the advantage the machine offers. I want to explore the ways that WE as those who are persecuted, can respond to the oppression. Some TIs lack hope because of the seeming omnipotence the perps have. There are however holes in the armor the perps bear. A good story can not only tell of these crack in armor, but a good story can INSPIRE victims to action! Inciting emotion as well as logic, fiction could do great things for the reality of our plight.

SO, in the end, yes Trans-humanist would be able to a way that would not infringe upon the right of others to have there own path! This means if you dont want to EVER have an attachment to the Machine,you dont have to. There will be plenty of people who willingly involve themselves in the process, so there will be no need to involve those who want a machine free lifestyle.

AS a True Trans-humanist, I look out for YOUR interests, as well as my own.

I wasn't judging Big Al. Au contraire, i too believe that if this technology were to be used for the greater good of mankind, prodigies in many sectors could be achieved beyond imagination. One word: revolution.

The technology used upon us does detain an unlimited potential, the mediocre NSA fuckers who use it however are an absolute zero below average.

Look at the results.

Talking of which - i think you will like this very much:

Yes, I am looking forward to the movie. I think it will present some obstacle that may need to be overcome to ensure a smooth transition to power. I mean, if the activists hadnt stepped in, maybe multiple AIs would have been created at once, and there would have resulted in a sense of communal responsibility that extended to any sentient life.

When it comes to Trans humanism without adversity, we need to look to places other than Hollywood. The very nature of a good flick is how it presents adversity.

Watch this one:

Guys and Gals, I have not posted here for some time, but I hope to very soon settle the entire argument concerning how TI technology is achieved. As I have posted in the past, my neurosurgeon has read two previous CT and MRI scans and located what he calls "tumors". Here is the reality for me: They are located on the eighth nerve of my brain - connected to the ears. I have had years of tinnitus, dizziness, pain, and inflammation that I feel as a shock. The MRI I had done was older technology, the slice is 6mm, so it does not give you a perfect image. New tech, however, takes a slice 1.5mm thick, so they can then take those slides and computer engineer a 3D image of the object. Obviously it has taken me 10 years to figure this out, but I will have this done next week.

It get's better...I have been studying online for months and started tracking what was obviously being used as subterfuge and a widespread misinformation campaign on the INTERNET! Facebook is so full of this is has become a reckless joke on the part of the perp groups. I took my evidence of ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT and INTERNET FRAUD to the local police and F.B.I. They verified it was indeed INTERNET FRAUD and told me to file a report with, the federal agency that is responsible for WHITE COLLAR CRIME. I have 3 current reports filed with them. I provided evidence that my cell phone, my email account and my Facebook activity were all being hacked and monitored. I made several posts on Facebook, simply asking other TI's to follow my lead - and immediately started to get threats, attacked and blackballed. Funny thing is...people with nothing to hide don't demonstrated their guilt with a phony argument! Secondly, I told and the F.B.I. I was going to do this and most likely make myself a target and I'll be damned...THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED! Now my house and cars have been vandalized, the gang-stalking by groups of vehicles turning around in front of my house, STARTED AGAIN!!! More gang related harassment. Reprisals and intimidation - right out of the TI OPERATORS MANUAL! The reports and symptoms are to similar to be myths. I can relate.

All law enforcement want credible evidence that is recent or current, so the trail is fresh, so here is the point of this post. They do not need to ask a FISA court, they do not need to use the Patriot Act powers, they do not even need a warrant. All they have to do is ask the ISP to find out what other IP ADDRESS is being used, besides mine. It is really that simple. No other discussion is needed.

There are so many software programs available for A PARENT to track a child's cell phone it is ridiculous!

So here is the rub: If you are a TI and want to put a stop to this torture of victims WORLDWIDE, then do what I did, ask for facts, not myths, and the perps will expose themselves to you, BY WHAT THEY POST! THEN REPORT! THE PERP GROUPS ARE PLAYING THIS GAME ON THE INTERNET!!!!!


In response to: "So here is the rub: If you are a TI and want to put a stop to this torture of victims WORLDWIDE, then do what I did, ask for facts, not myths, and the perps will expose themselves to you, BY WHAT THEY POST! THEN REPORT!"

I have to ask; What do you mean when you say that the perps will 'just post who they are'? How exactly will they do  that? how in turn, will you present that evidence to any one? Do you have copies of what these so called perps have posted?


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