Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

First of all I have suffered from a mental debility for some time now.  I gather most of you are youngish?  However the problem with this kind of thing is it is difficult to find direct evidence that nails it to the UK.

Unfortunately it has taken a lot of patience and suffering to get this far and I believe that the tide is about to turn.

I hope you have YouTube as that has a wealth of information about the following: (you may also google or bing it, it still comes up on a computer.)

Dr. Barrie Trower, microwave warfare expert, and ex MI5 agent, MI5 = Internal Security-uk.  He tells you exactly how its done.  It works like radar, and can easily pick an individual up in a 120,000 football crowd, and that person will be the only person to experience it. It uses low power microwaves, the same as that produced by your microwave oven but obviously lower power.

Dr. John Lilly, inventor of the, Lilly Wave MInd Control. Just Put, 'Lilly Wave mind control,' in your YouTube search Drive.

Lowry Mind Control.

Dr. Robert Persinger, MK ULTRA.

Dr. Robert. A. Monroe. Mind Control.

Acoustic Heterodyne Weapons.

Psychotronic Weapons.

And Psychologists that have actually declared, 'Psychiatry is fiction'.

Dr. Geofrey Schaler, Prof of Psychology.

Dr. Thomas Szasz, Prof of Psychology.  NB. There are complete seminars on his thoughts about, 'Psychiatry,' at the University of B'Ham.  With social workers, Nurses, and other Psychiatrists all uploaded deliberately at his request.

Also take note, that Psychiatrists all over the World use the DSM, The diagnostic & statistical manual of mental disorders.  If not that one it's the ICD, The international statistical classification of disease (such as Typhoid, Cholora, Whooping Caugh etcetera) and other dissorders, Mental Ones.  This is in Chapter 5.  NB this volume leans extreemly heavily on the DSM.

You can also look up, 'Psyche Truth.'

I hope this is useful to you all, and I do apologise for giving you information that you already know about.

All the best to you all,


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I would like to point out to all that, in my previous addition that these were the original methods and have evolved, the most recent ones I have heard about, is D Wave, and Growler, I have not found any evidence to back this up as yet.  Growler is coming in with 5G? As it apparently uses that technology.  What you must understand is that Everything electrical has a dual role, the Lilly Wave for instance is carried piggy back n all electric wires and appliances, these are all rated at 50 - 60 HZ, which corresponds to the lilly wave which as I say rides piggy back on all electrical appliances.  The main one is your TV.  LED Bulbs believe it or not, can cause problems, its the flicker, this is all subliminal, and therefore hypnotic in effect.  The perfect state as far as I know is a HYPNOGOGIC STATE, that is when they whisper into your mind, it renders you into a passive state.  Unless they want you to lose your temper etc for no apparent reason.  There is a black box at every power station, globally for, 'National Security,' so they say.

In addition to my previous addition you may also wish to put V-MAD, into your You Tube search Drive, VehicleMounted Active Denial Unit.  This is for crowd control however it can also be used on an individual.

Best wishes 

Robert W Matthews.


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In the  21 century --the world is supposed to be a place where human rights atrocities do not occur. I tragically report that I am the victim of a vile, cruel and evil hate crime-wilding-and retaliation by a powerful secretive group of rogues.  I want to share that I was the victim of such a vile, perverted and malicious crime that I can not describe it with ease.For over a decade I was assaulted with remote super sonic weapons that caused me outrageous pain and other effects in my lower body.…See More
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