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Mind control technologies are weapons which use drugs, electronic microchip implants, nanotechnologies, microwaves and /or electromagnetic waves to subvert an individual's sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making by attacking the brain and nervous system.

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Notes from Bryan Tew Interviews - Types of Targets, Purpose of Targeting, Who is Targeting, etc.

Started by kas. Last reply by Lissa Feb 27. 5 Replies

Notes from Bryan Tew interviewsThere are 4 types of targets:1. Judicial Target2. Extra-judicial Target - activist or whistle blower3. Target of Opportunity - most common type of target4. Lucrative…Continue

Tags: Purpose, Targets, Targeting, Who, etc.

Wifi -Microwave Torture Harassed Victims - Darpa Obama - Raymond Invisible Right Retina-Eye Implants From Your Monitor!

Started by Chipped. Last reply by Chipped Feb 2. 2 Replies

Wifi -Microwave Torture Harassed Victims - Darpa Obama - Raymond  Invisible Right Retina-Eye Implants From Your Monitor!Gov. Electronic Torture -  Advanced Alien Tech./Obama Exe./Raymond!  I'm…Continue

Zezustech, Inc open Boot campaign give the RNM and V2K Jammer 20units for free for victims who make request

Started by Zezustech , Inc. Last reply by brian baker Feb 1. 2 Replies

HelloZezustech, Inc open Boot campaign give the RNM and V2K Jammer 20units for free for victims who make request. You can request RNM & V2K Jammer at…Continue

Mind Control - for Discovery Channel - written by BRYAN TEW

Started by kas Dec 23, 2014. 0 Replies

This information was provided by Bryan Tew in the attached document and below:Mind Control technology began in the 1960’s during the Cold War and was used on unwitting citizens for non­consensual…Continue

Tags: Why, they, Target, Targets, Who

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Comment by Debra Matheny on November 23, 2014 at 12:27pm
Comment by Debra Matheny on November 23, 2014 at 10:59am
Comment by Debra Matheny on November 23, 2014 at 10:55am

Comment by silvia miras sanchez on October 17, 2014 at 5:45pm

Everyone should work from quantum physics to create a global knowledge explosion.
  To earn respect we should get something easier to understand and work with the atmosphere, which is the airspace. There is a legal vacuum in the airspace, is the deal of the century, is rentable or salable for international trade relations.
The cloud is the fucking love. strings are created with only electromagnetic quantum entanglement between servers or databases.
If no cloud predatory economy is sinking.
The electron is the basis of atmospheric and biological life, Brownian mobimiento creates cohesion in the physical material, liquid or gaseous dance .... It is a natural to fill empty spaces, and resemble the noble gases.
Electrons the telecommunication fuck, fuck the cloud, so should ionize the air space, which is a candy for sale or rent. Our electromagnetic aura is another ionized air space at the expense of our electrons. When you understand one thing will understand the other.
The electromagnetic aura is an artificial creation to keep us tied to a cloud-informatic limbo.
If spiritual people understand we will be more critical mass, if people who care about chemtrails understand ... win.
In 2015, in Paris, there is a meeting. If there are experts who sneak about the ionization and electrons, we have a battle.
You have to understand the

Comment by silvia miras sanchez on September 10, 2014 at 12:36am

This is a photo of neon. "Neon is a chemical element with atomic number 10 and symbol Ne. Noble gas is a colorless, practically inert, present in traces in the air, but very abundant in the universe, providing a tone reddish (not color) characteristic in the light of fluorescent lamps in which it is used. "The next photo is mine and has the reddish color, does that mean I have changed the aura in Neon? 
If this is true, photography of auras reveals a macabre game: we manipulate the electromagnetic egg to create virtual realities according to the social behavior of the person. When I asked the expert for color and horned told me he did not know .... According to this idea, one could manipulate the chemistry of aura remotely to create a virtual show of colors and shapes and nurture magical beliefs. Just playing with noble gases, each has a color ...

LA GOSADERA is unparalleled, I'm a crazy paranormal research ...



Comment by silvia miras sanchez on September 9, 2014 at 7:12pm

the power of green is releasing men ... sexualized.

Comment by LaBrat on August 15, 2014 at 3:01pm

hi sophie   yes deborah dupres on beforeitsnews reports a successful lawsuit against a cell phone tower being directed at someone for 'eh'   it's an interesting article - especially as her facebook and twitter 'share' access got cut off as she files it (the office had informed of heavy 'troll' activity that week), most suspicious is her own comments about being cut off getting 'voted down' by her readers   for example this comment was voted too 'negative':  "hey! My twitter 'share' doesn't work either!", while "you forgot your tinfoil hat again" was okay   she had expressed interest in this 'trolled' victims support site i'd mentioned, but's what's REALLY funny, i think, is her comments about losing 'share' occurring RIGHT after she learned about your "zap"!  how's that for timing?

Comment by Sophie Paulin on August 15, 2014 at 2:47pm

Hello everyone,

Have any of you been receiving healings from Hawaii.

Without contacting anyone, I have. The problem is I received a heavy

duty electronic harassment afterwards asking me to give money to Hawaiiens

and the US. This is bribery.

Since I started to be a TI in the US, I don't give any money there.

It seems anything can be a reason to harass.

It could be there is a system which would read people's thoughts and 

act on it to gang them against each other.

While I am writing, I have prompted in my mind thoughts which I have sometimes of not wanting to read other Tis notes:)

Have any of you had this sort of gangstalker, reading you mind,especially

the sort of mind which reads through what is being done and able to analyze.

One message which I receive is: "As you wish". That one will try to mimic

the thoughts you have about the darkness of the gangstalker.

Your thoughts will become the actions they carry out on you. The theme you

choose to expose will become the one of the electronic harassment.

One interesting story. I went to the Human Rights Council in Strasbourg.

In front to the gate there was a man from GB who was explaining how

he was also harassed and manipulated. Immediately the heavy duty mind

control of "I can't believe this man story" started off in my brain.

The victim in GB call those practices, school children mentality.

Any news on anyone being successful in bringing all of this to a court and

winning a case:)

Comment by LaBrat on August 3, 2014 at 4:07pm

hi sophie   if you look at my 'photo's' you'll see surgical scars from an operation performed without my or my family's (high school 1969) knowledge or consent   i have also been pointing out von braun and rosin's testimony, as well as the obvious connection between 't. i.' and ufo abductee mind control implants   another interesting coincidence is that since i mentioned your 'zap' experience the with 'bara 19.5' illluminati-nasa connection, deborah dupre's cell tower eh lawsuit article has been re-appraised and her own comments (ie: that her facebook and twitter 'share' functions were disrupted) were 'voted off' her article (!)   she's the investigative journalist for beforeitsnews who broke the story about t. i.'s being supported by the police captain of Richmond ca.   denny posted it

Comment by Sophie Paulin on August 3, 2014 at 2:41pm

Hello Everyone,

It is going worse here in France. I am starting to loose the ability to speak

and pronounce words correctly.

There is a high degree of sadism behind the gangstalking both on auditory

and visual levels;

If you are helped by some groups, you will have to pay a price for it.

They will ask you to spend money on fair trade or do some gardening.

As if gardening is really important when dark powers are trying to destroy

humanity on a large scale.

You will be asked to be positive because America is the victim of some 

military group who have powers through their thoughts to harm you.

I have experienced a device being installed at a distance. It is put on

the frontal lobes and allows pain to be inflicted.

It seems to be linked to how military is thinking about you. If they hate you

the pain intensify. 

We are dealing with New World Order. Which America resembles through

their constant surveilling of its own innocent people.

Obama has been harvested. This is what military is trying to hide.

America's President is trying to appear normal, nourishing himself with

parts of other people's souls. That is being done without the permission 

of the one who are depleted and suffering.

In order to survive ETs attacks military has been experimenting with

devices coming from ET technologies. Those devices can allow sending

energy to replenish the body. That experiment was done on me agaisnt

my will while I was on my first day of orientation at Kindred Hospital

last year in 2013. I would rather have been who I was rather than feeling

mounted by some weird system. That system was coupled with the consciousness of a military soldier, who could then look through my eyes

and survey the hospital without showing his presence.

I could feel my eyes looking at the name on people's badge, which I never

do because I don't want to appear as if I could be reporting any employee

in a hospital. Workers are already overwhelmed there.

Also someone in the military is taught how to orient themselves in any situation. They were looking at signs through my eyes, which aisle etc.

America military industrial complex is trying to exist through targetted

people. Micro cameras were inserted in my brain. THrough these pictures

of anyone they want to profile were taken. I remember one homeless guy

they focused on. After I turned away, an image of his eyes reappeared

on my brain followed by a zooming in his eyes. I know I wouldn't want

to remember his eyes nor have the capability of zooming into them.

So if you feel Obama is a nice president, think twice.

He lets his military play with toys and invade his own people to spy on each


I remember an attempt to profile a black homeless guy in Pasadena.

They are obsessed with who can create riots.

I believe many blacks and latinos are opened and can hear others thoughts.

I don't fully understand how it is done.

Recordings can be made and sent back to someone's skull.

New World Order has arrived in America. Dirty Wars in military is linked

with Obama consent. Behind Black Ops you will find New World Order;

One concept is lost: Freedom.


Good luck.

One good news: I could read Democracy Now without my brain being zapped

in France yesterday:)

A chip inserted without your consent is a violation of your being. Period.


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Evil Human Being -vs- Evil Personified

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Existential end - read if you know me

Existential end - read if you know meHi everyone. Sunnybrook hospital and secret authorities turned me into a robot. I'm still in my body, though. Salvia, Robitussin(DXM), Benadryl, and antipsychotics made it so. My soul is in there but my body is hijacked. At least for now. They put a smile on us and trap us in hell. March 05, 2015. Oh, and cigarettes really did me in, in their own way.Love, Daniel.I'm in there.Send this to others who may know me, if you would like.See More
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