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V2K proof and electronic harassment


V2K proof and electronic harassment

I'm a Targeted Individual from Finland and I've successfully recorded V2K since 13.9.2016. I used an AM radio to do that. My body is sending RF and I made interference with AM radio frequencies (mainly 1300-1600 KHz) though the scale was 500-1600 KHz. I have proof in my computer but it isn't in good quality and many won't hear it. I've tried a couple of programs that can alter the audible sound without good response. But ! can hear it loudly with my speakers and my dad hears only one word out of it. I know some who did this to me. Now my electronic harassment has gone bad.

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V2K and the process of two way transmission,

Started by Sarah G Mitchell. Last reply by Martti Koski Sep 16, 2017. 1 Reply

Hello from the USA my name is Sarah Mitchell, and I am a targeted individual, and the V2K is very real, and very frightening, this happened to me, when I was first being targeted, I was unaware of…Continue

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Successful V2K recording since 13.9.2016

Started by Tero Parkkonen. Last reply by Tero Parkkonen Sep 30, 2016. 2 Replies

I'm a Targeted Individual from Finland and I've successfully recorded V2K since 13.9.2016. I used an AM radio to do that. My body is sending RF and I made interference with AM radio frequencies…Continue

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Comment by brian bovo on September 30, 2016 at 8:43pm

and no its not permanent..its best not to assume about or belittle me, im sitting in relative silence with no pain instigations consider that.

Comment by brian bovo on September 30, 2016 at 8:41pm

no i meant move your eyes quickly, they responded in confusion early on when i did that, yes dont flick your eye..that will hurt.  And its not stupid, its a discovery of weakness of connection to bio-monitors.

Comment by brian bovo on September 30, 2016 at 7:35pm

if you quickly fling your eyes left or right they go blind on you

Comment by Tero Parkkonen on September 30, 2016 at 7:21pm

And record dreams, thoughts, spoken words and everything around you and put any voice from the net into your hearing range. Even horror films etc.

They can control the brain so also the nervous system and muscles (heart is a muscle too) and cause stress/panic/horror/emotional states and severe pain to put this VERY shortly.

Comment by CLS on September 30, 2016 at 1:30pm
Yes they can see through your eyes. 100 truth!
Comment by Tero Parkkonen on September 30, 2016 at 2:29am

The AM frequencies interfere with RF signals.. I've recorded voice to skull (V2K) using an AM radio and my phones voice recorder.  I think the AM radio is irrelevant but I used Lloytron Entertainer AM/FM Personal Radio model N2201BK Lloytron plc, U.K 2001 and I hope this helps. I can't promise this will be the solution but it is worth a try. This technology IS harmful and LETHAL. It DOES NOT STOP INTO V2K and you have to protect yourselves, nullify chip(s) with strong magnet (Delusional fairy in her Youtube channel said to use a horse shoe magnet to deactivate the verichip) or disable all electronics with EMP.

BE CAREFUL using EMP and ask all your electrician friends if they could help. There are videos in Youtube to make one and for example 

sells them (I haven't bought anything from there so I don't know how their products work but they are HIGH VOLTAGE AND AMP's. DO NOT BUY THEM UNLESS KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT YOU'RE DOING because they can kill!

Just any kind of AM radio can detect if you suffer from electronic harassment. My comments sometimes disappear when I'm trying to edit and save them so I'll copy and paste my texts. There are groups in the Facebook like Targeted Individuals International etc. I have a smaller group We together against mind control and gang stalking.

Type electronic harassment, electronic harassment symptoms, electronic harassment protection i.e in Google, Youtube etc. and you may find something interesting.

Here is a good link detecting EH:

I have three files at the moment in this pages discussion forum Successful V2K recording since 13.9.2016 and I need help with the audio. In the last file which is 20160915183206.rar and it is packed 4.9 MB in my discussions I tell who are behind my stalking in Finnish while interfering RF with AM. Don't worry it is not a virus :D Haven't sued me yet. But I STILL NEED HELP WITH THE AUDIO. If someone can, please help! Thanks! I have contacted the police like everyone should do in their situation and they said they will investigate at some point.

If I get enough money and survive I'll go to see Melinda Kidder in the US:


Tero Aimo Tapani Parkkonen

Comment by brian bovo on September 30, 2016 at 12:13am

mm2, ive been through almost all the stuff they throw at me.  Its like aliens without bodies the way they talk to me, then if i anger them, the "humans" start yelling.  But when i hear it fade as i block and stuff, its more like a bunch of programs going silent instantly. resets itself in the mornings.  So i cant tell if its just people thinking really fast to me or just a computer.  To record ive had several ideas.  that will require whats called a "compander" and "infra-sound recording microphone".  my invention would be either have tooth connectors that pick up the signal beeps or somehow, get something that fits around the ears, and can measure signal strengths inside the ear and along the sides of the brain.  we already know people have been RF measured and found signals so were not alone, and people know.

Comment by brian bovo on September 29, 2016 at 11:18pm

me 2 angeline, but honestly they just torture me worse when i question them.  Recording v2k is basicly impossible, you need to use an am radio on the right frequency and in the right location to pick up possible signals.  your best bet in this all, work on making them quiet for yourself, i found that to be best for me, read my posts i share how i do it.

Comment by Angeline Klas on September 29, 2016 at 9:39pm

Hi my name is Angeline.

I just joyned the group.

I am a TI from The Netherlands.

I have a question am realising more and more that I need evidance that I am being stalked. What did you use to record 2VK is it expansive.

I know that one day the Perps will be held acountable for what they did to us. So that also a reason for me to have proof. I would hate the thought that they can just walk away  not be punished for what they did to me.

Sorry if you receive my message twice I am not sure if you received my message the first time.

Bye from Angeline Klas


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