elohim space

transforming energy in human love settings

creating energy field for permanent safety

installing basic-life-patterns

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  • Emilia

    Hi, Glade to discover other like me....I am believing God for breakthrough and freedom from this horible crime. With God all things are possible. Love
  • Emilia

    Hi, I put a Neodymium On the Left ear Chip,trying to disable this thing but they had the Signals bouncing the wall and warming my left side head-temple.I am in much pain.I live and work here so I don't go out that often.This is my first time here, please any advice would be appreciated
  • brian bovo

    Get shungite place around fridge.  Get cloth med tape place over all appliances and circuit boxes, outlets and high gauss walls objects.  Thick rubber behind microwaves.  Just block emf.  Magnets can excaserbate the problem.  Also shrink energy along nerves using mental forces.  They hate me but i win most days.  Also push pressures to feet over time pain cannot get through