Deutschland Mindcontrol-Schwarze Forschung

Eine Gruppe für Opfer von Mindcontrol, Strahlenfolter und Gang-Stalking, sowie Helfer, die uns unterstützen wollen oder können.

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  • Gregory Trover Gamache

    things are well, how are you?

  • Maude Mathieu

    Hi! I am in Berlin, Friedrischain, I am staying at Finowstr. 31 where I am currently being harassed, the perpetrators are around me and I have a lot of reason to believe that they are right below me on the 1st floor, right of the hinter haus. I am looking for help, pears or specialists in Berlin, does anyone know of anything here? I am french and I am being harassed with "project chatter" in french. I have been a TI for years and I am only starting to understand the mechanisms and the scope of actions they have. I believe they are slowing down progress, I want to act to defeat their control over population and the female body. I am being sexually harassed and raped electronically daily! They try to push me to drug consumption and suicide. I have grown really strong over the years but now that I am closer to understand how things works and what they want from me and my surrounding I need to built a network of allies. please let me know if you know people here in Berlin I can reach out to! Thank you

  • Maude Mathieu