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  • KELP

    I have friends on PEI and that's an option...and South America would be good (but not Mexico).


    Thanks for reinforcing not to confront LE. Funny thing is my horoscope for today said to be on my best behavior.


    The Big Brother model, it's sad when other countries turn on their own citizens and when they get help from the CIA and the FBI to assist them in how to do it. The US and Canada had joint training in anti-terrorism not too long ago. I understand the need to protect against people who would fly plains into buildings, poison food at buffets, unleash toxins and all that...but who's to say it's not the government doing it or lying that it happened (US reporting WMDs that weren't there and such).


    I think if anything, Pakistan or North Korea will just nuke us.


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  • hassanmcv

    I didnt notice u let me a message and this since 2011, sorry for the late reply Vincent. I m a mincontrol victimsince 27 years.