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  • A.

    I really appreciate you creating this forum.

    I would like to ask if it would be likely to encrypt the web page to a url that starts with https://.

    I am a member of the electronics frontiers foundation ie i am an email subscriber and have told them about my situation.

    By the way has anyone contacted Amnesty International about these crimes and any response?

  • Ganesamoorthykayamuhan

    hi,I had some new problem now.People around me shouting me to go abroad because of illegal mind contol order to their ear (sound).how I can solve it. They trell I am invollved in sex . So marry some one for that indictment. they not understand truth because of illegal mind condrol iie massages aqnd stories to their ear 24 hours.How I can reduce this problem?

  • Vickie Miller

    We have met before many years ago when you were first starting out.I was laceupboots then. Now just Vickie. I see others from the past too.Like coming home.