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    ThanksĀ  Soleilmavis . Please be part of it.

    Inviting Targeted Individuals in India to join the new group on FB.

    Targeted Individuals from other countries are also requested to join. Share your views, suggestions etc.

    We are going to share list of private investigators, andĀ  doctors in India. They have been running the racket for long. We will share video, voice record etc to substantiate it.

    I am particularly grateful to Peacepink for extending support.

  • ghstdtnee

    Hosea 4" 6 is meant about Gods people in the I.T.

    People perishing as they went their own way and not the Lords way.

    Wresting scriptuyre to fit website is not good usage.

    And is not as stated re concern as to Abuse.,

    People doing Abuses are satanists

  • MARY

    The perpetrators are terribly destroying and killing my brain! They aim to destroy and remove all my brain and intelligence to reassemble my brain like a prostitute! They are destroying my husband's brain and control him to have a fair with a brain prepared woman and have me pushed out of family to be a l totally brain destroyed and retarded and under the perpetrators control's prostitute! I am tragically dying away! I have been catastrophically brain destroyed! I am totally losing my IQ and intelligence with a totally broken brain in an extremely vulnerable and helpless situation and condition! Police and doctors and family are all under their control! Nobody listen to my situation and nobody knows I am a totally dying person!!!