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  • ghstdtnee

    I am requesting permission to use website as a referral Only.

    Use is to indicate Global abuses Only.

    Referral is Not used for personal publication, Nor does referral endorse any statements made on the site.

    Referral is again, for an Indication as to Global abuse.

    Yes or No response is fine.


  • Islandgirl

    @ MARY, I’m sure there are many of us getting our brains erased by cia people, then they use the mind weaponry to force u to submit to their will along with varied implants and sex torture device implants. There is no one to go to. We have no government. It’s a private cartel mafia. You are not alone. What u describe I’ve experienced 100’s of times
  • ramiz berisha

    Can the Dr. Take my chips out of my body I have 10 microchips in my body and hurting me like crazy ... can they do that?