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  • ramiz berisha

    Take a look at this...........

    Organized Stalking - fusion centers

  • ramiz berisha

    Take a look at this video...........

    That's your answer...


    Hi CLS,

    What it actually is is MICROWAVES, the same as you find in your Microwave oven, but low powered.  There is no defense against this as it will go through almost everything including brick and roof tiles etcetera as if they where not there.  If you see Solemavis' main page there is a link that leads you to direct explanations.  It works like radar and will pick you out in a crowd of 120,000 football fans, and beam you and only you will experience whatever they do.  Unfortunately it's the ultimate stealth weapon.  What you need is evidencre like prescription for neuroleptic medication and or medication box with your name on it, your medical notes especially thos dealing with your, 'mental state,' these p;erps are so arogant they do not understand that they can get caught.  Also solemavis, and others have publications available on the exact subject you seek, '12, years in the grave,' being one.  If you have google or bing or yoiutube, put acoustic heterodyne weapions, or pschotronic weapons, or Liily wave Mind Control, Lowry Wave Mind control, there is a shed load of other more up to date techniques they use, the algorytrhm, will throw thwm up as well.  There are meeters on the market that will detect this but they cost around $5,500.

    All the best,