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    Thank you for commenting on the Citizens That Know page. Your comment was addressed to Robin Yan, though, who has a different page.
  • Wanda Dablin

    I think your the handsome one on the right!
  • Jennifer Elaine Elliott

    Dear Keith,
    I am a survior. My father was not though in my heart he lives forever. Any information I can share and expose the corruption to Senator John Cornyn, Texas AG Greg Abbott and Victoria Texas DA Stephen B Tyler. I will share. The agents that "TORTURE RAPED" men for thier personal amusement.. NOt only I have all their personal information - Sprint PSC gave the detailed phone records of the criminal acts... THIS IS USA AG ERIC HOLDER'S TEST AND WILL BE THE REFLECTION OF PRESIDENT OBAMA... FOR MAKING ME SUFFER CRUEL AN USUAL I AM NOT THE HEIGHT I SHOULD BE AS WHITE MEN IN TEXAS ABUSING INTERNATIONAL LAWS. If I would have died as premeditated you all would not be learning the facts of criminal culpabilty, Men are never sorry only sorry they have been caught for Malum in se.. which is latin for Evil within itself. I survived and after torture raping me for serval month and surving the Dallas Agent that used the Bybee Amendment on a United States Citzen inside Texas what the hell do I have to be scared of? Nothing... I want the global community and other to help PRESSURE USA AG ERIC HOLDER TO FORCE A FULL BLOWN COMMISSION AS I AM A MISSNG PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. The agents of mass destructive communications should not be allowed to get off scott-free for a global war that had global impact that kill people from all over the world for pure expliotation and propaganda. If they are prosecuted we all know the world will not stop turning.

    Thank You
    Jennifer Elaine Elliott
    Victoria Texas
    The regional area of the Globe where texas Senator John Cornyn is guilty of covering up a WAR CRIMES... I do not have teeth in a baggie from LOVE or Friendship. My Father's death policy from First Victoria National Bank was not embezzled via Federal Wire Fraud, due to friendship or caring... Who stole what is an aduit trail... back to a 32 year old male that Lives in Austin Texas and I was treated like a runaway slave "told I had to earn my life back".. Help me bring these agents to Justice.