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  • Ahasan Chowdhury

    The matter of EMF radiation is very high (that might additional wires from the inside wall) in my home.  It also a radio antenna installed in the roof of my hose. Even the TCHC ( Property owner) is not opposing it.  I have also the home inspection certificate from the Professional Specialist. I have my EMF meter to measure it. You kindly please, can post if any survival technique (protection) if you know. I do not want to engage personally with anyone with relating matter considering my situations. Thanks for your  initiative to help.

  • Ahasan Chowdhury

    Thanks for your comment. You say something about emc lab test regarding EMF. What benefits I can get from this test? Is it safe? Do I permitted to do without landlord permission? In some article I read, due to the test: 'Power surges and indirect lightning currents are complex. They are not predictable but their effects can be devastating'. Can you please explain?

  • Port Alberni is targeted

    I'm not getting replies to my email replies to your emails Superhello. Brain wave Testing in Montreal does interest me. It's a chance for them to harm me more. I want my chip/ chips out of my head / ear. I know they put some there. The RCMP did it during a visit and harrassment of me for pointed out traitor's to them. Passed out during their visit woke p with needle mark withblood cap over it and them creeping out of my house.