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  • jane

    I know, I have been subject too the lot, do you have a court of protection in Ireland, unfounatly the mental health professional as put my past savings, which the police did an investigation under the procceds of crime act, when it made me ill to save it, for serious medical treatment because my ex from last year abused me, he gets paid on result to cover up what the authorties have done to me, when they new the truth all along, for behaviour caused by everyone else and the authorties, don't know what I can do, taking 20 years out of somes brain is pure evil, psycho surgery, frankinstein baby

  • jane

    hi gretta, I hope your okay, unfounatlty too many fingers in hand have spoilt the broth, it is occult, I agree, they have put me through hell and they new the truth all along, they paid my ex off for what he did to me, im in a community assignation program, that is how they have twisted the law, to be able to put it in the court of fraud hands, they done it all in the past, to cover up the truth, so it doesn't get out, I have no rights at all, they copy certain emails they want to use, unfounalty now they are trying to take my benefits off me, I don't know your financial situation, they stole receipts out of my flat, my cap, bank statement so they can forward it to guess who, mappa are evil, just gone though hell for 17 years for nothing and my ex gets paid on result, unfounaly the community snitches are trying to make money out of my hell too

  • Kelly Wallace

    Thanks Gretta. You are a good writer and person. You don't deserve this happening to you, me, others. Horrible that Ireland and their army participate in this orture remote ctrl cloning AI program. I'm Irish catholic & I'm not going to visit Ireland because of what I heard about their army raping women & this program on their citizens. How can we celebrate any holiday or anything, when this is happening to us? We try, but we are hostages that need to be freed immediately. We need a court case for the victims.