• Daily Crime Journal

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    This group was started for TIs giving a daily account of the crimes happening to you. It must be in a monthly journal form and connected to a website. If not connected to a website, I will set you up on my website. The purpose of this forum is to bring attention to our situation.

  • New Zealand & Australia Victims of Electronic Assault,Stalking & Surveillance

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    Creating public awareness into the horrendous crimes of covert Electronic assault and associated tactics.  I also run a skype networking/support call for New Zealand & Australian victims of these crimes. New Zealand time 6.30 pm Wednesday nights. Please contact me if you wish to join the call.  Oth…

  • Blogger Against Abuse And Torture And Mind Control

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    We will blog to let the world know about the torture that taking place in are lives. Blog are all over search engines and we will make are present felt across the world. If you want to join this movement and let the world know about your pain join us.

  • elohim space

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    transforming energy in human love settings creating energy field for permanent safety installing basic-life-patterns

  • Lawsuit alleges U.S. guards discriminate against Canadians ~ Huge Humanitarian Crisis!

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  • Canadians Against Torture and Technology Abuse

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    A group for Canadians taking action against torture and technology abuses. Electronic weapons are too dangerous near construction sites, and our people are being sexually violated and critically injured! We demand government and law enforcement action. Please join, and share.

  • Austrian

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    Welcome victims and supporters from Austria.

  • Shiftingguide.in

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    You can find without doubt during this in which switching produces problems alongwith. Relocating will be a task that needs serious focus and devotion because well. The different development involving transferring constitutes a person completely puzzled seeing that that method to go. Using this one…

  • Victimele și susținători din România

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    Victimele și suporterii din România și Republica Moldova. Un grup de schimb de idei, sfaturi și ajutor pentru victimele între România și Republica Moldova în linga română. VICTIME ROMANIA IN LIST: Dan Sonfalean Ecaterina Gagiu Iulian Laurentiu - Began:since birth Joan - october 2014 Mircea mgo…

  • The good news: the Chinese government has made decryption reports to MC.

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    The good news: the Chinese government has made decryption reports to MC.  click on the address bellow to see the details, http://video.sina.com.cn/v/b/62118832-2390541451.html http://video.sina.com.cn/v/b/79006445-2737531512.html#5991342    (look here relative search please)  click on the screen th…

  • Albania Targeted Individuals

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  • Teddies reported

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    Dramatization sweet ..of reportable realities.

  • Packaging Plants for a Move

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      If you are some sort of vegetable significant other and possess an incredible yard along, you would generally need to hold ones beloved plants for a following vacation spot. Nonetheless controlling your plant life to get a proceed may not be always easy. You must figure available every issues tho…

  • Mind control victims Czech Republic - Česká republika

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  • The Let There Be Light Foundation

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    To help provide information about and promote the responsible use of Remote Neural Monitoring Technology. To offer love and support to anyone suffering from the NONCONSENSUAL USE of RNMT. There needs to be an end to this abuse.

  • Huge Humanitarian Crisis. Children Treated Less Than Dogs by CBP.

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    http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/06/11/detained-immigrant-children-report-physical-verbal-and-sexual-abuse-by-border-patrol-agents.html http://thinkprogress.org/immigration/2014/06/13/3447817/unaccompanied-children-border-abuse-allegations/ Sixteen-year-old G.G. says she was apprehended…

  • Tóth Attila Hungary

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  • English Translate into Chinese Group【英语】翻译成【中文】小组

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    任何有关《 电子骚扰、折磨型监视器 》 Electronic Harassment Spy Devices 都可以叫我翻译。

  • Sri Lanka

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    Targeted Individuals in Sri Lanka

  • Norway - V2S & mind control victims

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    A group for voice-to-skull and mind control victims in Norway.