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God Bans Mind Control/DEW weapons abuses and tortures

One of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights is the proliferation of mind control technologies and their accompanying abuse and torture.…


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deca commented on Brian Lamont's blog post The Microchip Illusion
"brain lamont ...yet  another self proclaimed arbiter of TI truth.... look brain just because people say/claim things that don`t fit into YOUR beliefs or outwith YOUR experience/understanding world view ...does not give YOU the right to call in…"
36 seconds ago
Bethany commented on Bethany's blog post GMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I don't know about how to check other email services.  I sort of just tumbled into this gmail discovery myself.  It stopped them cold bcz I went back to Norton & Windows, and changed my PWs.  They were a little pissed at me…"
1 hour ago
ms. freebird81 commented on Brian Lamont's blog post The Microchip Illusion
"How?! If you want to see it you would need to meet me in person and look in my ear with an otoscope. It's in my tympanic cavity which is the chamber behind the tympanic membrane. I can't just take a picture of it. You are more than welcome…"
2 hours ago
Bethany commented on Bonnie's blog post Tolorating the pain
"If your finances are a bit low now, keep an eye on CraigsList.  I just bought 5 luan doors (hollow core) for $15.  Sometimes, the free stuff on CL is a pure gold mine - BUT, you HAVE to check it frequently or stuff gets snatched up…"
2 hours ago
Brian Lamont posted a blog post

A Global Network of Bunkum ?

Under investigation.................Is there is a network of people across the world subjecting innocent people to Gang Stalking and Mind Control?This could involve some high profile people and could also include the 'secondment' of some quite senior people from the CIA, government and health service in order to plant illusions within the Targeted Individual community, through the use of literature and videos designed to drive genuine Targeted Individual's insane and distract them from the real…See More
2 hours ago
Bethany commented on Brian Lamont's blog post Don't React with anger.
"I couldn't AGREE with you MORE!!!!!  It's a battle of Logic over Emotion.  TIs who learn to let the BS roll off them w/o responding (or reacting emotionally) suffer less over the long haul, and frustrate the hell out of their…"
2 hours ago
Brian Lamont commented on Brian Lamont's blog post The Microchip Illusion
"@ ms. freebird81 Thanks very much for your response. Can I ask, please. Are you able to prove this to me, please? "
2 hours ago
Brian Lamont commented on Brian Lamont's blog post The Microchip Illusion
"@Wonica Rey All genuine Targeted Individual's need to start thinking logically. All genuine perpetRATorS of Gang Stalking and Mind Control need to start coming up with better ways to control minds. The statement you just made up there is…"
2 hours ago



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