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Astrid Fuchs
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My story and testimony of the victim of mind-control and electronic harassment

I am a victim suffering of mind-control and eletronic harassment since 1986/2002 or longer. The more I read about this crimes the more I realize that I am a victim for a very long time. Since 2002 I cannot go working anymore.
My mind and my feelings are manipulated.
I am even manipulated much longer but not so extremely.
But I think, that I am a test-person since my school begin with 6 years.
Now I now much about mind-control and electronic harassment and I understand my physical and psychological problems in the past.
Now I understand also that I never succeed to get married. They always wanted that I stay alone without man and children.
But this is not only my problem when you regard all this young people not married and without children in the world. They want that we stay all alone.

But not only me alone are attaced with dangerous radiation.
My whole hometown even my whole homeland are suffering under this radiation.
I am sure that they do mind-control to my whole country since more than 20 years. But most of the people don’t understand.

But I am suffering extremely under this mind-control and electronic harassment.

They make me awake each night at least one time. They I stay awake for a time. During this time I hear ear noises, I have heard problems and I cannot sleep.
Fortunately they stop this radiation after a while and I can fall in sleep again.
But sometimes I cannot sleep anymore for hours or during the whole night.
In any case I am suffering under this extremely dangerous radiation.
My symtoms are different: head pain, stomache pain, heard problems, I must sneeze and cough much, I have skin problems, I have joint and neck pains or sometimes I get very pale.
I think when I get very pale they want to weaken my immune system that I get cancer.

Sometimes they shine me up with such frequences that I got symtoms of a influenza or a cold. Often I have at the same time ear noises. Here they use a kind of electromagnetic frequences.

One time they irradiated me so much that I don’t have power anymore in my arms and my legs and another time so much that my blood got brighter – here I was in a physical very bad condition. My whole organism threatened to break down. Do you here remember to anything ?

I think I am a test-person for electromagnetic weapon-systems and so on……….
I think they want to torture me conscious, cause before I have important dates the irradiation and the sleep deprivation is often very extremely. Then I am in a very bad condition the next day. And then they irradiate me again and again………

They control my life.

Even when I go to foreign countries they tortured me extremely with electromagnetic radiation, even in the aeroplane.
They want to now me that I will not feel better no where.

Based on this electromagnetic tortures I cannot go to work since any years.

And its also really interesting that beginning relations are always extremely disturbed.
All this relations which began good and normal are ended suddenly. Suddenly the reactions of this persons are aggressiv and negative and they end the relation immediately.
Than after weeks this persons don’t now anymore why they ended this relation with me, why they left me and they regret.
They want that I have an isolated life as a test-person.
The people are manipulated.

But I think this is not only my problem when you watch all this not married young people and broken relations. So you can reduce the whole population of a country.

Nearly each day I saw chemtrails in the sky of my home town.

For me its clear that the cell-phone and electricity network is used to send dangerous electromagnetic frequences.

When you want to inform the people about this dangerous electromagnetic radiations and weapons they cannot understand this cause hypnotically radiation make the people to refuse what they should now about this weapons.

It is the whole world spanning dangerous system.

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suicide announcedof an italien victim -------ATTENTION !!!!

Posted on December 4, 2011 at 9:08pm 13 Comments

Finally I have my cumputer.

I spent 65 euros. Ubuntu and windows were damaged. (infected virus…


Civil case for victims of government operations..... Zivilklage für Opfer von elektronischer Folter etc.

Posted on July 16, 2011 at 7:30pm 5 Comments

Please join the civil case of Steve Ahmann..........print out the CIVIL SUIT REVISION 14 + IN FORMA PAUPERIS fill it out and mail it to Steve Ahmann......the civil case is free....thank you.....

Bitte nehmen Sie an der Zivilklage von Steve Ahmann teil, bitte…


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At 8:56am on November 27, 2015, AtlantiTeo said…

@Chanath Christmas 2014 Christmas 2015. :-(

The situation does not improve. We are always stalled. New victims arrive.
In Europe we have political destabilization: "The Freemasons Worldwide group", "the Illuminati Worldwide group" and the BilderBerg group finance ISIS, electromagnetic weapons, psychotronic weapons and electronic harassment.

I'm still alive. I also risked suicide November 11, 2015, due to, torture strong extreme and prolonged. If the PERPS get up too pain levels, it is unbearable. No problem. I am still here. If I do not reply to emails and messages for 12 months, I'm dead.
12 months = 365 days. My parents and friends italians did not warn you.

P.S. Je ai éliminé Elizabeth leveques (a scammer). Today, I banning the scammer.

Ciao ciao! Tshùùùss. Au revoir :)

At 5:48am on December 25, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

It is not easy to wish Merry Christmas and happy new year because all T.I. live a drama, a difficult situation, harassment and torture. All T.I. I'm a bit depressed, demoralized, tired,angryand for many years, they do not live a peaceful Christmas. From 7 years, I do not live a nice Christmas, Easter, birthday and other celebrations. I have pleasant memories of Christmas in my childhood. Now I live like a slave 24/7.

I hope this little thought, give a bit of security, trust and a little smile for 2015. We will continue to fight a common struggle against the common enemy. The war against the common enemy will continue in 2015. What is the last thing out of the Pandora's Box? THE HOPE. You do not lose hope dear T.I. ...

At 5:44pm on August 8, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

At 11:53am on May 8, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

At 7:38pm on April 23, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

If in the future there is no activity on the internet I'm dead. 12 MONAT okey? 12.

I'm not a touchy and I always reply to emails.  If I do not answer for 12 months and there is no activity on internet, I'm dead.  This is my policy.

Thanks for keeping this. :-)


Rosimeiri Boxall, che si e’ gettata da una finestra per sfuggire alle torture inflittele

Rosimeiri Boxall, quién saltó de una ventana para evitar la tortura infligida

Rosimeiri Boxall, who jumped out of a window to avoid torture inflicted

Note personali : Note personali : This is a document fro hospital. I have tried several times to commit suicide to escape torture too extreme tinnitus and a high volume that burns and burns the flesh inside the ear canal. I have no doubt. These 15 cases in the blog of rudy are death for the crime of "inducement to suicide." It's a crime nationally and internationally. It is not suicide; It's "inducement to suicide".

He intentado varias veces de suicidarse para escapar de la tortura demasiado extrema tinnitus y un volumen alto que arde y se quema la carne en el interior del canal auditivo. No tengo ninguna duda. Estos 15 casos son la muerte por el delito de "incitación al suicidio" y esto es un delito nacional e internacional. no es suicidio, esto es "inducción al suicidio".

J'ai essayé plusieurs fois de se suicider pour échapper à la torture trop extrême acouphènes et un volume élevé qui brûle et brûle la chair à l'intérieur du conduit auditif. Je n'ai aucun doute. Ces 15 cas sont mort pour le crime de "l'incitation au suicide." est un crime. nationalement et internationalement. ce n'est pas le suicide, est "incitation au suicide".

io ho tentato più volte il suicidio per scappare a torture troppo estreme e a un tinnitus troppo alto di volume che scotta e brucia la carne dentro al condotto uditivo. Io non ho dubbi. Questi 15 casi sono decessi per il reato di "induzione al suicidio". è un reato federale e internazionale. Esso non è suicido.; questo è "induzione al suicidio".

At 9:18pm on March 16, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…
At 2:56am on August 25, 2013, AtlantiTeo said…

At 6:05am on October 7, 2012, joseph barry somerville said…

hi astrid its joseph from the uk please get in touch my friend

At 5:59am on August 9, 2012, Juliane said…

Hallo Astrid,

ich verstehe dich sehr gut.

Seit kurzem weiss ich das dies tatsächlich eine GEFAHR für die gesamte Menschheit ist.

Ich möchte gerne persönlich Kontakt zu Dir haben bitte nehme Kontakt zu mir auf.

At 2:34am on June 24, 2012, ELISEO PEREZ said…

Read it in Group: TO DISCIPLE, EDIFY, TEACH, AND HELP SPIRITUALLY.  I hope you come to read my research called, TIPS ON LIVING A SURVEILLANCED CHRISTIANITY, posted on the FORUM.  It is my desire in God that God will edify you.  Please also read, WHY I AM NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORIST.  A product of many years of struggling as a Christian under surveillances while attacked verbally electronically.  I was an Evangelist and God gave me the answers I was looking for.  It is to help and strengthen, not to start a religion.  I love you in the love of God.  I hope all of you will be blessed.  It is my hopes and desire that God Blesses You All.



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