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Organization of Victims to Solve This

Started this discussion. Last reply by munoz Jun 6, 2019. 25 Replies

There seems to be no organized victims association that works together to find a wayto jam, find implants, remove implants, keeps track of doctors who will help victims remove implants, etc. We need…Continue

Let all sue the US Goverment for this

Started this discussion. Last reply by Gillian Kay Taylor May 15, 2019. 13 Replies

Hello,Lets all get together and sue the US Goverment over this. It is the US Miltary group that is responsible for all our problems. Lets all get together and get a lawyer and sue the US Goverment.…Continue


Started this discussion. Last reply by Angeline Klas Mar 19, 2018. 3 Replies

Hello,I created this website to find a solution for mind control. It is public and will have a forum for people to add their ideas.…Continue


Started May 17, 2017 0 Replies

Hello,I created this website to find a solution for mind control. It is public and will have a forum for people to add their ideas.…Continue

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"Trump is.OK. Biden.Good. USA problems Quebec/France/Russia/KKK/Nazi. They have brain control."
21 hours ago
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"How did you stop the Perp from raping your wife. The Dutchs Perps admires your perps for raping your wife."
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"closely look at the world population. There are more whites than Indians, Chinese, or other groups. Retards are spreading White replacement."
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"Never ever trust the french. Dont look at russians because God doesnt know why they hell their doing this."
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"Dont fight each other USA. Its the tail that wagged the dog. The tail is French/Russians/Hungarian/Polish/KKK/Nazi brain control. Not China!"
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"Trump and the white nationalist were whistleblown. Brain control. They are going to blame the Chinese. Just watch."
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"US is falling because fucken French/Russia/KKK/Nazi. Its planned for years. They need to all die. US division is all brain control manipulat"
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"Planned for over 20+ years including covid and blaming the chinese. Brain control you can easily make it look lile Chinese. White Supremacy"
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"Suprise some french person funded 500K to congress rioters I told you so for years. Russia/KKK/Nazi. Quebec/France worst people ever!!!!"
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"Saying it 1 more time. Covid is Russia/KKK/Nazi to stop globalism and increase white supremacy. Putin lived in East Germany. Brainwashed"
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"Its KKK Nazi. No lies. They are the most crooked murderous hateful group ever. They kill like life is meaningless. Remote heart attack. Garb"
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"Military coup from Trump blaming Chinese!!!!!!!!"
CLS posted a status
"Possible attempt to kill a elected official. All preplaned 20+ years with covid."
CLS posted a status
"Miltary coup attempt on the way. Planned for 20+ years including covid."
CLS posted a status
"Extreme right built underground tunnels/fall out shelters. We die as they watch from below."
CLS posted a status
"Russia/KKK/Nazi stop globalism created covid 19. Their definition of white isnt ours. Who is dying?"

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Murder for white power

Posted on October 11, 2020 at 2:42pm 0 Comments

Blind Americans. Its such a coincidence Supreme court justice died to allow Trump to select a lifelong justice before a election. DEWs and you wouldnt know otherwise. Persons sick, just amplify it with DEWs. Murderers!!!!!!!! Their also using DEWs to change your mind to push their alt right agenda. I predict Trump to win 2020. Suprise? Watch and see the cheats in action. They are brutal con artists and murderers. Watch and see! Wait I suppose murdering few to change things for the benefit of… Continue

Lucky Elon Musk

Posted on August 18, 2019 at 2:02pm 0 Comments

Lucky Elon getting rich off the backs off TIs tortured to death to develop this tech. So there must be a whistleblower giving him miltary secrets were patents are hidden. I assume its a beneficial for the public to know what the miltary has done since 60s "really". What about compensation to familys whos child was driven to sucicide by the brutal torture to develop this. Again I guess having the public know the truth is compensation . Done believe me. I will tell you something you dont know… Continue

Truth or not?

Posted on June 27, 2019 at 4:37pm 2 Comments

So in the 70s they can easily do B2B EEG mapping. This tech is in the hands of corupt garbage. He in my opionion worked for the CIA and got access to this tech. He being occasion mapped profoundly retarded and quadrapelgics to some TIs who belong to minorty groups. He convienced these pathetic people they can live their lives like in the movie Avatar where a handicap person takes on an Avatar. My guess if you were quadrapelgic who can move his eyes it would be appealing. Now this person who did… Continue

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At 11:48pm on March 5, 2020, ROBERT WILLIAM MATTHEWS said…


What it actually is is MICROWAVES, the same as you find in your Microwave oven, but low powered.  There is no defense against this as it will go through almost everything including brick and roof tiles etcetera as if they where not there.  If you see Solemavis' main page there is a link that leads you to direct explanations.  It works like radar and will pick you out in a crowd of 120,000 football fans, and beam you and only you will experience whatever they do.  Unfortunately it's the ultimate stealth weapon.  What you need is evidencre like prescription for neuroleptic medication and or medication box with your name on it, your medical notes especially thos dealing with your, 'mental state,' these p;erps are so arogant they do not understand that they can get caught.  Also solemavis, and others have publications available on the exact subject you seek, '12, years in the grave,' being one.  If you have google or bing or yoiutube, put acoustic heterodyne weapions, or pschotronic weapons, or Liily wave Mind Control, Lowry Wave Mind control, there is a shed load of other more up to date techniques they use, the algorytrhm, will throw thwm up as well.  There are meeters on the market that will detect this but they cost around $5,500.

All the best,


At 9:16am on October 3, 2019, ramiz berisha said…

Take a look at this video...........

That's your answer...

At 9:14am on October 3, 2019, ramiz berisha said…

Take a look at this...........

Organized Stalking - fusion centers

At 8:58am on October 3, 2019, ramiz berisha said…


Here is a video where what are they doing to us take a look..

NOW YOU HAVE THE ANSWER.................................................

At 1:34am on August 16, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

These people waste taxpayer monay

Send Mass letters to  Special Senate investigation committee as to UK GCHQ Conspiring to commit offense and to

defraud the US at Public expense.

At 1:29am on August 16, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

I try to ignore those around me and it pisses them off {sorry about th language}.

Collecting Evidence makes one a heavy hitter in this game.

Just document what goes on-

Time, Day, What was done. What the person did or said.

police are supposed to protect the Public.

They dont.

So write to Human rights orgs about the Denial of Global Human rights violations


At 1:24am on August 16, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

There will be an Accounting.

There will be Justice.

In a broken system we have to Fight for it.

When people are Facing Prison time, things will also change

At 1:22am on August 16, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Check out the Investigatory Powers Tribunal webpage in UK.

I now have a reference Number to Complaint.

No go?

Next step is finding a Solicitor and then Supreme Court London.

It is said- He who laughs last laughs best.

At 1:20am on August 16, 2019, ghstdtnee said…


And there is Hope. Always. Thats what they want. A person to pick on as a loser.

Dont give it to them.

I have experienced 22 years Abuse of power/ Tyranny.

So im going it alone.

And Yes- they will Pay.

At 1:17am on August 16, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

I was also told "You have new ID"

What kind of crap is that?


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