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The Beatitudes

Started Jul 2, 2016 0 Replies

Matthew 5New King James Version (NKJV)The Beatitudes5 And seeing the multitudes, He went up on a mountain, and when He was seated His disciples came to Him. 2 Then He opened His mouth and taught…Continue

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Tero Parkkonen commented on JasonMxxxx's group Ireland
"I've successfully recorded V2K since 13.9.2016. I used an AM radio to do that. My body is sending RF and I made interference with AM radio frequencies (mainly 1300-1600 KHz) though the scale was 500-1600 KHz. I have proof in my computer but it…"
Sep 16, 2016
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Sep 16, 2016
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Aug 7, 2016
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Aug 1, 2016
JasonMxxxx commented on Sue's blog post The ugly truth
"Hey Sue I was convinced of the same thing with my family, I had the most vivid memories of my abuse come rushing to the surface in the space of a few days. I thought my programming was breaking down and my real memories were coming through. But the…"
Aug 1, 2016
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Jul 30, 2016
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Jul 30, 2016
God's Grace commented on JasonMxxxx's blog post Irish Targets
"You have strong faith Jospeh, I said the above, for anyone else that may be reading this as well, as they might not remember a prayer, but they can remember the name Jesus!"
Jul 15, 2016
Joseph suazo commented on JasonMxxxx's blog post Irish Targets
"I actually pray the Our Father prayer btw. We could use different words or prayers but im comfortable enough with that prayer. The second time i told them through my thoughts that they gotta try harder. I have enough faith ti counter then in the…"
Jul 15, 2016
God's Grace commented on JasonMxxxx's blog post Irish Targets
"Joseph, when you freeze in your sleep like that, just say to yourself again and again, the word Jesus.  God Bless!"
Jul 15, 2016
Joseph suazo commented on JasonMxxxx's blog post Irish Targets
"As far as my research goes the fbi is involve directly to me i have the os evidence in my computer i just dont know where to start since my family thinks om insane. Im broke to have it read by forensic computet analyst. Also im a illegal immigrant…"
Jul 15, 2016
Seek Light commented on JasonMxxxx's blog post Irish Targets
"@Chaneth: Where ARE the main computer and its off-shoot computers located? Just curious. Heart of the beast and all that. @Sue,  Thanks for reiterating the theory. I realized it probably doesn't matter WHO is doing it to me, since it…"
Jul 7, 2016
God's Grace commented on JasonMxxxx's blog post Irish Targets
"In terms of what I've experience, my perpetrators come from the same background Sue.  There's definitely a satanic agenda in my case as well, and yes, they do manipulate everything electronic, including switching off my TV, making it…"
Jul 6, 2016
Sue commented on JasonMxxxx's blog post Irish Targets
"Again seek light this is just my humble opinion based on research and what l know of my perps. Its a pyramid hierarchy. Right at the top are the "rulers" of the world....the 13 bloodline families who own the banks and are satanists. Theres…"
Jul 6, 2016
Seek Light commented on JasonMxxxx's blog post Irish Targets
"Still wondering WHO here. Anyone know from this description? Who could coordinate con/chemtrails, sirens and vehicles? (This includes color patterns and also the ability to CLEAR roads). Who could alter songs in public places for…"
Jul 6, 2016
Sue commented on JasonMxxxx's blog post Irish Targets
"Gods grace in a perfect world nobody is above the law and thats want they want us to believe. The global cabal are above the law....the 13 bloodline families rule the world and laugh at the law. If your perps are not protected by them then you…"
Jul 6, 2016


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At 8:07am on November 5, 2016, JasonMxxxx said…

Don't come to this Acropolis to hear about the monotonous
I'll be here till infinity, that's just an approximate,
I got keys and locks for this, expanding like my consciousness
No flaunt with this!! I know what they can haunt you with
Dancing the infinite symphony of simple serenity
with a rhyme book of infinite infantry
endless knowing nothing all surrenders
optics zoom zoned protection
1984, acid blended toned perfection
no church collection
A kite high superhero who fights plights with genes spliced
DNA diced with three strands
beating bands through bandwidths
Bandits from spectrum's you cant hang with
specters who appear to vanish!!!
We're equations, angels, super vibrant vibrations
Soaring at an altitude with an aptitude for tone colour alchemy
your bleeding love 
but I'm reaping wrath
Close you eyes inhale and let the seeking start
expanded consciousness reigns hell on this band of nonsense
frequency's been eking me out
so thirsty but still seeking this drought
worthy but am reeking in doubt
Ghosting like a motherfuckin tachyon
light can't even catch me sun(son)
so how to fuck am I supposed to know what path I'm on?
feel like just another cloned drone in a detached domed home
an automaton, android with a trapped soul awoke in black hole
the event horizon just flashed closed, an all I want is a map home!!!!!!!!!

At 7:40am on November 5, 2016, JasonMxxxx said…

Welcome to the matrix
Where the rulers rule with fake tricks
I call it Gods creation corrupted by Satan
Mind altered, fake food and poisoned water
Destruction of innocence, defiled daughters
pedophile haunters
Genetic seed of greed tempting apple pips for Eve
Abortion, extortion of souls
Causing wormholes, as this fucking world turns
Stargate's open, dark matter
enter the demonic mad hatter
Now am I Mac the mad rapper or a free prophet
Come off it
fuck the polar bears, I'm talking polar flips
and yellow stone blown
ET can telephone home
Mind control
Like the wizard Oz
Be prepared for a blizzard of odd
Shape shifting wizards to frogs
They the Zeus crew
But our mics like lightning rods spikes from God
If you think this hype it's not
(just visions from this dimethyltryptamine pipe I got)
Oh my light, my God, my sight, my Lot
Quantum chemistry, nonsense tendencies
Chaotic symmetry
A paradoxical locksmith with a sonic glow
Harmonic tonic for you phonic folk
Peace and love
and all the above
See I'm the ghost in the machine of me
this bodies Just my MachInery"
Help! I just want to go back to me
My heart got frozen in the fac-tor-ry
I opened my mind to the evil outside
An now I'm not whole like the ozone
Feel like my own clone
Dead to the world and it's on me
A drugged up demon infested zombie
Zyklon B in my chambers
Arrested in chains for my labors
Oh why do I run from my Saviour

At 7:38am on November 5, 2016, JasonMxxxx said…

Sorry Jay elect! We're not romancing the stone,
dancing with gnomes, fantastical patterns with domes
Celts scribbling scribing the ohm(Ogham)
Aum the sound of the crown
Jays waves crashing to foam, vibrating with tones
Created from ashes and bones
Formed with classical poems
dreams fashioned on thrones
Mac Attack at war with the clones
reincarnated to clash with the drones
But I rise like the phoenix from ashes to home
I'm a star burst supernova, super moon
Baby I'm a flowering Lotus thats bout to super bloom

We're infinite so alive, got that hope that never dies
connected like ropes through dimensions
With knots forever tied, times turning like the changing tides
Soul traveler, scent is so lavender... scopes more immense
bionics so intense, biokinetics my whole defense
Back to the rock, the flock, the cross, the urn
the pot, the gold, the cost, the toll, the lost, the old
HERE IN BIG BOLD PRINT!!! I'm no prince, got more since
Togged in Hessian, we got more than blessians
messing with these verbs and nouns again
With Christs gifts we;re bound to win
stock'n quills around the hills
For future lines about putrid times
in the form of supreme and super rhymes

Leo the lion hearted, love is the prime factor
Tribe of Judah...Booyah!!
Who diddley do the fuck are you ha!!
Above is the divine Master
I fast and meditate just to rhyme faster
Mutated from a child bastard
to a lyrical sky master
I was once lost but am now found
a master of linguistics, who shoots, fires,
and bangs verbal ballistics
In a class with the mystics
Our souls are so great,
minds more intricate than the geometry of snow flakes
Falling through space at more pace, gravity soaks weight
like Christ when he came to save the whole race
Turning triangles to hexagons, cubes to Tesseract's
Just to allude the devils death attacks
Who the fuck were you to think you could ever mess with Mac!


At 7:29am on November 5, 2016, JasonMxxxx said…

Jesuits, Knights of Malta free-masonic orders giving you orders
but you won't move the immovable mover, watch me maneuver
I'm like the rock of Gibraltar, rock up and throw rocks at your alter
fly as them saucers alluding to them inter-dimensional forces,
brought up, you sorcerers source up- through Luciferian portals
Universal cesarean section- reversal, fallen angelic deception
The dream a scheme of the Elohim, blueprinted and cemented
Demented Nephalimic human hybrids gave birth to the system
D.n.a of the relics revitalized and embellished- God dammit it's hellish!
Technocratic totalitarian Orwellian collectivism- Fabians'ad wreck your vision
Turn off your fucking televisions, your ignorance will not save you...!!!
So to you state worshipers and whisperers it's time to wake up and smell the matrix
before it takes us for good, oh I wish that you would-
stop harassing the preordained scapegoats they gave you to keep your attention
off the tension thats rising, dimensions colliding it's the tempest that's chiming
learn how to critically think and stop miming, see while they've brainwashed you into being the hiveminded persecuting arm of the system you're killing the very personality types you'll need to assist you, by the time they come to annihilate and blitzkrieg you! It'll be too late and if you speak out one'll believe you!!

At 9:38pm on August 13, 2015, annabella said…

jason i really need you to get in touch with me , im in ireland too .

this has been a nightmare , i didnt have a clue what was happening in the beginning .

it has been the most terrorising experience of my life .

I am being targeted by a group .




At 3:57am on May 2, 2015, AtlantiTeo said…


I have turned off the option: "approve new members."
Otherwise you need to check in:

I understood that option after one year. If the administrator does not control, the risk is not to see apparently, it seems that the group is not of interest to anyone. Instead, requests for members are hidden and the administrator does not see them.

take care! ][\/][

At 3:54am on May 2, 2015, AtlantiTeo said…

Ciao :-)
You are foundator and  admin of a group peacepink.
In the options of the group, you have crossed out: "approve new members."

Probably there are requests to join the group that you do not see.
There are members who have requested. If you do not control, members can not subscrives.
The option "approve new members," it is a particular option in a group PP.
A year ago, I have created the group TARGETED HELP INDIVIDUALS and I added this option as you in your group.
I've seen requests for registration after one year. Unfortunately the demands of the members are not seen. I understood this ambiguous option after one year. I was able to accept the requests (14) only after a year.

Try to check if there are requests in your group.
You may find after a year that many people have made the request and that this option penalizes directors of the group, because they do not see requests.



I have turned off the option

At 2:05pm on December 30, 2014, David ofTomorrow said…

Seek things that bring you joy, most especially when being tried by fire, for  taking part in joyful things, keeps firmly in mind, what it is we fight for.

At 1:10pm on December 30, 2014, JasonMxxxx said…

"Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I

know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them

The longer we Dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is

their power to harm us"


JasonMxxxx's Blog

Irish Targets

Posted on July 3, 2016 at 6:38am 17 Comments

Ok guys, I'm sick to death of this shit, my brain has been fried for too many years. I'm not prepared to completely lose myself to these attacks or to quietly go along with this slow kill system without taking a stand.

I'm prepared for the heavier targeting that will no doubt come with this decision. If any of you Irish targets are still using this site and want to organise and see if we can raise awareness let me know. I've had enough of being passive! Nows the…


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CLS commented on Robin Yan's blog post Why are Toronto police, Canadian torturers afraid of this page of their "report"? Why do Toronto police, Canadian torturers hack this page of their "report"?
"Hello Robin, I'm not sure the people torturing you are the Toronto Police or RCMP, I think this groups works for USA Miltary, NSA, CIA. This group are criminals. You have not broken the law and it is against the USA constitution and Canadian…"
5 hours ago
Robin Yan commented on Robin Yan's blog post Why are Toronto police, Canadian torturers afraid of this page of their "report"? Why do Toronto police, Canadian torturers hack this page of their "report"?
"ICC has received this photo.I can not upload it."
6 hours ago
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Angeline Klas posted a blog post

Update on Neighbourhood Harrasment

Hi everybody,My neighbours have gone too far. The dog is going crazy, barking like crazy. It's owner is teaching it to talk. It barking everthing the Stalkers want them to say to me. I have no place left where I can sit quiet. People follow me to come in my face. Even in the shop they stand close to me and whisper things the Gangstalkers say in my ear. The Neighbours do not complain about that evil neighbour with the dog. I do pay my rent like all of them. I demand an compensation for it. They…See More
10 hours ago
Angeline Klas commented on Anneline Harisunker's blog post TI'S HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED THE FOLLOWING
"Yes Anneline, we have eachother to talk to about this Gangstalking thing. The people around us don't want to listen or understand us. They like to think we are mentally ill. Bye bye for now, Angeline Klas"
11 hours ago
William May replied to William May's discussion From Australia
"Australia only"
11 hours ago
William May posted a discussion

From Australia

There is some disturbance currently with the signal, so don't be alarmed, hang in there. It will be over in a few days
11 hours ago



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