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At 11:40am on June 1, 2015, Mark Iannicelli said…


Kamran as you know there are places in Pakistan to buy arms.

I am wanting to set up Targeted Individual Direct Energy Weapon Zones to protect targeted individuals that flea and live  in the middle east in or near war zones.

V2K, Direct Energy Weapon assaults, Mind control experiments , chips implanted in humans are haram and slavery. I am asking you to help me with advocating a worldwide Fatwa by educating as many Islamic Councils as possible in the middle east so we Targeted Individuals can go to war. The Holy Quran recognizes slavery as haram and I am sure there is more than one hadith to back it up. I want to set up paramilitary security zones with the permission of the of all Pashtun tribal leaders and military commanders to capture the perps when they follow targeted individuals abroad with their Direct Energy Weapons hidden in laptop computers, PADs, and other eklectronic devices. It is my opinion that targeted individuals should have a  goal is to capture, interrogate, convict and execute every perp involved without exception. American perps and their friends thrive on money and cruelty and must be eliminated.

I did my shahada at Al Azhar University in Cairo ,Egypt many years ago. I had legally changed my name back then to Muhammad Li. when I returned from China in 2006 .I had to change my name back to my birth name which is Mark Iannicelli because of my mother's wishes and because I went to college and all my transcripts are in the name Mark Iannicelli.

I fall short on observing Islamic traditions at this present time but I will always believe that the is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is his mesenger and read the Holy Quran once in a blue moon or every now and then. I do not ever wish to spill another Muslim's blood be they Sunnah or Shia but I have no problem killing the perps that have enslaved myself and others. I hope you and other Muslims in Pakistan will support me.

Best Wishes

Marky Moose

also known as Marky Moose

At 2:52am on May 14, 2015, Mark Iannicelli said…

Dear Kamran Khan,

I am advocating for all Islamic Councils worldwide to issue a Fatwa against all doctors , scientist, intelligence agencies and personnel as well as companies and their employees that profit from human suffering and slavery from implanted microchips, Direct Energy Weapon Assaults, Voice to Skull torture and murder,and organized police/spy cause stalking also known as gang stalking.

Can you notify the Pakistan Islamic Council and ask that a Fatwa be issued aginst the lowlifes that profit from the evil slavery of implanted micro chips, Voice to Skull (V2K), Dirct Energy Weapons and gang stalking?

If you could forward my request to the Islamic Council to issue a Fatwa so that targeted individuals can go to war and stand up against this opressive torture and murder daily?

All Praise is Due to Allah


Best Wishes,

Marky Moose

At 12:07pm on March 31, 2015, Mark Iannicelli said…

I am an advocate against perps who torture and murder with direct energy weapons and mindcontrol experiments I don't know anything about demons in the carribean.

At 11:57am on March 30, 2015, Mark Iannicelli said…

I have V2K and the perps have always tried to make me look like a snitch because it isolates us in societies.Don't trust their stooges who will want to be your friend and then betray you. That is a m/o/ (mode of operation) the perps practice.

At 11:55am on March 30, 2015, Mark Iannicelli said…

Since the Hezbollah in Lebanon have the majority seats in the parliament and Iran doesn't get along with American spies since the C.I.A. gave the shah intelligence about his political opponents and assisted in the murder of innocent iranians you could go to Lebbanon or Iran.

If you see perps or American spies snitch them off since they wanted to set you up to look like a snitch in the first place and hopefully those countries will have the death penalty for Direct Energy Weapons and subversives and kill the spy/perp lowlifes.

At 11:49am on March 30, 2015, Mark Iannicelli said…

I may be traveling in the middle east looking for a job teaching English so stay in touch and we can maybe meet someday and have some chai if you want to.

At 11:47am on March 30, 2015, Mark Iannicelli said…

Dear Kamran Khan,

My name is Marky Moose and I have been a targeted individual for 25 years. The Americans that are involved in Direct Energy Weapons , mind control experiments and snitch counterintelligence have no soul. They want bodies for experiments and I want to kill them. In Peshawar they sell arms like pens that shoot bullets or hand grenades so buy one and kill the person(s) making your life hell under the color of darkness. You could always wedge an upside down grenade under their car seat and take out the pin so when the perp sits in the seat it detonates.Practice with an inert grenade first so you don't blow yourself up but get rid of the inert grenade if tou plant an live one and don't tell anyone.

The Americans arrested , tortured and set up innocent shepards from Afghanistan and other places and tok them to Guantanamo Bay after giving rewards to their ennemies who labeled the shepards terrorist.

At 4:33am on March 3, 2015, Sue said…

Hi Kamran, yes! Prayer is the best defense as we battle against spiritual evil. 

God bless

At 4:01am on March 3, 2015, Tom Ehaj said…

Hi Kamran, I don't know your story but maybe you should check:

At 3:51am on March 3, 2015, David ofTomorrow said…
Welcome to peacepink! I too have recently been gangstalked, and am currently receiving physical assault. It is very terrifying to experience.
Thank you for sharing your experience! Knowing that we are not alone in our situation is extremely helpful to many.

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"oh great look they can zap/experiment on  you and then your welfare needs will be taken care of in the nut house ...great *facepalm*"
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