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Being Illegally Censored Now

Started this discussion. Last reply by Fouad Zennari Jan 22, 2013. 2 Replies

A few weeks ago my web address was wrecked and replaced by a malfunctioning replacement. I lost all my contacts and drafts. Now, no one can email me. I can't even email to my self. When I email,…Continue

Spread This to Prevent National Devastation

Started this discussion. Last reply by Miguel Lahunken Oct 11, 2012. 7 Replies

In the mid-Twentieth century there were twenty-five million Americans locked up in the mental hospital gulags. Most of them were easily framed up as having an undefined socially dangerous condition…Continue

The Actual Cause of the un-Constitutional Bill

Started this discussion. Last reply by scott K Mar 10, 2012. 20 Replies

   American Military Dictatorship to restore secret: vagal stimulation as effective as LSD. See…Continue

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Justifying the Imprisonment of MK Ultra Victims

Posted on September 19, 2013 at 3:08am 2 Comments

      The recent Aaron Alexis incident is being used to justify the commitment and imprisonment of anyone who has been caught talking about the microwave surveillance that MK Ultra victims have been subjected to for life. It is being proclaimed that people who complain like this are very dangerous.

MK Ultra, But, This is Only the Tip of the Ice Burg

Posted on March 16, 2012 at 9:28am 1 Comment

What they show in this video is just the tip of the iceburg. That which lies beneath the surface has been suppressed by secret societies since time immemorial. You may effectually start by making the secret "VAGAL STIMULATION IS AS EFFECTIVE AS LSD"  common public knowledge.

What they show is just the tip of the iceburg. Below the surface has  been suppressed by secret societies since time immemorial.…


The Actual Cause of the un-Constitutional Bill

Posted on January 9, 2012 at 11:30am 0 Comments

   American Military Dictatorship to restore secret: vagal stimulation as effective as LSD. See is how I got caught for the Clockwork Orange treatment. They will do it to everybody caught knowing too much, now that that bill has passed…


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At 6:37am on August 1, 2012, ELISEO PEREZ said…

Read it in Group: TO DISCIPLE, EDIFY, TEACH, AND HELP SPIRITUALLY. I hope you come to read my research called, TIPS ON LIVING A SURVEILLANCED CHRISTIANITY, filled with a wealth of scriptures that will apply to your emotional and spiritual struggles. It is my desire in God that God will edify you. Please also read, WHY I AM NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORIST. These are a product of many years of struggling as a Christian under surveillances while attacked verbally electronically. I was an Evangelist and God gave me the answers I was looking for. It is to help and strengthen, not to start a religion. I love you in the love of God. I hope all of you will be blessed. It is my hopes and desire that God Blesses You All. I have gained victory in Jesus with these scriptures and Bible Interpretations God gave me through my struggles. I want you to be strong in faith when you go through your troubles. JUST SELECT ALL AND COPY TO YOUR WORD DOCUMENT. You will find it in the DISCUSSIONS FORUM SECTION of my group page. I also have original Bible chip implant Scriptures, commentaries, and interpretations God gave me that are at the beginning of my group page for you to read. They are part of my works published under The Theology Of Prophetic Scriptures, Inc. I am not a prophet, but an eschatologist, student of end times Bible prophecy for over 25 years. JESUS TOLD US WE WILL HAVE TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS, AND PERSECUTIONS.  WHY?  Because He is not a liar.  So do not believe that bad experiences means God is not with you or is against you.  Read and JOIN.

At 9:48am on February 10, 2012, Soleilmavis said…

Let's roll is not my blog. I am only a member of this forum too.

At 9:35pm on February 8, 2012, andrew scott said…

V2k broadcasters use spotlight audio(holosonics)by way of converting speech within the ultrasonic range amplified by linear sound.The spotlight audio converts audible sound into ultratones which disperse through the airwaves(using cb and other communication methods)picking up on all known recievers(including the fcc rule)dispersing them everywhere within our homes,these go undetected!let me mention that v2k suffers go through the exact same process as a legitimate mental patient only to be separated by triggering.Triggering is linear compressed speech exchanged with natural subconcious actions which are are amplified by your illness, further more by the ultra tone conversions which combine within you e.g breath.This is your very first subconcious action as a vowel is a letter between breaths , which combine with the perpitrators second person gramma(and your own gramma)as your thoughts now begin to project from within you to the point of sight.Sight is an important factor as it keeps there broadcast continuous by having the air inbetween you and what you see amplified by linear sound at the same time as amplifying there broadcast which now exchanges your vowels with there constonants (which are spelt by way of sight)combining sight(a subconcious action)with distance(solids).Triggering can now take place as the broadcaster plays commands and such likes using streams of words sentences without vowels as this reaches our minds on the nearest scale.Because we now hear on this level it goes undetected to everybody else ,and because of this the broadcaster can say anything live! on the top of triggers.Our thought projection of vowels and constinonts exchange with theres in the way of above mentioned.There are countless victims over a vast area giving way for fantasists to second guess what were thinking as we have no option but to hear. There broadcast is returned back to them by time and distance causing an echo which acts as a vibration which in turn attracts light from there lcd source, this will be visions in negative as this lighting attracts the subconcious mind .(black and white).

At 1:41am on January 12, 2012, Miguel Lahunken said…

 And,they can close up web sites if these web sites offend any special company. There goes my Alchemy61. We'll be back droping anonymous letters in mail boxes, and then running back to make sure they went all the way in; and grafiti.     The secret they are trying to restore can be put on a bumper sticker: VAGAL STIMULATION IS AS EFFECTIVE AS LSD. That's what this is all about: primarily to suppress this secret. > A powerful secret society who suppresses special knowledge of human physiology is responsible for all the trouble in the country today. You could say this about any country today. > The practices of the real yoga secrets stimulate the parasympathetic (muscarinic) nervous system enough to awaken more that the normal 10% brain use, by this muscarinic stimulation (Kundalini) spreading to the muscarinic neurons in the brain (sahasrara chakra), override the inhibitory neurons that LSD would block. > Muscarine (soma) doesn't pass the blood/brain barrier. It works by stimulating the parasympathetic (muscarinic) nervous system. What is the chakra easiest to get one's hands on nearest to the brain? > As the percentage of brain use increases, beyond 10% brain use, we become aware of higher dimensions. Dr. Stanislav teaches how to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system by "holotropic" breathing (pranayama), see He replaced LSD with holotropic breathing. > Going in the direction of more and more power is along the fifth dimension. The thoughts get more and more powerful to draw one by inductive resonance to the probability timeline, by the attraction of inductive resonance, where that imagined is reality. This is like having powerful magical abilities, but, on new timelines, the people there aren't aware of what you were aware of on other timelines, so that, if you discuss these, you will appear crazy, and could get in trouble there on that timeline. > Dr. Stanislav grof defined three major stages, as there are higher and higher percentages of brain use. Perinatal matrix one is euphoric. Perinatal matrix two confers tremendous knowledge and mind power, and it has been called "the knowledge of good and evil", and can be quite frightening. > Perinatal matrix three is Hell itself, for, here control is lost and after one wishes one were someone else, he body switches into that someone else, again most likely with a weak brain of only 10% brain use again; but, as soon as that body sleeps or dies, it is uncontrolably off to another body, and so on, body switching backward in time, for usually for a hundred years duration. It felt like a thousand to me, each time. > In the Twentieth Century asthmatics, and just people who had accidental "self discovery", were framed up and tagged insane and committed to the mental hospital gulags, where attempts were made to erase their memories with electric shock treatments. > Those who were told, or figured out, whose secrets these are, were given the Clockwork Orange treatment with large doses of LSD to put them in perinatal matrix three. Today, waterboarding is used to do the same thing. Dr. Grof said that waterboarding was the original baptism, one out of many methods to initiate candiates into the "sacred mysteries". > Primitive tribes, and barbaric cults, have being using this since time immemorial; but today we have tyranical secret society who controls the "one world order", who plan to make America Islamic, to suppress their privileged secret. > They have tried all kinds of tricks to do this, passed that un-Constitutional Bill, and are trying to make it illegal to criticize Islam, so they can force conversions on all Americans. Why Islam? Islam punishes "blowing on knots" or any allied technique that causes vagal stimulation with stoning to death for its capital punishment.     If you want to restore our Constitution, spread this secret. When every body knows, they can't get everybody. I think that since the NDAA bill has been passed, imprisoning American citizens, without trial, and keeping the reason secret, it much worse than surveilance.     The FBI had a record on me as thick as a telephone book since before I was eighteen years old. What for? A school teacher, who was a freemason, ratted on me for writing in runes, in the Fifties.     Why? During World War II, Tokyo Rose told Afro-Americans that they were allies. In reciprocation, some Afro-Americans joinied in communities, rejected the Latin alphabet, and wrote in Katagana, Hinagana, and Kanji. These Afro-Americans were called "Japanese Beetles". This term came to be used to refer to any American who preferred another script, for personal use, against the Latin alphabet. And, these people were put under surveilance for the rest of their lives. "Big deal". I give them the "fig gesture", and I don't mean the khechari mudra.


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