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Shills - and how to recognise them( a highly recommended article)

Started this discussion. Last reply by LaBrat Jul 6, 2015. 39 Replies

Shills !We don't need to be a rocket scientist to recognize them!!Quote:Below is series of statements taken from H. Michael Sweeney's 'Disinformation Playbook'. I have taken what I feel to be the…Continue


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hassanmcv commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"Doug A Ivers made an ultimatum to the FBI that Friday (two days before I banned him), he will do the same than the navy yard shooter, etc… I sent a comment on the Seattle group to ask Doug to remove those comment where he stated this and let…"
6 hours ago
vicki shelton commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"Am sorry I honestly was not trying to address you incorrectly I do see I spelled your name wrong by accident. There is no need to address me on the issue and you've already answered my question. Thank you  In the future I will make sure…"
13 hours ago
hassanmcv commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"Vicki shelton, at the top right of your comment, you have a little x symbol, clicking on it will remove the comment. About your question on Doug A. Ivers, I will reply to you when you ll address to me with respect by spelling my username…"
14 hours ago
vicki shelton commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"Not sure whom to address this one too but I see Hassimov you are the latest post claiming to be the mod here. Just out of curiosity, I do see that many on here have wished for a way to remove posts of their own that they feel for some reason they…"
hassanmcv commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"Hi Doug, I m a mod and you published violent comments, calls to murder  and hundreds of emaisl informations here in this comment wall of "Seattle TIs United" group of Peacepink. Peacepink does not condone violence and the publishing…"
Jul 15
hassanmcv joined David ofTomorrow's group

Seattle TIs United

Seattle's site for TIs. Comfort, and comraderie.See More
Jul 15
Sandy Lomax commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"Please Doug, no violence. You will not be helping either yourself or other TIs. You need to calm down and think carefully, you are a good thinker. God bless you."
Jul 14
vicki shelton commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"Hi Doug, I have seen other posts on here telling you to not fight it so much that this is why they are targeting you even worse and to just lay low to survive. I can't disagree with the logic but for some of us just surviving is not enough.…"
Jul 12
ms. freebird81 commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"Hi Douglas I know your pissed but PLEASE don't resort to violence DON"T give them the ammunition they need to lock you up or worst.  I read your implant stuff.  Believe me no words can describe how pissed I am that my God given…"
Jul 9
ms. freebird81 joined David ofTomorrow's group

Seattle TIs United

Seattle's site for TIs. Comfort, and comraderie.See More
Jul 9
vicki shelton commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"Douglas,  I hope you're doing well. I joined after a post for people to join for you. I can understand that you do not know who I am and thus you may not want to talk to me. Understandable but I don't know who you are either. You…"
Jul 7
vicki shelton commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"Is anyone else posting on Seattle TI's? It seems once I joined I can only see Douglas's Comments. If someone could let me know I'd appreciate it. "
Jul 5
vicki shelton commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"What ways are available to detect and prove the electronic weapons?  The Patriot Acts also expand on other past act such as the Model State Emergency Health and Powers Act which that in itself gave the government too much power in an emergency…"
Jun 23
madminster2 commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
" Hi Doug, You're an American. I seriously doubt you're in situation like me but who can tell with 100%... here is some motivation for you. The video above. "
Jun 21
Sandy Lomax commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"Hi Doug, sorry things are not going so well at present, and that you are deprived of sleep. Can you go to a charity like the Salvation Army for example, that would offer you food and a place to sleep for free? Or is there a local church that could…"
Jun 14
vicki shelton commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"Hi Doug and hi to everyone on the site. I joined when after researching identity theft issues I ran across this site and your story. I have tried to join for some time now but for some reason it went to spam and I didn't check for a bit. I have…"
Jun 10

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The Art of Now: Six Steps to Living in the Moment

Posted on December 13, 2015 at 3:27pm 1 Comment

A friend was walking in the desert when he found the telephone to God. The setting was Burning Man, an electronic arts and music festival for which 50,000 people descend on Black Rock City, Nevada, for eight days of "radical self-expression"—dancing, socializing, meditating, and debauchery.…


Things LaBrat erased from his blog

Posted on June 8, 2015 at 2:48pm 0 Comments

members like YOU just propagate learned helplessness and victim mentality

Comment by Big Lebowski 24 minutes ago

Well that's kind of convenient isn't it. Pretty much every genuine TI talks about being targeted except you it seems. Is this because, quite simply, you are not a genuine TI?

I remember for example a Freudian slip you made on this forum over a year ago when you referred to TIs as "you TIs".

Comment by David ofTomorrow 20 minutes ago

Delete… Continue

Have You been accused of being DOT (David ofTomorrow )? Please share here! Youre Not Alone!

Posted on May 8, 2015 at 2:04am 0 Comments

Hi! Im the Real DoT, and the Only DoT. However, there is an enemy agent here on peacepink that is systematically calling other members me, then he mercilessly bashes those members! There are over 20 members that have been treated thix way! Several have actually left our site completely because of the merciless bashing./p>

If you are one of those innocent bystanders being drug into this insanity, please share here! There are some things we apperantly share in common. And, there is…


LaBrats Suggestion....

Posted on May 6, 2015 at 10:39am 1 Comment

dotty, if you're not one of anthony's agents trying to sink john's ship, why don't you drop it for a couple of days instead of haarping on?

Posted by LaBrat on May 6, 2015 at 9:38am


Stop Following – Don't email me when people comment

Comment by David ofTomorrow 1 second ago

Delete Comment

Oh, you want your cake and eat it , too. You want to accuse in the ugliest of ways, then when proven wrong g, you want to sweep it under the rug. Well,… Continue

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At 12:25pm on January 17, 2016, Warren said…

Sounds like you've escaped the targeting some. I still consider myself a TI but the abuse seems to be breaking up more and more. You should post some of your winning tactics. I play natural law arguments through headphones myself, and try to ally with and assist any moral telepathic forces I can find.

At 4:55am on December 12, 2015, Sue said…

Hi Paul So glad youre back! Ive had some rough times recently but much better now thanks for asking. How are you doing?

At 5:11am on April 30, 2015, Mark Iannicelli said…

Hi David,

If you can give me exact wavelengths and frequencies about V2K I will contact foreign military communications specialist so a mobol unit can be developed for infantry to detect their frequencies so perps can be located and jammed before they are captured and /or killed.

At 4:31am on March 24, 2015, ELISEO PEREZ said…

Read it in Group: TO DISCIPLE, EDIFY, TEACH, AND HELP SPIRITUALLY. I hope you come to read my research called, TIPS ON LIVING A SURVEILLANCED CHRISTIANITY, filled with a wealth of scriptures that will apply to your emotional and spiritual struggles. It is my desire in God that God will edify you. Please also read, WHY I AM NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORIST. These are a product of many years of struggling as a Christian under surveillances while attacked verbally electronically. I was an Evangelist and God gave me the answers I was looking for. It is to help and strengthen, not to start a religion. I love you in the love of God. I hope all of you will be blessed. It is my hopes and desire that God Blesses You All. I have gained victory in Jesus with these scriptures and Bible Interpretations God gave me through my struggles. I want you to be strong in faith when you go through your troubles. JUST SELECT ALL AND COPY TO YOUR WORD DOCUMENT. You will find it in the DISCUSSIONS FORUM SECTION of my group page. I also have original Bible chip implant Scriptures, commentaries, and interpretations God gave me that are at the beginning of my group page for you to read. They are part of my works published under The Theology Of Prophetic Scriptures, Inc. I am not a prophet, but an eschatologist, student of end times Bible prophecy for over 25 years. JESUS TOLD US WE WILL HAVE TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS, AND PERSECUTIONS. WHY? Because He is not a liar. HE TOLD US WHAT IT WOULD TAKE! So do not believe that bad experiences means God is not with you or is against you. Read and JOIN.

At 4:38pm on February 23, 2015, Sue said…

Hi Dot, l read about your hospitalisation, sorry to hear. I hope youre feeling better soon, just be careful of those meds, they can make you feel worse. In saying that sometimes the perps lay off a bit if you take meds, so just keep an eye on things. Hope youre back home soon.

At 10:21am on December 25, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…


My role is to hunt scammers. (spam & scam) but I rarely watch because I have other things to finish. Eventually, are others who speak English well which must take action. My role is centered exclusively against scammers (spam & scam), I also have in mind control and I have other work to finish.
I have to end a 200-page complaint to the Italian DIA (Direzione Investigativa Antimafia) and I have to finish the test in the doctor. Obvius in Italian.

As I wrote, I have difficulty understanding perfectly your dialogues and correctly interpret the tone.
I think the blog section, it is useful to copy articles, to create useful things. Unfortunately, some members use the blog section to create controversy, attack other members and do not exploit the blog section in a useful way for a common struggle against the common enemy.

Example: this is the blog of Spartacus.

At 10:21am on December 25, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…


If some members use the blog to fight, attack, write nonsense, I do not participate in the discussion. There are 3,400 members. In life, I've learned to give a damn. My role is specific against scammers. Do you understand what is my role? :)
Possibly are those who speak English well which must intervene and consult each other.

I think it is useful to imitate the blog by Sparacus or other members, instead of using the blog to argue like children. It seems to me that in your blog, there are interesting articles.
I left you some "likes". :)

If it can be useful to you, even in this group of Italian fb, there are trolls and debunkers. Many comments, many fights, many controversies, very mess. I learned to observe and not intervene / interfere.

For me, the comments represent chatters. Only chatters. Sometimes it is useful to leave a comment, but I do not like excess. Other T.I. instead/body>

At 5:38am on December 25, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

It is not easy to wish Merry Christmas and happy new year because all T.I. live a drama, a difficult situation, harassment and torture. All T.I. I'm a bit depressed, demoralized, tired,angryand for many years, they do not live a peaceful Christmas. From 7 years, I do not live a nice Christmas, Easter, birthday and other celebrations. I have pleasant memories of Christmas in my childhood. Now I live like a slave 24/7.

I hope this little thought, give a bit of security, trust and a little smile for 2015. We will continue to fight a common struggle against the common enemy. The war against the common enemy will continue in 2015. What is the last thing out of the Pandora's Box? THE HOPE. You do not lose hope dear T.I. ...

At 1:33pm on October 17, 2014, Sue said…

Hi Dot, sorry to hear youre not doing well. I can definitely understand how it gets so difficult to cope with sometimes. Do what you need to stay as strong as you can even if it means hospititalisation for a bit. Time travel? Yes interesting concept I never used to believe in but now I do for various reasons. A lot of people think its bull l know but lm very open minded when it comes to all the possibilities ??? I hope youre feeling better soon.

At 3:04am on August 15, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…


Seattle is also the birthplace of rock musician Jimi Hendrix !!!

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Brian Lamont commented on Brian Lamont's blog post The Microchip Illusion
"There are many lone bloggers out there, DECA. They are up against an army of perpetRATors, some of which are disguised as T.I. who all seem to spread the same 'lines'. There's no need to move on from the Microchip illusion, Deca,…"
50 minutes ago
deca commented on Brian Lamont's blog post The Microchip Illusion
"as for  again its another lone blogger that has suddenly appeared and spreading their personal beliefs/speculation around the TI community as if they were some type of expert and…"
1 hour ago
deca commented on Brian Lamont's blog post The Microchip Illusion
"there is a range of technology being used agaist TI`s .... I thought we had moved on from the old implant vs non implant  false dichotomy bullshit that divides the comunity and proves nothing. there has been TI`s found with implants and other…"
1 hour ago
John Pusa replied to CLS's discussion What they can do with brain control that you are unaware of.
"Thanks for the update. Occasionally, I am experiencing dizziness, burning, teeth pain, muscle pain, and other issues. This indicates they are causing me the pain. "
2 hours ago
God's Grace and Brian Lamont are now friends
2 hours ago
Joseph suazo commented on Brian Lamont's blog post The Synchronicity of Mind Control in Gang Stalking
"That and this illumformula10Bchap.shtml try that i thought this is just all physical and psychological, until i have nightmares twice in a row. The link is the spiritual aspect."
2 hours ago
Carl v. commented on Wayne Morin Jr's video
2 hours ago
Joseph suazo replied to CLS's discussion What they can do with brain control that you are unaware of.
"I agree to most of this exept one. The only person who got smarter is me, desperate to regain control i tried everything logical. From ignoring v2k to conversing to their gibberish talk. Nothing works! In my feild of work as a construction worker i…"
2 hours ago



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