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Ray James Göbel
Kirchgasse 4
63571 Gelnhausen/ West Germany

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

this is a true story about Electronic Mind Control harassment, included, gang-stalking, inserts, voice to skull technology, child torture, sexual abuse, attempted murder and audio harassment witch grad is unbelievable in perversion.

I would like to describe this circumstances so detailed as possible to give an insight how criminals sadist work.

Every thing began about 13 years on a vacation trip to Spain. People began to starring after me some of them whistled after me, i thought by myself maybe the public mistook me for an actor or soccer player. But also after the return to Germany, this increased the people began to laughter as soon my person was present. Even if I was on the move by my car, I was laughed by the road users. Some even gesticulated widely or showed me the middle Finger. Slowly i caught myself in to surprise however I thought perhaps it lies because i drove an expensive car. But then reinforced to itself this action stage-wise. I noted that slowly my so called circle of friends from my person outdistanced. In the year 1996 friends invite me to a Bar, suddenly a group of person starring at us and began provocations. A friend of mine said what you all looking to. Then they stand up and left the Bar. I thought by my self what a kina action this was. We left the Bar before they closed up, and we walked to the car in this moment the persons showed up, I wonder because they knew exactly where our car parked at, It was am ambush. Suddenly somebody said go, we don’t wont to fight you, in that moment I saw that one person try to stab my friend, I said don’t take that knife. Than somebody sneaked from behind and knocked me down whit an baseball-bad. The owner called the police and the Persons escaped. I had to go to hospital and laid three days in coma; I had a brain damage so that I am not able to smell no more. My friend took this people to court. I became a letter from the police that I have to go to the court as a witness. At the court I told the Jury that i was laying in Coma. The suspect thing was that the Lawyer tried to Harass me, he said maybe you had to much punches that day. Than the Judge the Lawyer and the public Prosecutor began to laugh. I thought what in Hell happens over here. During the 1998-2000 I worked as a miner in the Tunnel-construction, there escalated the situation they called me murderer rapist porno-star and all kina of crime. At this time I could recognized that they try to work with psychological effects. For me and my family espectly for my kid’s it was an unbelievable situation. Peoples walk true the front door of my apartment an began to scream racist propaganda. Even on a town festival they screamed Audio from the loudspeakers, it sounds like somebody try to kill somebody, after my children’s wonna to drive a roller-coaster everybody could hear in the loudspeaker unambiguously that Bimbo, Bimbo shouts. Other family’s pointing with finger to us. Even on the German carnival in my home town they dress up like Africans with an aluminum Beanie (protection against electromagnetic waves) on their heads and acting funny. Then they used Audio 24/7 around my apartment that we couldn’t sleep. Also at night if I try to sleep this rushing increase and one can perceive a voice directly beside the head on the right and left side. When I left my apartment to go to work, or my family goes shopping the whole town knows about it. The situation is like a Jewish in WW2 walking in town. One day I visit a Restaurant and saw two youngsters sitting at the table, at the moment they noted me, they took immediately their mobiles phones and searched for news as them this read they caught into laugh. To follow this information I played the knowing and also took my mobile phone and did also news would read and looked at the youngsters and also caught into laugh, immediately the reaction came they looked and said where he has the number from. I recognize by this action wise it concerns unambiguously around criminal union, from which reason the secrecy.They receive Information about Short Message Service and than explain this as role play. Even that somebody crashed my car, it was parked in a parking lot, and the Person left a notice under the Wiper of my car. Suddenly somebody came on a little motor bike and remove the notice. My neighbor he watched the situation and told me. Also when I visit with my children a Theme park in Bavaria(Germany) I recognize that we constantly from two persons shaded became, I tried to find out if the situation is real, and took my mobile phone which has an intrigued camera and held them down and acted as it would be defective. I held the mobile phone only briefly in the direction of the persons to test their reaction, they sat about five to six meters of me remove on a bench. The reaction promptly came; they looked and said he has taken a photo of us. Thus they left immediately the bench and remain further in the background. Only these circumstances confirm the processes. The constantly stress situation for my children and my Girlfriend became intolerable, so we decide that she and my two children move back to Frankfurt am Main(Germany). In the year 2000 I became a employment as an Arial freight forwarding Agent at the Frankfurt/Airport. There intensified the situations, one started electronic devices to audio. One could also ascertain increasing which perceives the general public, at any time local changes of my person, or returned detail from my private area. Some of my colleagues called me again porno star, even straight person my counter run past and said this he is? And with the fingers pointed at my person. This action increased on and on, thus I lost my workplaces. To recognize the situation I consulted several doctors, with the investigation, but no precise findings could be diagnosed. Also when I moved to my mothers household. The apartment lies directly at a town park, I saw a person hiding behind a small hedge and taken a photo of me. Also they tried to bring me with minorities in discredit is fact. This was such strengthened, that I had to accept considerable irreparable damages like stabs, into the underbody as well in the face. Even in the neighborhood my Mom lives since 25years in the same house and since that time with the same neighbors, and we even saw how their children grow up and now I must allow them to spit me verbal in the face. They are playing audio always from both side left and right of the house. On the right side they hide in a apartment next to. On the left side the hide behind the park we are living at. They are trying to change me psychological. Even that they lied to my mother, and keep information’s Secret. They telling her lies, I could recognize it when she is watching me, the person who gave her the wrong information is the neighbor who lived once in the house. Now some one mind thinks how I should know about, that would be a good question, the fact is that I never gave verbal info, this was my own thoughts. To test this circumstances I thought, I repeat thought by myself, so funny it’s sounds maybe I should give the tortures some chocolate for that pure action they give. The reaction promptly came, I left the Apartment, we lived at the second floor of the House. Somebody placed a little piece of chocolate on the stairs. That situation showed that they could read my thoughts. Logical the torturer must hide in the house, the only place were they could hide was the neighbor at the first floor. To manifest this situation I searched in the Internet, and I found the tactics they use, it called Mind Control Tactics (psychic driving) and The processing of target persons the German version is called (Bearbeitung einer Zielperson ! ). I was shocked because they even involb neighbors and family members for they Mind Control program. For me was the scary part of the whole circumstances, that my own mother never asks me, and I fight since almost then years against these tortures. Even my one Brother and girlfriend is involbt in that Harassment, they keep information’s secret, and gave my Mother false information. One can recognize unambiguously, that the ethical as well the moral disposition, because this secrecy, probably has no humanitarian background, only one is possible one identify to itself with the circumstances, from one or several backgrounds like Envy, malicious pleasure, hatred. After I tried to get some help from my local Police department, they said they can’t investigate, because my person had no evidence, but this is a local harassment and everybody knows about it. So I wrote to the German LKA and BKA they got the same function, like the FBI or CIA. The LKA wrote me back that they cant not investigate because this circumstances are not the area of responsibility. The BKA wrote me back that they will send a briefing to my local police department. But I never heard anything no more. This happens in the year 2001, we got now the year 2009.Now I send the circumstances to the European Court of Human Rights, they wrote me back that they cant not investigate because my person must scoop out at first the German law. So I tried it again, I wrote to the Highest Court of Germany ,it called The Bundesgerichtshof, they wrote me back that they cant either investigate because this circumstances are not the area of responsibility. If now one still believes which is this the climax of the perversion than they must fancy, I could recognize when I visit my children’s and my son to himself changed, he informed me, that he at night hear bees, also he is not able to concentrate and if he is Sleeping I could saw that his legs and arms Twitch. Even he chews his skin from the finger hilltops and has dark eyelids. Also if somebody try speak with him, he start to roll his eyes. Also when he tries to concentrate, when he is playing a video-game he start with these ocular roles repeatedly. These symptoms like hearing bees, or these ocular roles and body parts Twitches, when he sleep, are descript in the open literature, also like the constant acoustic irradiation. To cause these physical effects like the ocular roles, and dark eyelids (Sleep-patterns) and bees hears, a person must be penetrate with low energy-pulsed microwaves. If people with low microwaves exposed become, the sensation becomes as sums, clicks or hissing reports this seems to originate no matter of the position of the person in the area or just behind the head or inside. By correct input of the impulse a person can be caused hearing speech. The boy recognizes that he stands under treatment and tried to fight back and try to hide his thoughts. Even the symptoms the Boy got like ocular roles are descript in the open literature, it called Neuro Linguistic Programming and LEM, I quote: Lateral Eye Movement (LEM) can be a useful skill to the programmer. Monarch victims are sometimes programmed so that the real LEM is not done publicly by the victim, to prevent people from getting visual clues as to what is going on in their mind. A person who is thinking in visual images will generally speak more quickly and at a higher pitch than someone who is not. These types of clues help the Programmers are more skilled, but it isn’t a necessity. One day even my own Brother came for a visit and started provocatively with the eyes to roll, one could recognize unambiguously he has received information. To find out witch perverted person behind that child Torture, I stayed a couple day’s in the apartment of my girlfriend I could recognize that she was scared, exactly when I arrived they started to play Audio again in the apartment next and above of the house. One day I saw two persons walking to the house, they wearing very old Army Coats, I placed me behind the door and watched them true the door spy, the walked up to first floor. One of the persons I identify it was a criminal from my home town. I opened slowly the door and I heard that they ring the door bell from the apartment above. They said we can go on and enter the apartment. Now I had a target, because I know that person. My question was what kina roll that criminal plays, he must be a part of the structure from the criminals. Two day`s later I was sitting on the couch and watched television, I had the balcony door open, from the mirror effect of the door I could see a person in the apartment across the street, the person had a headset on and stands behind the curtains with a Laptop on the table next to him. I wonder because in the Apartment an old Lady lives and she had never vacation. I tried to bring me in a better position and hide in the corner of the living room. I thought what that person does over there, because he acting suspect, in a suddenly he watched over to me and closed the window-shades. After that actions I decides to drive back to my home town it’s about 30 miles away, and found out were that perverted Gang Stalker hangs out. I went to an bar were he often go to, I drank a beer and wait till he comes and he came, he walked thru the door and placed in the corner bench of the bar, suddenly he started to verbal attacks me and tried to fool me, I thought let him play his verbal judo, I wanted to find out how far he goes. I stand up and went to toilet; after I came back from toilet everybody stopped to talk not even the music box was playing. I sat down and ask him what in Hell a piece of shit hiding in a apartment next to my children, and playing audio games and who was the other person, then he did a big mistake he started to laugh, so I stand up and kicked the piece of shit out of the Bar. After I spend a lot of money and time on my own private investigation, I found out who is behind that Gang Stalking harassment, its not only a local Harassment, is not possible that this person, is a member of any executive or judicative institutions, he is a criminal psycho. The persons are located. I found out that my person must have Inserts, so I visit again a doctor and he took an oral x-ray of my scull. That x-ray shows one art wire, on my back nasal root indicates. After several inquiries with specialists, as a bone or a shade was descript. Strange it is only which runs the so–called bone or shade, from the left back nasal cavity, directly in the right one, and its bend in right corner upwards, of that ends an unequivocal point shows. Also in the Dens of Axis a insert is to be seen. Strangely only that is by every local change by close of mine of right ear, this voice can hear, even with the test underwater. Also I have an Endoscope if that disposes allowed to me to look at my inner ear perfectly. In case of the consideration of the inner ear, if I could ascertain exactly that are thefts in the inner ear area. Itself the Speer to the Tympanic membrane (eardrum). Also I got precise pictures of the anatomy of the inner ear. These thefts would not have to be interpreted by the doctors, because this of course they are not normal nature. But again become exactly these thefts, in the open literature exactly described. The thefts are connected with the skin, this is supported again other by our skeleton which works like an antenna for waves or frequencies. Also I am able to hear them in any electrical devices like Computer vents, machines, ventilations- systems, electrical-trains, cars. If I drive in a car the signals stops when the speed is under 50 miles and starts again over 50 miles. I found out that the signal docks on the air-molecule(whirlwind)(Microwave-hearing). Robert. O. Becker winner of the Nobel Price for Electromagnetism wrote in his book The Body Electric; I quote: The starting and stopping of an electric train turns the power rail into a giant antenna that radiates ELF waves for over 100 miles. Electromagnetic fields vibrating at 60hertz (50hertz in Europe and Russia) surround nearly every person on earth from appliances at home and machines at work.
To test the circumstances I build my own vent-system, and the signal comes thru the Air. As for example ELF(Extreme Low Frequency) waves about the thefts lead to the eardrum. Then are converted by the Insert.
Even a world famous Russian scientist Prof. Dr. Igor Smirnov developed a technique in which he has the opportunity in each low frequency noise such as in the sound of a telephone handset even in the noise of a pneumatic hammer, even in a radio broadcast and music to interfere. The brain of a human is capable of these subliminal messages to decode. This technique can be seen, in the contribution of the German ZDF television with the title, The Zombies of the Red - 42k -

Then are converted by the Insert. When I came out of the doctor’s practice, road user drove past my person and laughed. That is a fact and they do this for years away, situation synthetically have produced and than placed in the general public, for one single reason. To carry out exactly this approach, one needs years in addition in precise orders it is carried out like lowering of the level treatment of purpose person, influencing of persons or personal groups describes at the same time this approach also the psychological profile of the executive tortures. Which perversion or better said which pervert torments small children electronically? My on investigation shows that I am not the only one; the unbelievable fact is that in my local area (County) with a radian from 80 miles over ten people have to fight against Electronically Harassment. They even tortured an 84 old Lady. They must have a base were they operate from. The Washington Post Magazine, titled this circumstances at the 14.01.2007.Mind Games was the Title story.
If some one analyses this circumstances you will notice that they are use Tactics this tactics called psychic driving. One of the tactics and most primary tactics is to drain the Victims finance. Spreading roamers that the victim got a criminal record. To destroy the victim’s personality and public single behavior of the victim is a part of psychic driving. To make a victim unsure of his own live experience, about the Mind Control circumstances. Such a programming can cause the person to self isolate themselves wherein they can be caused to say things to family members or his friends that will instigated discords between them furthering the agenda of isolating the subject from any support that may be able to obtain. To test the above situation I gave information about this circumstances to people I know, in that test phase I recognize that when I talked to a person about the circumstances and saw or talked to the same person again the person changed his argumentation the person tried to make me unsure or to fool me verbal. They use criminals to harass my person and they monitor the Action. The fact is that everybody knows about it, but nobody says something. If somebody will analyze the given information above, he will recognize that they copy physical tactics and use criminals and criminal action for the Harassment on adults and children. Even that they use sexual Harassment tactics. The public knows about it, but still some people think this would be funny and acting that way. Their moral they got already shown in WW2, Jewish people and children got deported and killed in Conzentration camps. The public said, we didn’t know about it, but the most of them appropriate their Houses and Land of the Jewish people. The absolute funny thing is, the open Literature says that people who standing under permanent or repeated torture whit electronic devices and tortured with the same physically tactics always descript the same physiological effects. So my question was, what some people laughing about? It mind be that they got no intellectual behavior, or they mind think they immune against electronic Harassment. But after years of Electronic Harassment I got a good psychological profile of the Abusers and their helpers, they love to get information’s some of them acting like supernumerary’s in a daily soap opera. I guess because their normal live is so boredom. Even that the abusers use Graffiti on the main shopping center in my small town, with the words: Is this the Master Control program. Here a another example that shows how they drain me financially. In every jobs I had they spearing roamers and involb colleagues so that I was unable to keep the job. They destroy my whole career and my social status. Another tactic they use is called; blame the Victim about the circumstances. Now I am unemployed since years, I was working as an foremen for Street Constructions and Heavy Duty Equipment since years in my home town, and as an Miner in tunnel-constructions, even as an Cargo-Agent for Airlines. Now I have to go to the Job-centre in my home town and they love it to laugh after me, the funniest part the job-centre send me an letter that says they try to re-establish my working-life as an traffic checker on streets( counting cars). I wrote back that must be a joke, they should check my working history, if I ever was working as a pupil trainer. Than they cancelled my social welfare check. That shows what they try to do, they discriminate me. Even that I have to pay the court for circumstances they provocate is unbelievable. I found out the criminals like to blame me in any situation they could. After the criminals recognize that the audio harassment nearby my apartment don’t work, to change me physiological they change tactic and use sexual harassment tactics. Sexual behavior is given to the public. Systematic discrediting the social stand and prestige are prior tactics. To send information wireless there must be electromagnetic absorbation it called Specific Absorbation Rate(SAR).Test on rat and mouse’s showed that electromagnetic radiation from 0.2 watt pro kilogram to the body tissue an half hour a day is an potential cancer risk. But still many people think electromagnetic inserts in Humans, to blame and discredit the target is a game without any risk to the target. To read thoughts of a person it needed an implant- and a brain scan of the human because, every person or human got a characteristic brain wave or frequency . When a human thinks or got thoughts the brain gives an electrochemical signal to the synapses it call neuron fire. But this is still no speech, to read the neuron fire it needed an insert that placed in the frontal lobe or near the region of the lateral dimension(Anterior &Posterior).The target must have a body suit of Implants because the second insert must send the information. The modern Implants send this information wireless, that means digital to a Computer or Cell-tower the income signals are algorithmic nature the special software turns this signals into speech or words. This information than given simultaneous to the involbt criminals by Short Message Service or business band radio or any other media. The information used to destroy the target mentally. On my given oral x-ray of my skull you see an insert placed in the dens of axis (Axis Anterior) this is the last part of the spinal Colum into the skull. The question is how the insert came into the skull; the answer is I’ got a little hole in the roof of the mouth. When a person is under surgery a surgeon placed the insert over the roof of the mouth in an angle of 15° degree into the dens of Axis. By the way if an person is not sick or had no accident, so that the person must go under a surgery, it’s easy to ambush the person and knock him or her down from behind, like they did to me. The public in my small town knows exactly the circumstances, but criminals who rape woman and use electromagnetic weapons on children are welcome and still going on whit their Mind control harassment, and Street-Theatre some times they act like an interactive soap opera and everybody can join it, it’s like somebody robs a bank and the police opens the door for the thief. The reason that the criminals use electromagnetic weapons on children and or on the target children is to give the target, a feeling of helpless. I analyze the criminals and their profile already over 12years; I got the complete structure of them. These persons with their absolutely sick brain may think small children and older woman and men are sleeper Agents. It’s a small death step by step each day, the most of the mind control targets, die on cancer or suicide. I still wondered about the moral of some persons, it’s like a person had an accident and laying on the middle of the street and waiting for help, but the people watch him and wait what happens, maybe a Truck comes by. Some persons live must be so bored that they must monitor others.

Please visit these web-sites on Google to understand the circumstances.
3. - 151k
5. -
6. Die Zombie der Roten Zaren - 42k -

Mind Control Minute:
"What is 'Street Theater'?"
October 8, 2003


This is [narrator] with a Mind Control Minute, titled "What is 'Street
Theater'?", written by Eleanor White.

The 'psycho-electronic' type of mind control I'm discussing here is the
covert, around the clock harassment of innocent citizens living in their
homes and communities, and is currently world wide in scope. This
harassment has been developed and refined, starting with historical mind
control programs like MKULTRA, in which victims were imprisoned and tortured,
and COINTELPRO, in which victims were stalked, had homes and offices
broken into and trashed, and reputations ruined. Advanced electronics
now makes it possible to manipulate the minds and bodies of targeted
citizens silently, undetectably, and through even the best electromagnetic

When a current day psycho-electronic mind control victim uses the term
'street theater', they are talking about harassment 'skits' put on by
accomplices to the operators of the electronic mind/body weapons. These
skits are very carefully engineered so that to a casual observer, the
'actors' are just going about perfectly normal business, perhaps with a
tiny bit of clumsiness or rudness, but otherwise there is no outward
clue that a harassment skit is taking place.

These skits are designed so that if the target complains to anyone, it
is the TARGET and not the actor who looks foolish and paranoid.

Street theater is most likely to occur in public places where the victim
must go, or enjoys going. Grocery supermarkets are one of the most
frequent scenes for street theater. Busses score highly, as do malls and
mall parking lots. If a victim must go to a specific place for important
business, and this is known in advance, more often than not some kind of
time wasting tactic, or surprise (such as power out, broken plumbing,
staff off sick or called away from their wicket by someone) will occur,
or simply a long lineup will be there ahead of the victim. Important
telephone calls will fail to connect. ANY event that makes life
inconvenient for the victim can be made into a skit.

The key to understanding street theater, as opposed to life's normal
breaks, is FREQUENCY OF OCCURRENCE. What happens to the general public
now and then, say every few months, happens to mind control victims
every day. EVERY ... day. Although the skits do change, there are no
days without them for the mind control victim. The skits, observed
over time and a large number of victims, appear to be taken from a
"master menu" and locally custom tailored to the individual under attack.

HOW is it possible for the mind control equipment holders to get so much
help from local people? The answer is by telling LIES, and MONEY. We
know some 'actors' are HIRED because some of us have seen actual discussions
between perpetrator bosses and employees. Others do it out of a severely
misplaced wish to "do good for the community" or "help to do God's work."

If local citizen groups like Neighborhood Watch, Citizens on Patrol, or
church groups are told that the victim is (say) a pedophile or a prostitute,
it is not hard to get them to participate in street theater skits. In fact,
in one case, a victim discovered that her harassers actually believed they
are "angels left behind to straighten people out so they can come to the

That is street theater, and when added to around the clock electronic
mind and body attacks, it completes the task of making the innocent
target feel as if their life is not worth living.


Best Regards
Ray James Göbel

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At 2:45am on April 17, 2009, ron said…
"Geheimes Ruland. Moskau -- Die Zombies der roten Zaren" "Secret Russia. Moscow -- The zombies of the red czars"] Russian Scientist Igor Smirnov Describes Russian Psychotronic Technology ZDF German TV Documentary December 22, 1998. When Reagan asked Gorbachev to "Bring down that wall" the worst escaped to the Western world to spread Communism/Fascism. China and Russia have been ahead of the USA in the torture Industry always. Remember Russia was in Afghanastan for 30 years prior to the USA. The diamond in Afghanastan are the size of softballs and when the hills were being blown diamonds were being mined by US missles and strikes. There are 6 Countries that mine the wealth of Afghanastan. Where is that going? Is the US fighting a war for Communism/Fascism? The USA has no purpose to be in the middle east other that to clear the way for Russia. It is obvious that the USA has been taken over by Russia and that the politicians need to educate themselves as to the degree of influence that is going on and the tricks playes by the Russians to comprimise politicians. They all need to THINK and get a full body MRI to disable their implants.

At 11:09pm on March 21, 2009, 寒冰 said…
Hello.I am the Chinese friends.I come from the Chinese scenery beautiful Huangshan Mountain city.
At 1:41am on February 24, 2009, ron said…
The mind control /Toruture is directly proportional to Chemtrails from NATO. NATO has been taken over since 2003 and the United Nations has been taken over since 2005 by corporations. shows the chemtrails.

Morgellons are nano crystals that grow inside the human body and on the nervous system to create a human 2 way radio that is then controlled by massive Supercomputers to make people do things they noramally would not do. The antidote is massive shifts in your body PH via eating foods that are either very acidic or very basic.. one way then the other.. shift one way then the other in food intake. No water is untainted.. no processed food is untainted now with morgellons
At 2:57am on February 16, 2009, jania said…
Please Ray, can you help me. I feel contol from my family and ex boy
friend.Even he has a new girl friend. Wy he still control me.
Please help me.Jania
At 12:50am on January 31, 2009, James Henry Graf said…
Hi, Ray:

Please call me James or Jim. I'm a bit sensitive about my name, since my perpetrators have repeatedly tried to misrepresent my identity (see ).

Because of winter weather and illness, I've been in "hunker down" mode for quite a while. I live for the moment. I live by the day. I thank God for every good thing that comes my way.

The success of James Walbert's court action subdued some of my perpetrators, but it took them just a day or two to renew their V2K slander and threats. Some of them simply have no conscience, and they are convinced that they will never be held accountable for what they do and say. It amazes me that the State of New York, experiencing serious financial crisis and planning to lay off many State employees, can still afford to employ "private investigators" to conduct a mental torture program against a whistleblower. Somebody should examine the priorities of the Cuomo Empire State.

At 12:28am on January 7, 2009, James Henry Graf said…
Hi, Ray,

It was a quiet and rather lonely holiday season. My best buddy Roy moved back to Texas to help his family. His wife, who is still here with her family, stopped over for a glass of wine, but that's the only socializing I did. My friend Fernando was supposed to come from California to see his mother, but he hasn't come yet (storms, travel delays, etc.). I've been hunkering down with music and good food, taking the occasional walk in town to wink at ladies. Though winter has just begun, I'm ready for spring already. I hope you had a good, happy, and safe holiday season.
At 1:29am on December 30, 2008, James Henry Graf said…
Hello again, Ray:

Through slander and/or intimidation, my perpetrators "compliment" (that is, secure the corrupt cooperation of) any person of power or influence I may try to contact. I suspect they may have influenced General Kelly and his family back in the 1980s.

That's the problem when one's thoughts are not private. The bad people can get to somebody before I can.
At 2:54am on December 29, 2008, treelaw45 TI said…
I will Ray, You do the same. Stay strong. Peter
At 12:20am on December 29, 2008, James Henry Graf said…
Hi, Ray:

Graf is actually the name of my father's stepfather, but my mother had German ancestry (Detlefsen, Piepgras). The Detlefsens came from Hanover in the 1800s, and the Piepgras branch came apparently from Schleswig, possibly after settling for a while in Great Britain (my grandmother claimed to have been born a British subject). The Piepgras family was involved in ship building. My probable great-great grandfather was Henry Piepgras, who built championship racing yachts. My grandmother remembered sailing on at least two of the yachts he built.

My father was apparently a descendant of one of America's oldest European families, the Byams of Massachusetts. George Byam came to America about 1635. Two of my ancestral lines include members of the Adams family. My putative great-grandfather, Salathial Adams Byam, died in the Civil War. Another of his descendants whom I never met, the late General Thomas Kelly, was Chief of Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War.

I myself have never been in the military and I detest war.
At 10:17pm on November 11, 2008, Ray said…
The Real Terrorist

Symptoms caused by electromagnetic exposure (Mind Control) are in the literature, as well as in research the best known, however, differ from some other symptoms, but are significant exposures caused by audio (Subliminal) exposure. For these types of exposures or technology, will always have the same symptoms, such as Lyme disease, sleep disturbances, lethargy or hyperactivity and isolation. The primary reason that this technique is applied, the destruction of the individual
(Brainwashing). No other form of mind control techniques, is as destructive as the Subliminal Mind Control-transmissions. This technique differs in two ways, the Supraliminal Perception and Subliminal Perception. Supraliminal means if one person consciously or unconsciously an event experience.Even now if you read and analyze this text, which is Supraliminal perception. Subliminal perception is, if anything we experience what we perceive unconsciously.
This is a very important Mind Control Technology, because the information and ideas directly to the conscious mind control over. We live in a hectic world in which we, with visual messages and information to be flooded, some of which are very useful, so we often subliminal visual experiences and perceptions of benefit. For Subliminaler Mind Control techniques, is quite aware at this level of consciousness worked at the individual, a kind of obsession, such as the classic voices heard.
The Tactical background is the target person may at any time, are presented as schizophrenic and thus credibility.
Since the target person in the first phase, in the rarest of cases on their experience speaks, people feel close associates, such as withdrawal and / or isolating. This reaction of the target person, is the first phase normal because the target person is looking for the backgrounds, for this reason that the person is isolated from its environment, because they thought they could not understand or they will be ridiculed. But this is exactly the psychological symptoms, specifically controlled. Robert. O. Becker
got his book for the Body Electric, the Nobel prize twice. He describes this kind of technique as follows; I quote: Such a device has obvious application in-Covert operations are designed to drive a target crazy with voices whether undetectable deliver instruction to a progrsmmed Assassin. The translation emphasizes the above approach. Also you can approach with this technique, in three parts, such as a book or a movie, namely as follows, the initiation, and the central part and Endpart or Final.
Also a very important aspect, the primary first phase of this technique is one of the target person financially ruined and the person from their environment to break out so that the target person finds no support. These include the target person
in every corner of private life is monitored. There is every opportunity the victim to pull into the ridiculous.
The man at the target person, as soon as possible, the desired effects can use the so-called open surveillance. Regular provocating violence in public and provocations of fights.
The target this person should be terrorized, the surroundings of terror may not be noticed, only the target person. This is really fascinating to see how blithely criminal organizations and public groups can act in the same breath and be open to the public and media of the population suggests that the state population must be protected from terrorists. You can now entitled to ask, if we so slow, the current text analyzes who the real terrorist. My goal was and is that they can recognize what deceitfulness, the population will be misled. In the second phase of the Mind Control will be targeted health damage caused, except for the use subliminal techniques, are also other Radiofrequenzweapons used. Unhumanity In this approach, there is neither a scientific background, nor is he a political nature. One might not mind control techniques, if this artificially induced symptoms that are not already a century (1905 Tesla) and Scientific existed long known and documented. One must really not a crime profiler in order to be able to recognize that this technique and their ethically and morally sick performers, the perversion in itself. I would also no known case in which Abnormality would learn that it is or not.
On the degree of symptoms and the clinical picture, can be easily applied technology, or the use of certain weapons electromagnetic determined. Even the use of implants, if it is feasible, are deployed. If necessary, accidents or attacks committed to the target person into the surgery to bring. These exporting creatures, which people call away, not even afraid of children to torture, the electromagnetic imaging suspended.
Men and women are genital mutilation, I have received several reports of Targets, whose degree of perversion unbelievable. These and similar inhumane practices but was already covered by survivors of the Holocaust (Mengele) is described.
It is unbelievable how publicly Humanity is writ large in the background, people blithely Abnormal their inclinations and may go after these acts of torture are blithely covered.
Even before the murder and contract killings will not shrunk.
The electromagnetic weapons as well as radiofrequency weapons, diseases, is already known since 1940 years, the diseases caused by such will, to name just a few calling are cancer, Staphylococus, herpes genitales, multiple sclerosis, genetic. A very interesting finding is that these unscrupulous criminals not only are mentally retarded, although this expression
actually is still too lenient, they also have fear. When you researched carefully, you will find that people come from Organizations such as Mafia, Triads, to name a few, never such electromagnetic torture have been and will be suspended. The reason is that these Organizations have the attackers and their backers completely eliminated.
For my terms they are scared rabbits, which all foolished what there is. The only courage that the mentally ill criminals bring to light, is old men, children and women to torture, including 84year is an old lady, even small children (10 months) which compared with third-degree burns (microwave imaging). Me, the question arises, for God's sake where are the terrorists? by which our society must be protected? You do not believe in seriously, about Bin Laden, to name only one person to call in their neighborhood creeps to small children and old ladies and gentlemen electromagnetically to expose. What they believe, why in the approach of the so-called street theater, so many people involved will need to use? There are even reports of Mind Control victims who come from small communities (under 1000pop) where half the community was involved. This finding alone witnessed some of Ethical, Moral as background. Sometimes I come before this involvement, as if there is a daily soap opera for
Perverse there. Also very interesting is, who financed these criminal activities? Even the answer is Incredibly, the mentally ill criminals are financed by drug trafficking, prostitution, pedophilia, even in orbit. But that poses the same question? what does the Secret Service, or better said where he is. When considering and extension of the criminal organizations worldwide, we find the secret has not the slightest chance against these
Organizations, perhaps deal so their subgroups
with the elderly, Childtorture and desecration, if nothing else can. Organizations like the Mafia, just to name one of them
Earn 90billion euros in the year and more, one is to have other Organizations, such as Triad, Jakuza.
Organized crime has an estimated worldwide sales of 750 billion U.S. dollars, of which drug business: 280 billion. The money includes 75 billion U.S. dollars, mainly in Europe in Lichtenstein. Luxembourg. Austria and the English Channel Islands.
Italy: Cosa Nostra (Sicily): 130 families, 50 000 members. 50 billion U.S. dollars in turnover.
Camorra (Naples): 15 clans, 7000 members. 8 billion turnover
Ndrangheta (Calabria): 150 groups, 6 000 people. 4 billion U.S. dollars in turnover.
Sacra Corona Unita (Puglia): 7 glans, 1 000 members. 3 billion U.S. dollars in turnover.
All: narcotics, extortion, corruption transactions involving politicians, the arms trade.
Russia: 4 500 groups, 100 000 members. Estimated turnover: around ten percent of the gross national product. Narcotics, extortion, kidnapping, weapons trafficking.
Nigeria: Several hundred groups of about 15 000 members. Prostitution, money laundering, arms and drug trafficking. 15 billion U.S. dollars in turnover. PRC: 1 500 groups with 450 000 members. Turnover: unknown. Smuggling, drug trafficking.
Chinese Triads: SO groups alone in Hong Kong and Taiwan, 120 000 members worldwide. 60 billion turnover. Heroin and cocaine trade (monopoly in the Asian region), prostitution, smuggling.
Japan: "Yakuza", 2300 groups, 90,000 members. 15 billion U.S. dollars revenue. Prostitution, corruption, construction and stock market speculation, transactions with politicians.
Brazil: 1 000 groups, 250 000 members. Drug trafficking, gold smuggling, extortion, gambling. 10 billion U.S. dollars in turnover.
Colombia: Cali and Medellin cartel with 25 000 members. Control 70 percent of world cocaine market. 10 billion turnover. USA: "Cosa Nostra" with 25 families and 3000 members. Prostitution, extortion, gambling.
Also active in the U.S. are mainly Colombians, Nigerians and triads. Turnover of all groups in the United States: 100 billion U.S. dollars. To. According to them this information so slowly through you head Tournament, they are nevertheless times the logical question, which these organizations earn their money, I suppose the question from them, in no case with torture of children and old people and not even with implants and genital mutilation of human beings.
On the contrary, in such organizations are torture of children and old people frowned upon, even when detained persons, such Perverted outlawed. Reminds them are still on Mengele? Mengele was Camp doctor in Auschwitz and experimented mainly to twins and short people and also for gypsy children were of great interest to him. He wanted by comparisons between them and the other imprisoned children of the allegations of racial doctrine see.2004 were confirmed in Brazil letters and diary entries published Mengele. The coincidence raises fund light on some recent thoughts and life circumstances of the(Nazi) SS doctor. In the documents it becomes clear that Mengele not repented of his deeds and until his death a staunch socialist nation remained, denied his guilt. He defended the "otherness of the races". Mengele also be played in 1972 with the idea of returning to Germany. Such people are the perversion in itself, if we imagine that such atrocities on behalf of the people were executed, one can only shake his head. But these atrocities analyzed with the reports of some Mind Control,Victims
Parallel finds outrageous. The reason is
the Dr. Mengele records and tests on humans and their evaluations today Mind Control for purposes such as applied (Isolation) even as doctors and Joseph Cammeron
Delgado. Dr. Cameron created the CIA's MKULTRA program in the early fifties, Dr. Jose Delgado already experimented in the thirties years later, he was Director of Neuropsychiatry at Yale University Medical School. Here's a quote that person to a really there to think, in the truest sense: I quote:
The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. It does not have the right to develop his own mind this kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain. "

This sick man believed Indeed, the human has no right, about his thoughts on his own. Also to recognize is the time window of the research, the top of the text has already been mentioned.
Personally, I wonder every day what the thinking involved
Exporting insane, what world order role they probably would.
A very famous lady in the field Mind Control and Gang Stalking is Mrs. Eleanor White, this lady describes these individuals as follows: I quote: Groups of individuals who appear to
be borderline retarded, mentally ill, or delude into thinking that they are secret agents.
In my own hometown, the population is arranged, (20000pop) and the approach that I've been watching over ten years. , The parallels are absolutely identical. I wonna give a few examples so that you can understand why so many people are involved. The performers insane recruiting in which it is precisely these people and involve or can convince their ethical and moral background are converge. These described in the literature helpers, are blue collar workers or Janitors called to form the end of Jobscala or better said, the position of the group or organization. These so-called Janitors can be found everywhere, they are recruited in hotels, apartments over under beside them! People that can provide access. The jobs of the so-called Janitors exercise goes by guards taxi drivers, city worker, telephone, to electricity companies even children are involved, the so-called script kids.
The more people from different professions are involved, the more feel sick elements of legitimacy and gives them the illusion that certain power over others have. To this machinery to inform, you need a media that is large enough, all at the same time to inform, such as the Internet or by mobile phone (SMS) short massage service. According to information from the author, these sick elements thinking, they are over the police. After research and information of the author and myself, which is absolutely cover, are children the primary aim of the attacks. After several attempts my person under consideration by the authorities on these Circumstands to inform me lapidar was informed that the authorities were not responsible. As far as I am of course not surprised that this approach is generally known. Also interesting finding is the criminal energy of the performers develop. For certain criminal organizations, such as the mafia, there is a law they call it Omerta, translated, The law of silence.
Also here are at Mind Control parallel to recognize harassment, which involved silence and trying to hush up. This approach could, I personally tested several times and was clearly confirmed. The
Read facial expressions of people recognize that they were not glad that my person had information. Word sounds like `` How
come that he knows `` this suggest that this information should remain secret! For so-called street theater trying the victim or target people psychologically destabilizing.
Once the target person or the victim leaves the apartment
is now the approach to recognize. In the book by David Lawson, with the title Cause Stalking is to detail exactly that
Approach described, it is absolutely identical.
In the U.S., this approach in street theater, and in the course of stalking tactics, since the early 90 years of the Ku-Klux-Klan
executed. If we now imagine that these elements
blithely their activities in the U.S. can exercise, then they compare the activities and circumstances in other countries, they will determine that they are not so different are.
As an example, in my hometown, I wanted my mother in her apartment to visit, I had to cross a marketplace,
on a small celebration took place, suddenly came from the plant Loudspeakers a booth terrible scream out.
Immediately the person standing in this state are known me all these persons have neither a judiciary or executive background. If they think this is really unbelievable
I can convince the gains are still there, back in my hometown at a city festival wanted my children were small (3 and 4) years old with a roundabout to drive Proceed as from the loud speakers the word Bimbo, Bimbo resounded. That means public racist remarks,
The cases are not isolated. If these circumstances and statements now with the approach of the ethical and moral orientation of the Ku-Klux-Klan compare find no great differences. All involved persons are known to me, but none of the people, not only one has a judiciary or executive background. Even after I make to
write these lines, paused and then continue to inform you, respond
these items immediately, they inform the public. To counter the negative effect of my project to highlight the problem is, I know the whole range of approaches and Tactics, which this project slip into ridicule.
Even a local judge told me who was behind this is harassment. In my research I could find I am not the only person'm in my county is under harassment. You have to imagine that alone within a radius
of about four persons 50miles this
Harassment throes is unbelievable. If you calculate this percentage, to reach results that this finding is the absolute Terror. As already mentioned, we must not be Criminal profiler in
order to be able to recognize that a stroke or a base of torturers must exist. All these people Help was denied. Notices are these facts under an English version is available. Also very interesting is where these criminal relate their equipment, since such a high probability not in the supermarket to buy and very expensive. There is always the same again ask who is funding these mentally ill. I would like to have to set an example for how this works its criminal descriptor is propaganda they provoke controversy and spread lies, so that even my person behind get stabt was, in fact, I was left kraniale kidney separated. And only by an emergency operation was saved, I was given the entire abdominal cavity open.
During the trial the defendants with teilet he had me by the hand, the knife rammed into the abdomen. The court did not in this insidious act and punished the person is absolutely mild, the person got probation. Although clearly shows that the injection channel is located at the back of the torso of the knife a leaf width of at least 4cm and had to have a length of about 10cm. A person from behind to knife and then as no deceitfulness to provide the absolute travesty. But again, this approach precisely in the literature. I quote: A special feature of this approach Is the lack of action and conceal from the authorities. It comes to court hearings are the perpetrators, if ever, extremely mild punishment.

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