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Started this discussion. Last reply by Chanath May 6, 2016. 9 Replies

So lve noticed that us Tls are not a very sexual l think it kinda goes out the window with everything else thats taken from us.Last night l was chatting to a guy on a messenger app. All…Continue

has anyone realised the perps were with you long before they made you aware??

Started this discussion. Last reply by Joseph suazo Jul 15, 2016. 299 Replies

After being targeted in 2005 I thought this was when they entered my life until I started to think back on my life and identified people and events that were previously affected. The perps have been…Continue

has anyone been fooled by the perps blame game?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Endless Pain Apr 5, 2014. 23 Replies

I remember listening to something on talkshoe regarding our situation called "the program" explaining in detail the steps the perps take TIs through in their program on us. One of the early steps was…Continue

a wierd story

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sue Aug 27, 2014. 38 Replies

When I first noticed I was being targeted in 2005 I came home one day and found drug apparatus in the top draw of my dresser. The message I got is "you are going to need this". It was strange because…Continue


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Anneline Harisunker commented on Sue's blog post Update bad
"Hi there guys. I have been harassed into not going back to work, unfortunately i am in a bad financial situation and i communicated this to my boss. i sent an email requesting to go back to work. they want me to go for a psychiatric evaluation.…"
8 hours ago
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Sue commented on Sue's status
"Haha good on ya cat cat. They like to stalk but not have it done back to them."
Sep 11
Sue commented on Anneline Harisunker's blog post TI'S HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED THE FOLLOWING
"Hi Anneline. Thanks for the comment you left me...yr encouragement really helped me today. Regarding the above...yes l also hear most of these things. They say l have mpd and was a child abuser. I have spent hours trying to remember so they would…"
Sep 11
Anneline Harisunker left a comment for Sue
"Hi Sue. I have read your posts. Keep your head up and don't give up. I am also being accused of the most sickest, heinous and vilest things ever. There are days when I feel extremely low too. But never give up dear. These…"
Sep 11
Sue posted a status
"Then they give me an anti-psych med called abillify...wordplay in the psych field....ability to be villified (abillify)"
Sep 11
Sue posted a status
"I am being persecuted by the public (claiming lve child abused and cruelties etc) They want u to feel u deserve this. They villify me (us)"
Sep 11
hassanmcv commented on Sue's status
"Thank you Sue!"
Sep 3
Wayne Morin Jr commented on Sue's blog post Update bad
"you have a beautiful new avtar."
Aug 31
Angeline Klas commented on Sue's status
"Yes we need kindness, the lack of it makes me angry. We all need Love, but most people tend to leave when your hurting. It is too much for them to handle or they Simply do not care.  Are you going to be able to stay out of the psychiatric ward.…"
Aug 31
Angeline Klas commented on Sue's status
"No I do not know where she  is. She'll turn up one way or another."
Aug 30
Sue posted a status
""ONE KIND WORD" to someone every chance you have...and pass on this slogan...we are all suffering and need kindness."
Aug 30
Sue posted a status
"Does anyone know what happened to cat cat? Shes not here anymore?? Worried bout her!"
Aug 30
Sue commented on Angeline Klas's blog post Being annoying
"All l can think is to focus on breathing and ride it out. Im trying meditation but they take yr attention. Its hard but they choose us for a reason angeline....spiritual"
Aug 30
Sue commented on Sue's blog post Update bad
"Ty so much support mean so much to me. Yes the psych profession is a big farce for most are not psychotic and they know it. The thing they have on me is telling me others are hurting for my actions....even my thinking. This is driving me to insanity…"
Aug 30
Wayne Morin Jr commented on Sue's blog post Update bad
"Hi Sue Wayne here don't give up I'm here for you. "
Aug 27

My targeting started in 2005 that I first noticed but with time I've had memory recollection that goes back to this happening to me since I was a child.

In 2005 I started noticing the gang stalking (being followed, people looking at me funnily, high beaming me in their cars, deliberate annoyances and small things like that) At the same time I developed a skin disorder, my skin got really itchy and strange looking particles were emerging from my skin. I started going from doctor to doctor and they ignored me or told me I was delusional. I got really angry and started racing around town to every doctor I could find.

Very shortly after that the police and ambulance just came to my home and involuntarily took me to a mental facility where I had to stay for weeks until I agreed with the psychiatrists that I was delusional and there was nothing wrong with my body and I wasn't being followed. The only way to get out of there was to agree with their diagnosis.

Ive since discovered I have Morgellons disease ( an evil disease that is affecting people around the globe and is very suspicious. Many believe it is not natural but a man-made affliction. I absolutely agree)

Shortly upon leaving the hospital the gang stalking got worse..... people repeating my thoughts to me in public, being heavily followed and very deliberately annoyed by people, house drive bys, noise disturbance, people being deliberately rude, street theatre, etc

Since then my whole life has been turned upside down, the perpetrators of this crime abuse me verbally all day long (v2k), I have sleep disturbance via terribly loud noises in my head (medusa) and terrible induced nightmares, brain-hacking (reading my thoughts, seeing through my vision), constant threats of things too disgusting to mention.

They don't allow me to work anymore. I'm on unemployment benefits because no one will employ me. They give me bodily pains and particularly brain assaults that feel awful (like my brain alone is on a rollercoaster) It doesn't stop.

On top of this I've lost most of my family and friends. The ones I have left have labeled me crazy (not their fault) just the symptoms are designed to resemble mental illness. The perpetrators don't allow me to form or keep relationships. They killed my dad (the person I loved most in this world).

I'm a shadow of the person I used to be. This has ruined my life. I'm just glad that I have come to understand their methods.....their use of ELF and EMF waves (electronic means) to cause these symptoms. Many victims believe they are truly Ill and are on medications that only make things worse. My medications go where they belong - in the bin!

Its lonely because my mum doesn't believe me, she thinks I'm sick, there is no support for this crime and its soul destroying. As with most TI"s I don't know why I'm a victim.

I pray and hope that someone listens to our plight and uncovers this covert crime on innocent civilians and brings these satanic practicing perpetrators to justice.

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Update bad

Posted on August 21, 2017 at 7:50pm 8 Comments

Theyre telling me not to eat....that all food here is unclean as in made of sentient much pressure and my mum telling me eat eat eat! Had to go to psych ward. They questioned me about loads of junk but they knew exactly whats going on. I cant believe these ppl get paid to lie like this. All these poor souls who go to them for help and they cover this disgraceful crap and collect their fat pay conscience!

I have to admit choice...they want me back…



Posted on August 1, 2017 at 5:17pm 4 Comments

Does anyone think we Tls are a different race/species? Could we be less hybrid/more full blood human than the rest of the race? Have you noticed how quick they are? How they can focus on two things at speaking to another and focusing on you at the same time?....also quick hands? Sounds/words so quickly synched to your thoughts. Have they left some of us less genetic engineered? be food for their negative energy vamping?

Early programming

Posted on July 29, 2017 at 12:46pm 3 Comments

Hey pppls

When my targeting started years ago l turned to God as many of us do. I prayed for years for God to take away my addictions and for help all of us. One day l found God gave me 2 miracles. He undid a "lovesick " curse l had since l was a small child. I was always infatuated/obsessed/lovesick with any guy that walked by and got my attention. It caused loads of heartbreak in my life. I never knew it was part of my mc program from very early on. I fell in love with God and He…


Suicide program

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 7:07am 9 Comments

The last 2 months has killed me. Im in pieces. Depression is chronic. I cant cope, crying non stop. Ive picked up an alcohol addiction to medicate the pain. I hate alcoholism but lm not coping with the mental emotional pain. Im thinking suicidal thoughts planning to jump. I cant find a way out of this state they have me in. I lost god months ago...prayer is so weak.

The mental part they are playing is prtending to care...."we care and we want to help you but we just cant". Its a cruel…


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At 9:46am on September 11, 2017, Anneline Harisunker said…

Hi Sue. I have read your posts. Keep your head up and don't give up. I am also being accused of the most sickest, heinous and vilest things ever. There are days when I feel extremely low too. But never give up dear. These "Perp's" will always latch onto the things that affect you the most and use it to victimize, harass and break you down. Whatever you have a mental reaction to or an emotional reaction to, they will torture you with over and over again. This is the way they operate. Watching / listening to stand up comedy or comedic videos helps me keep depression at bay - laugh away your depression. I have been abandoned by some of my close friends and family members as well (they know what's going on), but realise this - it's a reflection of who they are not you. As long as you have your heavenly father, father in heaven and you - you are good girl. And most of all you have us who are in the trenches with you, so chin up. Take it day by day.

At 7:10am on February 1, 2017, Jarkko Ronkainen said…

Hello Sue!

The things are same situation here in Finland. They don't even want, that i write here in peacepink. I think, all are only fakes in our Finnish group, except me. It's better be alone. They also use mobbing in our school, which i've told you before. You know, they are horrible persons. How about your situation? They use long distance technology here everyday. It's all time harassment 24/7. Could be remote neural monitoring technology in long distance.

At 1:59am on November 19, 2016, Farkas Ferenc said…


This is a computer.
That it will conduct a police officer by the hand, and its victims.
trying to destroy you by 15 points. Each drug / sex / Crime / diet / psychological problems / family / own health / occupational and personal environmental, and these are broken down. What can you do?

This is the question .
I Felder, I am seeking. I see other destinations. Conciliation, we pass each other our stories, ideas, everything around me take notes on paper, the reality will not let slip apart, I try to recognize who is the enemy and who is allied. Constantly long talk with him.

Where to look?
Look at who you are vested with jurisdiction. There will be your destination.

You will not find information about it, because this machine does not leave any marks. The purpose of telling you, let him little if scamming you'll be dead. Then you'll know what the end goal, but beware lest the second or third occasion derülljön out. So far, I found one survivor, I do not know how it ended. If you read my side all the properties described above.

No matter what you try to convince you. You can see whether a hologram / hallucinations as well. Read your mind when you were a child, everything over to break.

You do: Never give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

And look for in the law enforcement agencies, the police who monitored. Collect as much data and precise words, write down what you are doing and for what reason did this voice. But first meet a person who has caused serious damage to this activity, called police corruption.

At 4:16am on November 18, 2016, Farkas Ferenc said…
At 7:52am on August 19, 2016, hassanmcv gave Sue a gift
At 8:18am on August 10, 2016, Joseph suazo said…
Thanks for the support sue, and hope u find ur answer in life. A saying in my country once says " there is no slavery if no one will serve as a slave. "
At 9:37pm on July 28, 2016, A. said…

sue we need to get a bunch of activists together. I am thinking about 5 to 20 in melb

At 10:45pm on July 27, 2016, A. said…

Oh my computer does automatic spell checker. Let me right the phrase again.


At 10:44pm on July 27, 2016, A. said…

correction the word should read Milvahdoh

At 10:43pm on July 27, 2016, A. said…

Dear Sue,

G-d loves you so much. Here is a powerful affirmation of truth you can say and it will protect you. "Adonai Hu Hahelohi. Ein Odd Milavdo"  meaning G-d is the creator of everything. There is none else but him" say it over and over again when ever you need. G-d loves you because g-d created you. When ever you need a boost read genesis first chapter over and over again. See what is good in g-d's creation and remember g-d blessed the light because it was good. Nothing comes into being except at G-d's command and not human being's commands.

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A.i. controls your voices AND gangstalking

:// a little clue.Hueristic understandingGetting an a.i. to behave properly within conditions must have been a battle.See More
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How to cope with all this

Come on in and talk about how you cope with an insane surreal situation. Even if is just an ant farm. Bring some funny in here if possible. :)
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"Hello Anneline, you can email me at . Thanks!"
Sep 13
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"Pray God helps he's always present and will help. Let God in through prayer stay away from anything illegal. Don't let yourself become vulne"
Sep 13



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