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"I HAVE THIS PROBLEM MORE THAN 10 YEARS. aFTER JOIN IN HERE Igradually btter.Now reduce up to 10% only.How about u? Is help u? How? Explain."
May 2

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Mind control marriage

Posted on May 14, 2012 at 5:45pm 4 Comments

i am srilankan. i only one join this from my country. i dont know any one other than me have same problem in my country. i faced this problem for last 8 age is wedding age. but refuce it for last few years.i am colledge students also.i am waitting for marriage  untill after this problem solved. But it still continue.i harrased sexually  in yesterday night also.Several people ask me to marry and start familly. but they dont accept my privacy problem.i ask any members what is your…


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At 5:48pm on December 17, 2013, Soleilmavis said…

Can not log in peacepin for one year, sorry could not reply your messages.

At 3:50am on August 13, 2012, Soleilmavis said…
At 3:46am on August 13, 2012, Soleilmavis said…

According an anonymous Survey for Mind Control Victims all over the world; 50.34% of all victims had been forced to accept psychiatric treatment, the length of being forced to accept psychiatric treatment were:

1-3 months (1)  66  22.30% 

4-6 months (2)  12  4.05% 

7-12 months (3)  4  1.35% 

1 year (4)  10  3.38% 

2-3 years (5)  17  5.74% 

4-5 years (6)  11  3.72% 

6-8 years (7)  9  3.04% 

9-10 years (8)  1  0.34% 

above 10 years (9)  20  6.76%  

All victims claimed that the psychiatric treatment did not have any therapeutic effect.

At 1:31pm on August 5, 2012, Feifei said…

Thank you for the info. on lonestar.  Does anyone know if this jammer works?

At 5:51am on August 05, 2012, ELISEO PEREZ gave Ganesamoorthykayamuhan a gift
TO YOU MY FRIEND – Proverbs 27:17 Iron Sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. (United We Will Have Victory).
At 8:47pm on June 29, 2012, Resqcheryl said…

Thank you so much for your prayers. 

At 7:49am on June 25, 2012, shackled said…

I believe you're onto something really important here.

I have noticed that about people who are in on the harassment, people who apparently know something about it.They use earphones.

Initially, they were but a few, and they even found excuses to justify why they were using it.

Now, a LOT of people are already using it openly.

What I want to understand though is the science behind it. The rationale of their actions.

Are they using the headsets/earphones to block off the sound harassment?

Or to get sound directives as to how to perp next?

Or to listen to recordings? or to broadcasts ?

I ask because some of the people who openly taunt apparently get their directives via the earphones.

I also shared here one instance where one guy asked candidly where the person who talked was. He was wearing an earphone when he asked this. I wasn't.  I heard the same sound, the same comment. There appeared to be no source.

There are people who are wearing this though who I hold in high regard. It's difficult for me to think they're "perping" or allowing the "perping" as well. Maybe it's my belief in them that wants me to think , they're trying to block it off with the earphones.

So, we get back to the question: what's the science behind it?

Why are ear phones so important?

You talked about ear plugs, and I ask about ear phones because I believe the same principle, the same science applies here.

... and BTW, my kid... when i'm under electronic attack, she feels it more strongly than I do (Maybe because I've gotten used to it or have acquired some form of defense to it). She is in pain, gets easily annoyed, angry and extremely physically sensitive. Just yesterday, while she was feeling uncomfortable, in obvious distress, she placed her hands on her ears, trying to block the sound off.

Seems like she understands this situation better than I do.

I seek to gain more understanding of this in various perspectives. I seek to research more on the reasons, on the details, on the science behind it.

...and i hope you can help guide me on it.


At 7:11am on June 25, 2012, asko wiedel said…

medication will not stop any thing   you hear as its from the implanted  microchips.

 you need to get a dentist to drill in to your molar teeth to destroy the chips  and then you will have peace and no  one will be able to track you.

 if you go underground in to a mine for a half hour  the chips will chut down but can be  activated again if some one gets to you as close as   3 meters.

At 5:01am on June 25, 2012, Alla Rosa said…

I can connect you with people whom you can visit in Moscow. I am working with them now, to make ideas united, no discrepances in reading what they do to us. russian language is not so clear and sharp in definitions as russian. Russian are more go around language, so i have to think how to translate clearly. her be i have to come up with new words. it takes time. then I will explain you rules of my country, what to do and what not to do, how to behave with different people, what to look on, and how to understand what you see. how to get into same tune. And you will be fine. I will be glad if you can go. I was 9 months, so tired from no sleep. Plus my Mother got illness by watching television of certain kind. They also rape her at  work psychologically, just like me in canada, always pointing out that her daughter in canada and now rich. they prevented her from making good doctors salary, so now she out of good pension. my God they torture the whole my family. But we know this suki and what they able to do. We always have civil war, revolutions,patriotic war. What can we do ? white race has defective gens-rapist gens-and it just gets into new form each century. Hitler was great on verbalizing those ideas and napoleon too. Yes I can help you travel Russia. What nationality you are? and what languages you speak? I have good contacts there. You can visit my mother, doctor, other doctors. I can put you in touch with Army and Navy Doctors and with some Army engeneers who know deals. Right me. but give me some time, i am surching for one woman from volgograd, she similar, but may be something else. of similar kind. god bless your travel to russia. I can make plan for where and how to go. I will provide you with letters.

At 4:33am on June 25, 2012, Alla Rosa said…

I had it in Russia, the first week, they wanted even to kill me with heart atack, but then I went to psychiatric hospital and after they started russian treatment, wich is differ from canadian, the voices stoped, they simply were satisfyed and let me be. what they did in russia is forsfully check everything, no communication with me, just some doctors emotional support, and then forsfully put on diet, haloperidol, some strange injections with amino groups. my 10 year muscle pain and headacke were gone in 1 and 5 month. In canada I also survived horrible torture by using russian medication my mother send me, that make me insensitive to sound. when americans learn how those medications work, they through russian putin government tryed to shut down factory. Also they surprized how russian church wine worked, and german one medication. this technology exist from around 1906, and medications available to be insensitive to it, or low sensitive. now americans officially said that they will start to develop technology that damages eyes, not with sound torture but with light. If you suffer very much i can arrange consultation with russian psychiatrists, but they are all restricted to distribute knowledge. they try to organize private rooms in hospitals for profit, but somebody stoped deal. Our psychiatric hospitals is a small towns with closed departments and open rooms for 10 people. On floor around 30-40 people of all sort. Lot's of snoring, no comfort, but medications are work. total block. when i sit in airplane to go back to canada, they again started and i am thinking to go back on those medications. need to right my doctor for prescription, but may be russian doctor in canada will give something similar. At list clonazepam not so bad. i also at stage where I have to block certain nerve sites with russian lidocain. It works perfectly. what i don't like is that those jerks not let me feel peace and enjoyment of tranquility, but if they want fight, they will get it. no problem, althoght i am very peacefull person. in russia I found a group of people, they collected a lot of stories, adresses, cases, they already wrote to government and putin sighned document where any sound, energy and other physical devices that bring pain now in russia recognized as weapons. Some people KGB killed by inflicting heart attack, the same president Elcin was killed, the same General Procurator of USSR, who under american -joint with KGB-putin government worked as senator. they kill him the next day they read my thought-I want to have raspberry tea with Procurator in small village. The next day they kill him. I read his articles on internet. Also they kill my grandmother the same way-heart attack, after I thought-It is time to go visit her. It was period in my life when they kill people, crash airplaines, kill my relatives, torture me with threatening to torture my unborn child, after I thought something peacefull and light. I understand they are maniacs. they kill the same way samantha Smith, the american girl who wrote letter to soviet government about stoping cold war. now russian maniacs united with americans and we have all over the world what we have. but I visited Russia recently and you know, my people is very quiet, so quiet like something soon happen. opposition fighting like Stalin will get up soon from grave. They abuse with this weapon and also with television, radio,video,newspaper, and other of certain kind means, that they turned into mind weapons according to new russian law. People are tied like we, when they rape mind badly, and very orginized. one sparkl and USA will stop existence with all NATO and KGB and other secret so called intelligent services. Just wait a little bit. be in contact with me, i will guide you. I can explain you how to make them your slaves forever. They owe us deed, so mortgage them. So many ways to do it, just be creative. We need to unite slowly, drop by drop, no rush.


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