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Toronto Police, Canadian torturers, who are living in my condominium, have stolen all my evidence.

Toronto Police, Canadian torturers, who are living in my condominium, have stolen all my evidence, especially, the most important evidence which testify they commit “systematic torture”.


Canadian victim of torture

 Robin Yan

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Anointed Holy Eagles Come Forth!

Prophecy 39

Anointed Holy Eagles, Come Forth!

Thursday, August 10, 2000

Urgent !!!!!!!!! SOS

Anointed Holy Eagles come forth. This is an Eagle's call. Baby Eagles come forth. Attention all Hindu's and Buddhists and all other religions, The God of creation calls you to listen to this prophecy. We stand together or fall together all our religious freedoms are at risk. We worship a different god but in this area of religious freedom, when one is taken, all will be… Continue

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Maron May's recorded letter before it in the public


Im just sending your some interesting points on the last few days that might be good for your show.

 Our group FFCHS just received one of the seven packages sent out by Myron May the FSU Shooter. we copied the letter before the content of the package was taken by investigators, Myron was a former Prosecutor and attorney  involved with Targeted individual international one of the groups Im involved with trying to get a…


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The Return of the Lord Jesus- Prophesy of Micah

The small unexpected things that the Almighty uses is what amazes me. One of the smallest books in the bible tells of the Lord Jesus Christ's birth and his glorious return. Micah 3:2 "But thou Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting." The Son of Almighty God…


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More Cheap Shielding Tips - Refuse the Mark !

The supercomputer satanists hate this blog. It will help protect you from constant harassment. To succeed with a good shield will also tear down past trauma compartments. Most items are cheap and have been helpful for me. May the Lord shield and protect us all.…


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Detail Analysis about FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Players’ Cards

The players’ cards are the most important and also the most complex of the game. They are essential so that you can play. Before any game, you will need to fill the starting eleven slots but also the seven slots for substitutes. Without that, you cannot play. That’s why the starter pack gives you, at least, 18 untradeable players.

If you want a specific player, our suggestion is that you go and search for him on the market using the player filters. This way you will only spend…


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Controlling Genetic material with Your Mind!!!

ETH Researchers Develop a Thought-Controlled Genetic Interface

Swiss scientists achieve a remarkable mashup of optogenetics, synthetic biology, and brain control.…


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Humans Computers And Everything in Between: Towards Synthetic Telepathy

by Linda Xu

When you imagine telepathy, your mind probably jumps immediately to science fiction: the Vulcans of Star Trek, Legilimency in Harry Potter, or the huge variety of superheroes and super-villains who possess powers of telekinesis or mind control. Twenty years ago, these concepts would have been mere fictional speculation, but today, in neuroscience labs around the world, new research is turning the startling possibility of brain-to-brain communication into… Continue

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Acoustic Wave Technology. (SAW)

S.A.W. Surface Acoustic Wave Technology. (SAW) is based on the use of ultrasonic waves that are transmitted on the touch screen.

Do you remember SAW THE MOVIE? Someone had created a BIG NASTY…


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The most effective tricks to make fast fifa 15 coins

It is obvious that you will need many FIFA 15 coins to build ultimate team and even more to build the team to reach the No.1 spot. With this being said, you can find many ways to make the precious FIFA coins. There are many more players and their prices just run somehow differently. The below are several methods to make cheap  FIFA 15 coins.

The first method is auction. You should have noticed that it is no doubt a great spot…


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The diverse features of FIFA 14

One of the features in FIFA 14 is build. The player needs to build his squad from a pool of 11,000 players. It is to select the preferred or picked the players that can match the fashion of the football. The formation is to be set and the kits are to be chosen. The players can start playing without any cost. Making the gameplay fantastically well, the players can go for the fifa coins online. The players can procure the new players along with the items via the Transfer Market or by buying…


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Take A Look At The Fifa 14 Most Rarest Items In The Mistery History

Something similar then happened when Joey Barton's teal card, again with near-perfect stats, was put onto the market by his dissatisfied brother - as revealed by football's very own Friedrich Nietzsche with a sweary announcement on Twitter. Also our online store is the best place for you to get

Cheap FIFA 14 Coins & FIFA 15 Coins for Sale, Buy Fifa Coins Online | and fifa 14 ultimate team coins and so forth .Please do not…


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It was necessary for Fifa fifteen

Choices is created therefore your players look to counter attack, with a straightforward choice of various ways on provide that will not leave the additional casual fans scratching their heads.

Another space of improvement is that the on-line low-cost FIFA coins final Team, that currently boasts additional choices removed from shopping for players outright.

Top stars is loaned sure short spells to assist…


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FIFA 14 is presently obtainable for laptop

What recommendation does one have for somebody enjoying as this team?Look to form a pass to Daniel Sturridge. he's a hidden gem and future star for city and European nation. he is able to hold off defenders mistreatment the new shield The Ball feature, likewise as having smart feet to dribble around defenders once tackles fly

What's the best thanks to cash in of exactness Movement?The best factor regarding exactness Movement…


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Getting into 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil video game

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil comes out as the official video game for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. EA Sports released this game on PlayStation 3 and . It was made public on the 15th of April in the area of Northern America, on the 17th of April in Europe and Australia and on the 24th of April in Brazil and Japan. The players can avail fifa 14 coins for sale online to make their team strengthened.

The gameplay ofFIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins



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2014 FIFA tourney Brazil square measure completely different

FIFA World Coins could assist you get electric power jam-packed occasion. If you'd like facilitate it become over the cracking open times within the sport, you ought to accomplish the Supreme crew credit score and still have excellent volume of fifa final team gold on.

FIFA final Team: tourney may be a free update to FIFA fourteen offered onfifa 15 coins xbox 360 PS3, PS4 and PC. fancy the globe Cup during a fully separate…


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