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Evidence of electronic harassment

As I have posted it in another blog, the Congressman/Congresswoman in your district is always more than willing to listen to your electronic harassment complaints; you are a part of their constituency, so it is in their best interest to have an open-door policy to listen to you.  But you just can't go empty-handed: you would not be believed.  Were I a member of Congress, I would not believe you, either.  Knowing all the above, for years I collected whatever information and evidence of…


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Car computer hacking: an addendum to electronic harassment

I am a victim of electronic harassment; a former newspaper journalist who decided to fight back.  By 2012 I realized that the federal government necessarily had something to do with the kind of vicious electronic harassment I was enduring.  Not as a perpetrator; but, which from an ethical and legal viewpoint is even worse, as an accessory to it.  So I began to investigate a number of things related to government covert intelligence, domestic and foreign alike.  What shocked me the worst was…


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Electronic harassment: the end of justice as we know it

Mind control is carried out through the use of what also are electromagnetic weapons.  The following article, by a former Marine Corps leader, Col. Gary Anderson, reveals a bit about it:


I quote from the same article: "We in the military tried on a number of occasions to work with the…


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Evil Justice Department top official as an accessory to electronic harassment



I read a lot of “conspiracy theories” out there; few of which really make sense.  As an independent journalist and freelance intelligence analyst, I never rule out any ‘conspiracy theory’ about electronic harassment before matching it against what I know regarding mind control.  The latter, as a years-long victim of it, being sound knowledge on my part.  Simply stated, some conspiracy theories make no sense at all.  For instance, the bunch of conspiracy theories about “evil…


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nIGht toRTUres (06.05.16)

     I'm well into my 11th year as a TL, being round-the-clock harassed by this crew who started in on me with constant v2k while i lived in the San Francisco Tendaloin neighborhood, where they are extremely powerful, well networked, feared & can bring a legion of puppetized, temporary zombies to bare for their mobbing street theater plays to try and instill fear and despair.  Nearly a year ago i made a temporary move to Louisville, Kentucky (home of "The…


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Eat wot u want.

Thanx Chanath. & yep Sue...I've read up on how the perps can read & monitor our thoughts. But many Ti's believe the perps are stalking the places where we go to buy food or take away etc???. Maybe so. Gud example of them not interfering with food or drink establishments to where i go. Wud be if I go to my local pub. I ask for a beer & another then another. The bar man pours it out in front of me. A punter might beat me to ordering a beer before me? But the bar man uses the same pump… Continue

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Please help me forward this message to ... because I have started these 2 steps and because they are hacking everything.

Dear RCMP,

I have started two international procedures 1) UN Allegation letters 2) International Intervention.

Could you please send your second email letter of 10 years ago to the following related organizations?

I believe you will not deny my request.

Special Rapporteur on Torture

c/o Office of the High…


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Moderators, why are members` posts already opened in my email, and I see them without clicking on the link?

Members` posts in the CM status thread are coming out already opened in my emails, with the usual link underneath, which works normally when I click on it.

Is something wrong in that thread? I noticed the message headings were also titled "...the status" instead of "CM status".

Please can you have a look and fix it, thanks.


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my story

I am a real person in Wisconsin USA. I am a retired librarian, mom and musician. I am a Christian, who enjoys worshipping by playing music on piano and singing. 

I am electro-sensitive. This means before the targeting, I had issues with some wireless, and needed to avoid it and shield. I had 2 smart meters on my house, and needed to opt out because they caused symptoms. My utilities and state agencies refused, so I sent my complaint to the federal DOJ. They sent it to the…


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Remote sensing used to perpetrate electronic harassment

As I write these blogs, I notice that the technical side to them is esoteric to most readers; esoteric, in the sense of being unintelligible.  In fact, it has taken me a pair of general physics college classes, plus years of research and hard-thinking, to understand the matter.  To acquaint yourself with the technology involved, firstly check this internet resource:…


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Symptoms of electromagnetic harassment

Please refer to my blog, "Psychotronic synthetic telepathy harassment," as this posting is related to the latter.  In addition to it, for years I have experienced even more pervasive electronic harassment, so I can give some advice about it.  Firstly, do not automatically assume that you are being electronically harassed; consult a physician and other experts to rule out a physical or brain condition that might be there and that, if you delay a check up, might become even worse; so a…


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Psychotronic synthetic telepathy harassment

Back in the Seventies, the U.S. Army gave a clue about the existence of psychotronic synthetic telepathy harassment when it declassified the following document:

I quote from the…


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My web site

Here is my web site:

EDIT: fixed link

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How to prove it


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The latest news on the bioethics commission coverup

I watched this meeting of targeted individuals giving their testimonies to the bioethics commission. I could tell by the very obvious poker-faced looks on Amy Gutmann and the others on the committee that they knew it was all true but were…


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Satellite finder & important info for ALL Ti's!!!

Hi to ALL TI'S. If anybody thinks that satellite's are tracking them? & attacking them by means of GPS or maybe a bodyfield GPS? Then there are simple phone apps that WE can all use!!! Atleast this will put your minds at rest??? I myself am not. But know I'm being attacked from so called perps cars from around the corner to where I live at ground level & not from above... Sarah G Mitchell who some of you kno is a T'i & her husband. Sent me a msg reply the other day on Peacepink… Continue

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Pervasive government computer hacking, particularly from abroad

I am sure that some Peacepink users have wondered, I am an experienced investigative journalist, why don't I have my own blog regarding electronic harassment?  Simple answer: I can't afford the maintenance it would require.  Short of hiring a private security or counterintelligence agency, my blog would be permanently down.  No joking; if…


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Privacy: who is really Big Brother?

As a victim of years-long electronic harassment who knows that the technology used to perpetrate can kill, I am appalled at individuals who believe that all government surveillance is wrong; even protective surveillance.  As soon as I firmly concluded that I was being electronically harassed, I contacted first the Justice Department's National Security Division; then the FBI itself.  By thus…


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“ Calling for human rights anywhere is everyone’s prerogative.”

Mr. Stéphane Dion, Canada's Minister of Foreign of Affairs, stated, on behalf of Canada, “ Calling for human rights anywhere is everyone’s prerogative.”

However, Toronto Police, Canadian torturers, regardless of international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, are hacking, intercepting, and blocking international human rights organizations, UN, international court, Canadian medias, of course,…


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