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February 2010 Blog Posts (40)

27 february 2010, Strange MIssed calls and strange TI

I have contacted a woman that writes about gang stalking in a blogg here in spain. She wanted my phone number. I didn't get any calls on my mobil phone. But a few days ago suddenly I had 5 missed calls. The strange thing is, even if I watch my phone now and then, is that, the calls are dated a whole month ago. I don't even know who called, but the only person that has my phone number is this lady, Ayuda en Acccion (i help 4 children in latin america so they wanted my phone numer) and a…

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25 february 2010 More headackes and brain-computer interfaces

I now seem to know when I get an email or if anyone would speak to me, i would get a big head ache. It is very difficult then for me to think. I don't know why they do that. I've been working on my site, and I have been writing an article there about how medical corporation mislead people when they do research. I was thinking about all perp activity, how they scare us and make us feel bad when we hear certain words, like we think that everyone else will know misinformation about us.

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24february 2010 - Torture and Synchronicity

I found a way of surviving. The method is called: Never care what happens because they care crazy. Mock them back as much as you can. Laugh when they start to hurt you. I know that what they do is nonsense because I am innocent and they started to target me when I was as young as 15.

What did they do lately? First.. well. The usual stuff, but one evening what diffrent. The minute I fell asleep they would wake me up. Once I was caughing, like i could not get any air. Some…

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Operating System

Even with the best of "protective" programs, my

operating system is being hacked. But I have found a solution. and offer more benefits and doesn't cost you

anything. It runs under a Linux based environment and that means it is

more stable than MS windows.

The best thing of them all is that you don't have to install the operating system. You can run it

directly from the cd you create when you download the files.


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Diary Entry February 18, 2010

Came home and noticed that a studio portrait of my son when he was small was missing... one of the best photo's I have of him and stalkers came into my place and walked out

with it.

I have written letters to Vermont State Senator Patrick Leahy about gang stalking here in Burlington, and he wasn't interested in hearing about it. If the shoe were on the

other foot, he would be…


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TALK SHOE- CALL IN 724-444-7444 ACCESS CODE 27564 #

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In Memory Of Donnie Simmons- Uncle of Renay Texas- Florida State Trooper-

Subject: In Memory Of Donnie Simmons- Uncle of Renay Texas- Florida State Trooper-Torture IN LEE COUNTY FLORIDA, Fort Myers Florida, Cape Coral Florida, Lehigh FL

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ceIn Memory Of Donnie Simmons- Uncle of Renay Texas- Florida State Trooper-Torture IN LEE COUNTY FLORIDA, Fort Myers Florida, Cape Coral Florida, Lehigh Florida

Ecological Labortories -Renay Texas.jpg (42.9 Kb)… Continue

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20 february 2010 - Stockholmsprogrammet and Facebook

Today there was a IT meeting I think in London, and even if it is nearby, and had been a good chance for me to meet other IT's, it was difficult for me to make a dicision because first of all, the bank won't give me an working credit card or I would call and they won't send it. Or if I get it in my mailbox, it will stop working as soon as I got the pin code. Maybe a bad excuse, I don't know. Or maybe, I am just not ready.

IN the last couple of days, I have been pretty much…

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"2.5 trillion dollars has gone into a NASA and military program most of the dollars were taken from the Pentagon pre 9/11"

"2.5 trillion dollars has gone into a NASA and military program most of the dollars were taken from the Pentagon pre 9/11 and were being investigated by accountants and auditors from the Government and military when they were suddenly all killed, in the missile attack on the pentagon along with building 7 which housed the results of the FBI and Government and military investigation!, how convenient."

--- On Wed, 2/17/10,

From: c

Subject: Hi


Date:… Continue

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19th february 2010, Hit again - tears and guilt

The last week has been a little easier. But ths morning, I went to town to buy cat food and coffee and there it was again: the stalking. People would look at me and wisper and even people driving where either looking or smiling. I started my camera and started to videofilm them and they stopped.
I bought a writer too.…

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Patrick Leahy, Democratic Senator From Vermont

My letters to Senator Leahy's office have never been acknowledged.

September 14, 2009

U. S. Senator, Patrick Leahy

199 Main Street

Burlington, VT 05401

Re: Organized Group Stalking in Burlington, Vermont

Dear Senator Leahy:

We have a VERY BIG PROBLEM here in Burlington, Vermont. Something must be done about Organized Stalking.…


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17th February 2009 - A letter to and

I was reading on a page about research done on animals and they try to explain why research on animals is necessary. It reminded myself of all research that is done on humans but they write about animals in newspapers, and it is so because research on animals is more accepted then research on humans.

I wrote this letter in swedish and I will use Google Translate to translate it en eventually correct grammatical errors:…


Added by Carmen L on February 18, 2010 at 3:00am — 1 Comment

prayers will work

we can only control this phenomena by lot of prayers and not letting contol it to you. Try speaking and creating your own language ( speak your own tongue) so the computers and mind controllers cant pick up or understand it. Also learn how to pray and sing with your mind only. Best of all dont forget to pray.Since this energy that is bombarded is very strong and we are connected to the earth, wind, fire and water ,, we can ask them to watch us too.

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17th February: My blog on and Piratpartiet as HOPE

Two days ago I noticed that I could not reach the blog I have on but unfortunately, I didn't take a screen shot. I was thinking to take it today. But the blog worked today, and I started to think why they only made it impossible to load just for one single day. The answer is simple. The blog titles are many and so are the visitors but your post has to be new to be seen. I had posted the video about the Love Police, and Sweden doesn't like that… Continue

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diary entry February 16, 2010

9AM The same as a dog marks its territory – I stepped outside to begin

the day and WHAMO brand new clogs brutalized - to keep the

competition down, I'm sure. Is it time for me to go shopping for a

big strong man to take on my troubles! Interesting subliminal

messaging the other morning as I was walking…

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15th February 2010 Diary - My cats, the police and the back of my ear

I decided to write a diary here online. The chances of loss of info is a little smaller. The perps have stolen 3 lap tops, destroyed one memory card and one lap top. I can't be sure that nothing will happen to my diary. So whenever I feel like it, I can put my info here. It is called "documenting".I will try to even write the themes in the title. It can also happen that I can sometimes change what I wrote if I see that something is missing, or if i didn't make myself clear the first time. I… Continue

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Diary Entry - February 13, 2009

The same ritualistic abuse that takes place every morning with clock-like

timing to the exact moment I open my eyes is the sensation of much pressure being applied to my bladder to force me to the bathroom when in actuality there isn’t much to pee because I’ve been kept up all night with the same routine; but regardless, they stick by anyhow – this is accompanied by pressure applied to colon to force defecation even if they’ve done the same thing three…

Added by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 15, 2010 at 9:30am — 1 Comment

Community Stalking Awareness

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