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Respond to Mr. Attorney General of Canada’s letter with respect to the letter from the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Dear Mr. Rob Nicolson

The Honourable Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

Cc: Dear Mr. Stephen Harper

The Honourable Prime Minister of Canada

Cc: To whom it may concern

Torturers keep torturing. Murderers keep murdering. Criminals keep committing crimes against humanity although our petition was tabled by the House of Commons of Canada.

In your letter dated Feb 20, 2009, you stated: “ …You may wish to…


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10Feb 2012 Mailteam works—victims/supporters work trends


(1)   Mark Richs -Book 'The Hidden Evil' seeks help in translation

Hi everyone

I hope your new year is going well so far.  Mark Richs re the link below is looking for anyone that is interested in helping him to translate his website into other languages.  If you are interested his website is    Email …


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Ceci est un appel à tous les TI d'Europe et du monde entier. Je désire faire à chacun une proposition…


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Pine Gap - Australia / Its Hidden and Covert Secrets

This bore could be used as an underground antenna for VLF electricity broadcasts. He says, as it is supposed to be involved in both upper atmospheric sub-surface research, the 'bore antenna' could be used to tune a gigantic 'standing wave' field around the entire planet. This system could be tuned to set up a resonating electric field around the planet to an altitude of 250 miles. The book says that there are rumors that Pine Gap has a very large nuclear facility used to power…


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Le truffe di Stefano Gennari, il Gullo della RAI

Approfittarsi di Denise e di Matteo,…


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Тайное оружие немецких спецслужб

Искусство сводить людей с ума живет и процветает

«Как все похоже, – тихо сказала она наконец, – как           все похоже. Вокруг тебя выстраивают ситуацию, которая делает твою жизнь невыносимой. Все вокруг рушится, все, что еще вчера казалось надежным и незыблемым, сегодня оказывается хрупким и ложным. И в этот тяжелый для тебя момент рядом оказывается обаятельнейший человек с добрыми глазами, ласковой улыбкой и протянутой рукой помощи. А теперь послушай еще одну…


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Hey everyone..

I found this site because I'm reading this new book: …


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Mind Control bioweapons and operation

I am a Bulgaria victim TI for + 2years and 1 years  monitored   bioweapons with satellite olso in  another countrys . The voices are synthetic telepathy and attached to AI (Artificial Intelligence). If you have the following symptons, they will be AI actors:

■Voices are the same persons/actors almost 24/7

■Voices often use repeated keywords and phrases

■Voices cannot follow logical arguments

But occasionally a human controller(s) will interact. They…


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The truth!

V2k broadcasters use spotlight audio(holosonics)by way of converting speech within the ultrasonic range amplified by linear sound.The spotlight audio converts audible sound into ultratones which disperse through the airwaves(using cb and other communication methods)picking up on all known recievers(including the fcc rule)dispersing them everywhere within our…


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Human Rights Watch to Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Federal Party Leaders

Open Letter to Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Federal Party Leaders on Human Rights Priorities

May 9, 2011

Fr: Human Rights Watch

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Canada has a celebrated and respected history as a leading advocate for human rights on the international stage. Unfortunately, in recent years, Canada's voice as a champion of these principles has become muted. In light of your re-election, we hope that you will work for this trend to be…


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CAULBEARER- i found it !!! to anyone childhood victims !!!

Hey remember someone said they might be a caulbearer.

I wondered why children would be targetted as i have been a child target and i know many of you have said you are also. I had to find out WHY children as they always pass it off as something you have done in your adulthood but for me its been since very young.

I found it!!!

See if any of you RELATE to this because I really do.



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New Research Validates Targeted Individuals...


New research reflects leap in mind control secret weaponry 

California researchers have presented a new paper published in PLoS Biology this week evidencing that they can track brain activity of a person listening to spoken words and use it to reconstruct the words. The report describes what thousands of targeted individuals …


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My persistance to find evidence has found more evidence of breaking and entering during hurricane irene evacuation, my latesdt tool is a compass ,in which magnetic properties are found on items were no "magnet"is present all of my knives have distinct tiny glass looking chips in the outer casing, .

My television , a thumbtack in my daughters wall , and embedded in my knife are the same exact emblem gold in color, that my friends is no coincidence,

I believe i have been subjected to a… Continue

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Electronic Attacks - Medicines and Associated Sites - Memoirs

I have done a research in documentation recommended by victims and researchers. Now I have more knowledge and more fears than before, given the extent of what is happening. When I saw the level of education of those who testified in the Bioethics Commission I realized that what I perceived - the set of things that hit me - was only a subset of what is at the disposal of the attackers.

I will try to describe in this post, that I will update as much as possible, what I learned from the…


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Coronavirus/Corvid - 19

On its own Coronavirus/Corvid - 19 is bad enough, but please be aware that they can beam you directly and imitate the virus, the main emphasis is, NOSE MOUTH THROAT & LUNGS., they can make you feel sick as well, sorry but it's not just V2K & Mental Health, it's most things in the ICD, International Statistical Classification of Desease & other Disorders, as well.Robert.See More
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HOW HYDROGEL IS BEING USED TO TORTURE FROM REMOTE LOCATIONS.Many of us have been injected with bio-compatable hydrogel which contains many different types of bio-sensors, bacteria, interactive electronic circuits and even living cells. The hydrogel is infiltrated with nutients inside the human body so that it will grow and eventually permeate the body provided that it is injected as several sites over a period of time. The bio-sensors inside the hydrogel are enabled to transmit and receive…See More
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Illegal Implantation when I was just a child

My parents volunteered to have my brain implanted as a child. Throughout my childhood I endured psycho-sexual abuse at the hands of my family. All this was being recorded (kiddie porn).When I finally woke up to the abuse, the gangstalking “started”, i.e. it went from being covert to more “overt” —things like vehicular harassment, voice-to-skull, etc.About ten years ago, I moved to CO from Austin. It was at this time, two men broke into my home while I was sleeping. They administered some type…See More
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