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Die künstliche Polizeipsychose in der SChweiz und überall.....(Nicht)tödlicheWaffensysteme......

Seit. dem 11. SEptember besteht International eine riesen Anfrage betreff (nicht)TödlicheWaffen. Es handelt sich dabei um hochfrequent WAffen. (Nicht tödlich) Waffe ist sehr untertrieben. Die Dosis macht das Gift. Die Behörden haben die Möglichkeit mit diesen unsichtbaren WAffen, Menschen komplett in den Wahnsinn oder in den Tod zu treiben. Sie haben die Möglichkeit Ihnen… Continue

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Chemtrail Symposium - 29/05/2010

Chemtrail Symposium - 29/05/2010 - you can join online

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Another good article

I didn't know if everyone has had a chance to view another good article:


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£825 Implant removed from victim/lower gum/mental foramen nerves

£825 Implant removed from victim/lower gum/mental foramen nerves

Seeing the picture of the implant at Dr. Fubini's site and seeing that

it was taken from the lower gum line I tried to find what nerve bundle

may have been acted upon to detect subvocal speech recognition and this

is what I found.

I've read where the implants are located in nerve bundles. I found this nerve bundle in the lower gums(mental

foramen). It is associated with the lip and chin. Possibly… Continue

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Conference Call Thursday 9PM Eastern Time

Dear Comrades,

I will be hosting my own talkshoe program on Thursday, May 27th at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. It will be an introduction to a work meeting we plan to develop through the conference call. Other highlights of the call will be recorded interviews and music interludes. 724-444-7444 id 83319 then 1#

Chris J. Brunson…


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£813 Purpose of these forums???

£813 Purpose of these forums???

Can I get all TIs to actually discuss the likeley hood that what I

have written below is the truth of our situation?

If we are actually discussing this now then I would suggest instead

of trying to convince law enforcement and government as our protector we

confront that it is our own government doing this to us and it may be

legal surveillance using non and less-than lethal weapons.

To back this up it has been… Continue

Added by treelaw45 TI on May 19, 2010 at 7:00am — 3 Comments

£802 Aluminum encrusted on windows facing the perps home

£802 Aluminum encrusted on windows facing the perps home

Could this be evidence of directed energy weapons attacks?

I discovered something strange

which may be evidence of directed

energy targeting. There was a substance on the window

that could

not be cleaned off but only scraped and with great difficulty, that

appears to be… Continue

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This was posted by Geral Sosbee on January 6, 2009 at 11:45 a.m. in Untitled Category.

I am shedding light on it again for all to see. Please help get the word out.

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This is a discussion on SYNTHETIC…


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PRESS CONF APRIL 16 2010 Part 1

PRESS CONF APRIL 16 2010 Part 1

Added by Astrid Fuchs on May 15, 2010 at 1:20am — No Comments

Please carefully read the content ..

控告理由原因: 台灣警方使用微型晶片嚴重侵犯人權(一)

Reason against reason: Taiwan police use of mind control weapons and serious human rights violations.






Accused person:

1: Lvyou Wen: minister at the Ministry of Justice Taiwan(1989/11/27 ~ 1993/02/27)

Note: That's 911 starting from the U.S. introduction of a microchip with an official in… Continue

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The revelation for me

I found out this weekend that my older brother Ron witnessed a rape while he was in the army reserves, some 20 years ago. He testified in court against like 3 of the guys in the army who did this, and these guys swore that they would hunt him down and kill him for doing it. People, my brother did the right thing, he did the ethical thing, and now, I suffer, and my family suffers. This is why I'm targeted, because he was whistle blower. Now I know why I'm targeted, it all makes sense now, the… Continue

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Shaving Heads in Concentration Camps - A Mind Control Parallel

Diary Entry

Didn't sleep a wink; all night long heated and put in a wet sweat. Being hit hard to accelerate the aging process and undermine my God given beauty. I intend to continue writing about this and the tactics employed and post a few photos in next few days– there's a lot more going on with this than HEAT extremes although it's a major ingredient. They don't even turn it off when it's 80…


Added by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on May 7, 2010 at 3:30am — 1 Comment

My book is now available

My book is now available to buy. The publisher is Xlibris. If you go

to: and then click on the bookstore tab.

You can then type in the title of my book in the search bar: This Sky I

Know. In another 2 to 6 weeks, my book will be available through Barnes

and Noble and, and I'm sure it will be sold at a much

cheaper price, so you may want to wait to buy it. I will let you know

when it becomes available through those… Continue

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Honesty is the only policy. By colinberry1

Honesty is the only policy, why? Considering that I could obtain a better standard of living a home a car and even a prosperous business. Just by falling the established norm.

Yes you may survived true your life by being more devious than anybody else, and established an empire, but can you guarantee that your children will be the same. Or you may be lucky that… Continue

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I found this as part of a larger comment post to this; gives me hope that this could be true, and that these atrocities could really be about…

I found this as part of a larger comment post to this;

It gives me hope that this could be true, and that these atrocities could really be about to be exposed fro the world to know, and stopped. It gives me hope at a time that I have seen a lot of the many little things done to screw with me, little less severe pinpricks, sillier skits/street theater,… Continue

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A little of what is happening

I posted this in a thread elsewhere, am copying it to here.

And the heat/burning sensations I get are;

-full body or one whole side of body with even heat like from a fire.

-part of body only, heated evenly, but only that part, usually genitals or buttocks.

-tailbone, as if the heat is a finger tip spot, that then radiates a little from it.

-hot spots that are more surface, but feel like a heat gun that usually are just on one…


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2017.Edmund Igberaese, you are not forgotten.-         Pat B.The events that marked the beginning of 2010 boded ill for many in our community. Edmund Igberaese, a young male of African descent, began his account thus:“ My story begins in the United States. It is May of 2009 , and I wear a robe befitting a recent high school graduate. I am a 16-year-old boy of African descent so blessed with gifts that I managed to finish high school as 5th in my graduating class of over 400 students. I feel…See More
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"  You can see    The 2" electro-beam is 50uA (microamps)  This article may help you "Measuring Electric Current using  an oscilloscope, a generator for signal,…"
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"I tried this.  The borox mixed with water and used as a shampoo.  It really does do something.  The best way I know how to describe it is it slightly lessens the perps signal on you.   But it dries out your hair really…"
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